NCIS Review: Medal of Honor and a Ferrari

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Beware: If you take a borrowed Ferrari for a joy ride, you may get mistaken for the owner and be shot to death.

Then, NCIS may not even consider the possibility of a mistaken identity until after they find the killer and are looking for a motive. 

Ducky, Jimmy

The course of the NCIS investigation seemed off to me. As soon as NCIS found out that Colin Boxer took the car for a joy ride, I assumed that he was killed by mistake. Maybe I've just watched too many procedural shows, but a fancy car like that draws attention.

For that reason, the hour didn't really work for me. The investigation followed the path of the gun, but there was nothing tying Kim Taylor or her brother, Kris, to Boxer. They looked into Colin Boxer a little and found the bookie, Joey Zambrano, as a possible suspect, but  didn't lead anywhere.

Yet, they never looked into the billionaire, Vijay Chaya. It wasn't until Kris identified his roommate, Alec Dell's motorcycle that they tracked down a connection to Vijay.

Vijay was a bit creepy too, wasn't he? I loved the way that Abby rejected his advances. She was wearing a very cute outfit, as usual. As fun as a trip to St. Croix for a meal could be, she was right to turn him down.

As disappointed as I was in the investigation, the motive for the murder was also a bit flimsy. It's possible that a college student like Dell would kill the owner of a company that stole his idea and was going to make millions off of it, but it just seemed to come out of nowhere. 

The trap Gibbs put into motion to trap Dell was nice end to the case. The kid was definitely going to need money and it fed into his ego and desire for recognition for the product that he created. Too bad he won't be able to spend the money.

Two Gibbs, Two Leroys

While investigating the case, Tony saw a Congressional Medal of Honor at the pawn shop and questioned the owner about it. Since she couldn't legally buy it, she lent the owner $3,000 for it to help him out. 

The owner was Gibbs' "Namesake" Leroy Jethro Moore. I'm surprised that Gibbs never ran into Moore over all those years of being in the military and living so close to each other. But they hadn't seen each other since Gibbs was in high school.

This reunion was touching for Gibbs, his father and Moore. After so many years apart, the truth came out and they were able to put it aside and move on. Moore is no longer all alone without family and perhaps Jackson Gibbs won't be alone in Stillwater any longer either.

This was a nice tribute to the Montford Point Marines, who were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on June 27, 2012.


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AS Gibbs said in "Call of Silence," it is the Medal of Honor, not the Congressional Medal of Honor. I can't believe the writers for "Namesake" blew it.


Thinking someone here can correct me if I'm wrong. I recall the first episode, or maybe second, with Gibbs father Jackson, the two having a conversation about his Mom, and Jackson said things just didn't work out between them. This episode, while not totally clear of the relationship between his Mom and Leroy's namesake,(only from afar due race relations of the time?) seemed to imply her suicide came while still married to Jackson. Did I miss something?


I thought one of the best episodes i love Ralph Waite and Billy Dee together, it was just an awesome episode, filled with crime and family issues was great. Hopefully will see mcgee father, i like the father images coming


I personally loved this episode, it allowed us to see deeper into Gibbs' past as well as his father's. I loved LJ Moore, he was awesome character and actor. Gibbs and the team were awesome in this episode. Gibbs and his father seemed to get closer in this episode, I can't wait til the next episode!!! " shell shock part 1" it has a picture of young Tony, he's so cute back then!!!!


@Carol - yes I read your comments, and yes maybe you DO need to sign off in protest. It DOES sound like you are a bit obsessed. And to set the record straight: there is NO character on the show who has suffered more "hurtful and slanderous negativity" than ZIVA - THAT is a fact. Even now, the slander and lies continue. Some so-called fans have gone so far in their "character slander" as to try & attack the ACTUAL actress - which will NEVER be tolerated. @janet - sorry but this time you're wrong. There are ONLY five cast members on twitter - the rest are NOT, nor will they be. I know for a fact because I follow the five. Perhaps you're following imposters if you've convinced yourself that there's more. Go to the CBS website and do your homework, before you comment.


Ok people it is clear Michael is just a troll who posts on this board to seek attetion and get a rise out of people. Don't respond to him he will go away. Old saying Don't feed the trolls.


Michael, since the show is not only still winning its timeslot, but continuing to be the #1 scripted show on TV, I doubt that TPTB will decide that any characters need to be killed off just to improve ratings. As for MW, if he had wanted to leave, he wouldn't have signed a new two year contract, undoubtedly with an option to do a third year as well. Sounds like a guy who wants to be around to the finish.


@michael, I don't know what polls your are looking at, but NCIS is the #1 show week after week after week. There is not another show that even comes close to having the viewers that NCIS does. You really do your facts out of thin air!


wow @michael, you keep calling for characters to be killed. What is wrong with you? For someone who claims to be a fan of the show, you sure are one negative nellie. In case you missed it, it is the characters that make this show - each and every one of them contribute something to the dynamic. Even Mark Harmon has said - remove one and you change the show irrevocably. And Michael Weatherly has never once said he wants to quit the show - in fact he says the opposite - he wants it go as long as possible. I don't know where you get your information, but If I were you I would find a different source as the one you have is not reliable.


While I agree that Abby need to grow up I don't think it her looks that have to change but her view on people I know woman a lot older then abby who wear what she does. I think we can all see NCIS season 10 started off Horrible its like the writer were from gilmore girls its sad that this is the first GOOD NCIS episode in what 8 weeks. NCIS need to do something to save it and As much as people don't like it a main star is going to have to die Look at the walking dead and CSI when the show was going down hill they killed of character people love and now their number 1 show again that what NCIS need to do they have 3 perfect choices of who to kill off without affecting the show Vance,Ziva and Mcgee

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