New Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Trailer: Dramatic, Powerful!

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On the heels of an emotional Grey's Anatomy season premiere and three sneak preview clips from this week's episode, ABC has released an extended trailer for this Thursday's episode (and potentially beyond).

Featuring glimpses of the post-crash flashback episode, as well as future installments, the trailer clocks in at over a minute long and is highly dramatic and emotional stuff - even by Grey's Anatomy standards.

It also contains some fairly revealing teases, so beware. Spoiler (and Kleenex) alert!

Some of the things we can look forward to (or dread):

  • Words of wisdom from Mark and Richard.
  • Derek's hand giving him problems.
  • Arizona losing it in the shower.
  • Jackson proposing to April?!

Sound off on this powerful new Grey's Anatomy trailer below, and tell us, what do you predict will happen Thursday and as Season 9 progresses? What do you hope happens for the plane crash survivors?

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Seems to me that Avery and Kepner will try and be turned into the new Sloan and Little Grey.


I don't know what to do with my life until Thursday. I agree about april, I would prefer lexie over her, but.. you know. I love Derek with all my soul, Christina and Meredith


oh and not to mention everything before arizona went to africa... with her not wanting a kid and all


man callie and arizona don't get a break!! they are never just happy! first arizona goes to africa...comes back and callie is pregnant with marks kid... they get in an accident... callie and sophia almost die... drama with the wedding... arizona and mark are in the plane crash... mark DIES... and now arizona's leg gets amputated. wtf man


OMG! JCap and Sara are gonna make me cry so much. I can't wait for their storyline. I hope Shonda gives it some respect and make half of it about Arizona for a change not just all about Callie. Still not caring about April, she could've stayed away and I wouldn't have missed her. Loving Derek, it will be great to see some real acting from PD for a change. Felt like he was phoning it in all last season.

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