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NCIS fans longing for a McGee-centric episode will soon get their wish, in surprising fashion:

Sean Murray's character will be going undercover with Gibbs and Fornell's ex-wife, Diane!

A Tim McGee Pic
Gibbs' Ex-Wife Diane

Executive producer Gary Glasberg confirms that Melinda McGraw will reprise her role as the former Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Fornell (and current Mrs. Sterling) in December, and the show-runner had this to say:

“This time she not only has to work undercover with them, she has to spend the night with Special Agent Tim McGee as well. Amidst the chaos, Gibbs and Fornell find their ex asleep on the sofa with Tim."

"In the words of one of my favorite films, ‘Ex Mrs. Boss, are you trying to seduce me?!’ You’ll have to wait and see what McGee has gotten himself into.”

McGraw first appeared in last season's "Devil's Triangle," in which her current spouse became the target of an investigation that brought her FBI and NCIS agent exes together in pursuit.

Excited for this episode, and for Diane's return? How do you think it will play out? Comment below!

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@Janet - *Hugz* Janet just ignore "them"; they'll NEVER get their way on THIS show.
For me, the funniest aspect I see w/ this is that McGee's getting soooo much Attn now (or should I say Action?) But would he want it from the Ex of BOTH his boss AND Tobias? I think not. Besides, she's married to Victor now, right? I don't think he'd approve either!! Devil's Triangle was such a fun episode last season!! There has to be a twist to this. With NCIS, there's ALWAYS a twist! @Gail Hi Gail. Sorry to say, but most fans I've seen comments from on various sites HATED Cranston. She was NOT that likeable as a person, and even worse...she was THE most unprofessional shrink this side of the planet. She didn't seem to know what "Dr./Patient Confidentiality" meant. The "Kate" connection certainly didn't work in her favor, either. That may have been one of the main reasons why Dr. Wolf sort of replaced her.


Wish they would bring Frank's daughter-in-law and granddaughter in for Gibbs. It always bothers me when Gibbs is remembering Shannon and Kelly. If not her what about Kate's sister, she was likable.


I hope they bring back Mcgee writting a book skills I do think that what was so great about him


@dale so easy for you now let me give you lesson number 1 when you see a comment from me dont read it.


Also waiting forever for a Tim-centric episode...bringing on the ex-wife is a big stretch...just hope Murray gets to use his acting chops and he isn't simply a 'set gag' for Gibbs, Fornell and DiNozzo. I would rather see an episode based on the relationship between him and Abby...need to clarify it. To make up some lame excuse to get McGraw back on the set is exactly the scenario that will make NCIS an ordinary scripted show. Come on are the best in the business...pick up the pace and stop recycling former guests. Before you know it, we will be subject to another Jamie Lee arc and then I just may be done with my favorite show.


Cant wait for this episode, sounds like its going to be fun. Also is their any way to get Michael and Janet blocked from posting? Their arguments are always the same and are getting very annoying as i would like to read peoples comments on the show, not petty arguments.


@Janet be nice she has very right to exspress her opinnion as you do don't be childish. As for these I wonder if it will have to do with husband number 3 again


looks like it will be a fun one. oh by the way @done with zcis close the door on your way out dont think you will be missed.


I would also really like to see the show introduce McGee's father. I saw something mentioning that in the insider's blog of the first episode, and I really hope they do. That would be cool to finally see McGee's hard-nose admiral father.


Would't it be cool if Mcgee wrote a book about these I love this

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