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NCIS fans longing for a McGee-centric episode will soon get their wish, in surprising fashion:

Sean Murray's character will be going undercover with Gibbs and Fornell's ex-wife, Diane!

A Tim McGee Pic
Gibbs' Ex-Wife Diane

Executive producer Gary Glasberg confirms that Melinda McGraw will reprise her role as the former Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Fornell (and current Mrs. Sterling) in December, and the show-runner had this to say:

“This time she not only has to work undercover with them, she has to spend the night with Special Agent Tim McGee as well. Amidst the chaos, Gibbs and Fornell find their ex asleep on the sofa with Tim."

"In the words of one of my favorite films, ‘Ex Mrs. Boss, are you trying to seduce me?!’ You’ll have to wait and see what McGee has gotten himself into.”

McGraw first appeared in last season's "Devil's Triangle," in which her current spouse became the target of an investigation that brought her FBI and NCIS agent exes together in pursuit.

Excited for this episode, and for Diane's return? How do you think it will play out? Comment below!

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I wonder does anybody really care that McGraw character married some loser from homeland sercuity or that she has a kid with Fornell both just seem kinda of pointless?


@nat hi nat yes you are right nobody cared whose sister she was somehow she just didnt fit.


@Suncatcher According to the spoiler website that how Mcgee and Melinda McGraw end up on the sofa he working on his next book and she take it from him


I am one of the many folks here asking for more McGee. Sean Murray seems like such a nice guy, I am so happy to hear he finally gets some time in the spotlight! (I doubt Mark Harmon would work with anyone less than a "nice guy" on the NCIS set)! Also, I also would love to see another episode that has McGee writing a book again. It's been too long and those episodes seemed to be some of the best of the series! Congrats, Sean!


Hi I agree with the posts about McGee. I'm really looking forward to seeing more about McGee! I like all the characters but he doesn't seem to get a lot of screentime, in my opinion. I understand that Gibbs, Tony & Ziva have top billing on the show, though, in that order. Anyways, I'm happy for Tim. To the person who just posted the IGNORANT, hateful comment about Ziva: This is a TIMOTHY MCGEE post. We are here to talk about HIM. Nobody wants to read your nasty, toxic comments about NCIS characters on here. Please go take your Hatred elsewhere. Your rude comments are not appreciated.


Let just Hope Ziva does not try to steal the spot light again


@Janet - Oh yeah - forgot to add: I LOVE McGee!! What a sweetheart. I just love that guy. I totally agree with you: it's about time they gave him some more attention. I loved that scene with him in Phoenix, he was sooooo Baaaad MJ at target practice!!! This upcoming ep sounds really hilarous - hee hee!!


@Janet It's a known, proven FACT that Cranston was HATED by many fans.
Nobody gives a crap about "whose sister" she is; that's a moot point at this late stage in the series. Rachel sucked at being Professional with her job. She blabs too much. THAT'S why she was replaced. Dr. Wolf is MUCH funnier and refreshing as the Agency shrink, and THAT'S why a lot of fans enjoyed him. Wolf got good reviews and feedback from both the fans and the Media.


@Gail The actress who play Kate sister has her own show now that why they are no longer using her and I agree she would be better is work so much better then Dr. Wolf WHO EVEN the actor on the show though he suck ass No one I know like Dr.Wolf DR.wolf broke the Dr./Patient Confidentiality which is a BIG NO NO when she talk to the other Ziva and mcgee about Tony he should of been fire for that. If you like there a Poll to bring Cranston who unlike Dr.Wolf is a fan favorite


@Nat hi Nat yes i know its better to ignore but its not are right about kate's sister she just didnt fit in but the new one doctor wolf is likeable,and yes its nice that mgee is getting some limelight.

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