NCIS Review: Medal of Honor and a Ferrari

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Beware: If you take a borrowed Ferrari for a joy ride, you may get mistaken for the owner and be shot to death.

Then, NCIS may not even consider the possibility of a mistaken identity until after they find the killer and are looking for a motive. 

Ducky, Jimmy

The course of the NCIS investigation seemed off to me. As soon as NCIS found out that Colin Boxer took the car for a joy ride, I assumed that he was killed by mistake. Maybe I've just watched too many procedural shows, but a fancy car like that draws attention.

For that reason, the hour didn't really work for me. The investigation followed the path of the gun, but there was nothing tying Kim Taylor or her brother, Kris, to Boxer. They looked into Colin Boxer a little and found the bookie, Joey Zambrano, as a possible suspect, but  didn't lead anywhere.

Yet, they never looked into the billionaire, Vijay Chaya. It wasn't until Kris identified his roommate, Alec Dell's motorcycle that they tracked down a connection to Vijay.

Vijay was a bit creepy too, wasn't he? I loved the way that Abby rejected his advances. She was wearing a very cute outfit, as usual. As fun as a trip to St. Croix for a meal could be, she was right to turn him down.

As disappointed as I was in the investigation, the motive for the murder was also a bit flimsy. It's possible that a college student like Dell would kill the owner of a company that stole his idea and was going to make millions off of it, but it just seemed to come out of nowhere. 

The trap Gibbs put into motion to trap Dell was nice end to the case. The kid was definitely going to need money and it fed into his ego and desire for recognition for the product that he created. Too bad he won't be able to spend the money.

Two Gibbs, Two Leroys

While investigating the case, Tony saw a Congressional Medal of Honor at the pawn shop and questioned the owner about it. Since she couldn't legally buy it, she lent the owner $3,000 for it to help him out. 

The owner was Gibbs' "Namesake" Leroy Jethro Moore. I'm surprised that Gibbs never ran into Moore over all those years of being in the military and living so close to each other. But they hadn't seen each other since Gibbs was in high school.

This reunion was touching for Gibbs, his father and Moore. After so many years apart, the truth came out and they were able to put it aside and move on. Moore is no longer all alone without family and perhaps Jackson Gibbs won't be alone in Stillwater any longer either.

This was a nice tribute to the Montford Point Marines, who were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on June 27, 2012.


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Hi Carolyn & Wanda - you're the only ones on this post who have really nailed the essence of what's TRULY bothering a lot of fans, and for that I thank you. I totally agree - as do TONS of others, trust me! I fear that these characters (two of them especially) may suffer with getting "stuck" in their role if the show doesn't do something soon. I like Tony, but he IS an overgrown wannabe Bond Playboy, an "X-rated Peter Pan" (I like that!! lol) like Kate said so long ago. The Game is getting OLD & I'm sick of it too. It's not fun to watch anymore. I agree that McGee should have DECKED him for being such a JACKHOLE. 43 is FAR too old to be acting as inconsistently immature as he does. I don't care HOW good of a "cop" he is. He needs to get OVER himself -and quick. He also needs get OUT of Gibbs's shadow, so that he can finally act like a Man & become his own person. Even Weatherly looks uncomfortable in the role nowadays - he's outgrown "Tony the sometimes Jerk" - and it shows. I certainly hope Ziva is ready to deal with all of that, because she does not act as silly as he does - but she DOES understand Tony - and vice versa - and that's very important. I think if the writers play this correctly, they definitely WILL be great for each other, and make each other better people. That is always the key. Abby is the other one I worry about a lot. She's far too old (41) to still be wearing inappropriate "Playtime" clothes to a PROFESSIONAL workplace and walking around w/ stuffed animals that fart & occasionally whining. ENOUGH Already!!! No wonder McGee doesn't want to deal with that; I can't say I blame him. Abby really needs to grow up, or her character will really suffer typecast.


