NCIS Trailer: "Lost at Sea"

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NCIS returns with a new episode Tuesday night, and CBS has released a 30-second promo for the awesome-looking "Lost at Sea." As you've probably heard, Diane Neal reprises her popular role as Abigail Borin.

CGIS and NCIS team up after a helicopter crew is reported adrift at sea and later discovered on shore, far from the original site. The agents must determine the cause of the crash and locate the missing pilot.

What unravels looks like a bona fide NCIS mystery as Gibbs & Co. sift through the sea of lies. Follow this link for our photo gallery from the episode, the fourth of Season 10, then check out the teaser below:

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I just pray these is the finale season so Michael can go to a show that will respect him


I hear ya, fanotony. I'm not only sick of Tony being the butt of every joke and the headslaps for nothing, but also of everyone else being written as so darned virtuous and perfect, except of course for Palmer, who seems to be the other humor whipping boy. I'm sick of my favorite, Tony being one upped and demeaned every week, while Ziva and Gibbs are (ad nauseam) the pictures of righteousness and perfection. Just yuck. Whatever happened to the multi dimensional, human, fallible, and fun characters created by D. Bellasario? Why can't they spread the virtues as well as the humiliation around anymore?


Enough of the headslaps already. Tony is being portrayed as an idiot. He's my favorite character on the show, so it's hard to watch this every week. Gibbs overdoes it.


I want to see Gibbs and Borin in the feathers at the end of this episode. Its about time he had another girlfriend.


Sorry take says it's Out of my comment below


Gibbs says it's said the headslap is a wake up call he only headslaps Tony when be is doing something or talking what he shouldn't be doing so Gibbs gives him a wake IP call. Tony headslap McGee at times also. It part of NCIS


what would the show be without a headslap here and there.

Sue ann

@ sadtonyfan But remember how bereft Tony was, when he expected a head slap from Gibbs and did not get it? It meant that Gibbs was seriously ticked off with him. (I think it was when he was dating the niece of the Secretary of the Navy, but I don't really care enough to look it up.) If he is still getting slapped, it means that Gibbs is still trying to teach him.


Oh goody - the best moment Tony gets is yet another headslap. Wonder how else he'll be humiliated in the episode.