Best thing about the episode - more about Gibb's past and tribute to the Montford Marines. Worst thing about the episode - Case of the week. Very poor. Tony leaves the kid in interrogation and its decided to let Gibbs decide what to do with him. Next morning Gibbs comes in and the kid is still in the room! Did he sleep on the floor? Did they feed him?


In support of the series: Very few shows can carry the complex character development for 8 main roles. This show is the best at large role sympathetic character development right now. We all want it to continue being that, and to lose any character would be a major loss for the show. Any criticism I make is meant to point to how this series could be made even better.
The acting on this show is top notch across the board; that's why I never speak to improvements in that area.
Sometimes I wonder how much input the various actors have concerning a given scene, a given episode or a given storyline. Only curious, nothing more.


All I can say is watch CBS on the Eye and see how much Michael Weatherly hate Tiva and see how much he hate twitter and has gone on many tv talk show saying how much he hate socail network.


I am loving this new season! Ziva looks amazing (yes, I'm a shallow jerk), and the team dynamics are better than ever. Love seeing Gibbs actually express emotion- sometimes he's too reserved and can occasionally come across as uncaring. I really think the back stories are what keep this show alive. The crime solving aspect is what got me addicted, but the characters and their personal stories are what keep me coming back for more. I wouldn't mind seeing some progress in the "Tiva" department. Maybe this is the year? Haha, bet I'm still saying this five years from now!


This is repeated because it did not complete. As MW fans, the least we can do, is show him our support.


Now I have a few comments for the MW fans that say he should leave the show. Do you know how many followers he has on Twitter? 180,630 The only actor/character that has more is Abby (Pauley Perrette). This is the correct twitter for him because you need to know the correct handle. There was a Live Tweet on Premiere Night 9/25 by CBS and all the tweets are on this twitter I also receive all his videos. Do you know MW was recently cautiously mobbed by the people when he was in France for an NCIS award? Do you know that he received the (I hope this is right) International Crime Fighter Crush award? Do you know that he has the liberty to Ad Lib the script and has directed a few episodes? His intention is to direct more episodes. He Chose to sign his new contract July 2012. This is his decision, and as fans, we should respect it. How would you feel if Michael Weatherly was standing in front of you and you read your comments out loud?
As MW fans, the least we can do, is show him our support.


My first comment in this review was not to mention a certain topic. After the last few comments, I would like to share my opinions. In this episode, Tony was in the pawn shop with Gibbs and he interrogated the criminal. Maybe he has his childish moments, but when he has the spotlight he definitely steals the show. MW was asked in a video interview, which I have on my icon, about the immaturity question. His answer after looking a little dismayed was "What's wrong with an immature American guy who likes cheeseburgers and french fries". Tony can be prankish, immature or childish, but he is also heroic, loyal and caring. He does not necessarily have to be in the entire story to make a difference in the storyline. It has been noted that one of the reasons NCIS is so popular is that they have the idea to mix drama with comedy. I like and respect all the characters on the show. NCIS Fan Forever!


On another note, I'm honestly a little surprised that a lot of viewers seemed to have missed that this was, in effect, a tribute episode. Granted, there was a bit of backstory about where Gibbs name came from, but this episode was always Montpoint- Medal of Honour- centric and I don't think any of the core characters suffered for it. Tony was Tony, Ziva was Ziva, Abby rocked the outfit and Tim was Tim. Gibbs played hardass mediating good guy as usual and we got to see two great guest stars and a beautiful acknowledgement of the achievement and sacrifice of almost hitherto unrecognised military personnel which was long overdue.


Finally got a chance to watch this episode. It's been burning the proverbial hole in my dvr!
The COTW (case of the week) was really just a vehicle for Tony and Gibbs to spot the pawned medal. Kudos to the writers for using such a popular show to heap praise on marines who have gone unrecognised for so long just because of the colour of their skin. They wrote the original L.J. as a man of honour and whose skin colour so obviously and unfairly changed the course of his love and life. This episode highlighted the injustice of not only being overlooked for heroic actions based on race, but of also being unable to pursue the love of his life because of the racial segregation of the times. Well done to all involved in this episode and I especially loved the tribute at the end.

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