Nikita Premiere Round Table: "3.0"

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Last season, TV Fanatic readers asked week after week for a Nikita Round Table. Well... ask and you shall receive! 

Join Carla Day, Carissa Pavilica and Tiffany Vogt (from TV Addict) for the inaugural edition of the Nikita Round Table below, as there was much for to discuss from the premiere with the "new" Division, "The Dirty Thirty" and Michael and Nikita's impressive engagement. Hope you'll chime in each week.


First impressions of the "new" Division.
Tiffany: I'm very wary of the "new" Division under Ryan. It feels like it hasn't figured out how to function as a legitimate organization and actually doesn't work well within the constraints of obeying laws. It was set up to be a covert organization that operated outside of the laws, and that's how it works best. So Ryan's rigid approach may not work with its structure or its operatives, who weren't trained that way.

Carissa: It does seem a bit...rugged. Like a game of tug o' war, the operatives and Ryan aren't really sure what their roles are. They could all use a little weekend getaway. You know, rent a condo in the mountains, fall into each other's arms from high trees, that sort of thing. Ops into office arms and vice versa. I imagine lots of charts and graphs and perhaps learning how to work together by cooking a meal. Yes, I come from the business end of things.  

Carla: It's a slicker looking headquarters. Have to love that sweet ride, too. I have to agree with Tiffany that Division was meant to be an unsanctioned, covert operation. It was under the purview of Oversight before, but that also was an under-the-radar organization. If the President tries to micro-manage Division, it will be a disaster.

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Has Ryan gotten in over his head with running Division? He has no leadership experience, has never been in the field, and the President is already all over his case.
Tiffany: Ryan definitely seems to be overwhelmed and has not learned to trust his operatives yet. Plus, he seems prone to sliding down the slippery slope of too much power corrupts. That would be a shame, but it seems like he is showing signs of being too interested in his own political career at this point. Then, it also seems odd than an analyst is now running field operations. It's not a good match.

Carissa:They're all in over their heads with running Division. Thus my oh-so-exciting desire of chopping veggies and cooking meat on a weekend getaway. They really need to understand each others' strengths and weaknesses for these operations to go smoothly. He can't learn on the job. He'll get people killed. 

Carla: At the end of last season, I was ecstatic that Ryan was going to be leading Division because I love the character and he is the antithesis of Percy and Amanda. Now, that he is in charge, I'm not so sure. He has no field experience and I'm afraid he could be easily manipulated by good or bad forces due to his inexperience. 

What do you think about "The Dirty Thirty" mission being the backbone of the season?
Tiffany: "The Dirty Thirty" makes an excellent over-arching mission for this season.  Can't wait to see them take down more of the rogue operatives that think they have escape the government's notice. They make for some fun villains to track and capture as well.

Carissa: It should be a lot of fun, and they've had rogues come back before, so we might get some great new talent who were just really mislead about the new direction come on board. 

Carla:As long as the take-downs are kept original and fresh, I love the idea. I'm not too concerned about that though, as Nikita has always been a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat show. I'm very intrigued by Amanda's role with "The Dirty Thirty." How many decided to team up with her? And, what is her end game now? Exciting stuff coming, I can feel it!

How fitting was Michael and Nikita's engagement? 
Tiffany: I loved Michael and Nikita's engagement! It felt perfect given who they are and how they are as a couple. It ended up being so romantic and funny.  Very nicely done!

Carissa:If it had happened in any other way, it wouldn't have been Nikita! For a second, I thought he was going to rob the store to get a new ring. I was glad to see someone was oddly carrying the ring in their pocket. I guess stranger things have happened! 

Carla: Loved it! The look on Nikita's face when he demanded her Glock and said why. Amazing! Because I can't watch or read the exchanges enough, here they are:

Michael: Give me the damn Glock!
Nikita: Where are you going?
Michael: To get your damn engagement ring. | permalink

Nikita: You had me at "Give me the damn Glock." | permalink

What are you looking forward to this season? Or, hope will happen?
Tiffany: Since Sonya seems to be giving Birkhoff the cold-shoulder, it would be nice to see him get another lady-love in his life. Plus, sending Birkhoff out in the field is always hilarious, so more of those aspects would be fun. It would also be great to see Alex and Sean get a chance to pursue their relationship.

Carissa: I can't wait for Owen to be back on a regular basis. He's my crush and I've missed him. Also, watching Alex in action is always a pleasure. The story is so open right now I can't think of anything I'm not looking forward to seeing!

Carla: I'm looking forward to Nikita struggling to adjust to this Division and having to answer to someone above her. While the action is what brings me to the show, it's the relationships that I just adore. I want to see more Michael-Nikita, Alex-Sean, some love for Birkhoff, and maybe even Ryan. And, like Carissa, can't wait for Owen to return.

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Maybe it's because of my male thinking pattern, but I don't see why people love Owen. He's just some guy with the personality of a brick, and I got really annoyed at his role last season, it just slowed down the tension in the middle of the season when it was getting crazy. Sure wife died blah blah former guardian blah blah but please he's no Roan. Ryan's righteous boy scout mentality is starting to get more and more annoying. Seems like just a tool of the government. He was a pretty crappy character and I have no reason why Nikita cares for him so much. So in summary
+Birkhoff -Ryan -Owen
and bring back Roan as a Zombie/Cyborg


What an idiot....


Soon, it will be time to bid adieu to NIKITA. The show had an impressive run,and covered much ground in its brief time,but if this engagement goes to the next level,I'm guessing the wedding episode will be the season--and the SERIES--finale. This is why I want to be one of the first to say (because I might not get a chance later), FAREWELL,LOVELY NIKITA. YOU MADE MY FRIDAY NIGHTS. MAY THE WIND BE AT YOUR BACK.


1. I think that the 'New' Division is nowhere near what it needs to be. Its like a odd one out. 2. Ryan is way over his head, he should give Michael more riegn because from the three of them he has more leadership experience. He also needs to confide in Nikita the stakes at which they are playing at so she can help. 3. The Dirty Thirty is very catching and I like that in they've multiplied the enemy. More dimensions and more things to play around with. 4. I thought the engagment was great. Michael and Nikita only wanted two things before they can retire and be together: Kill Amanda and Percy and destroy division. They killed Percy, Amanda is next they've repurposed division, got rid off the bad aspects of division. The engagment is a promise that they will get what they want, they just have to battle a bit more. 5. I expect that Ryan will begin to turn evil by seasons end. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And he's way smarter than Percy or Amanda.


1. ? 2. Over his head, right now. 3. "The Dirty Thirty" can't be the only catalyst for our team. 4. Like a glove. 5. This is one of my TOP 5 shows. So just keep doing what you do Nikita.


Yay!! a nikita round table!! I loved this last episode! I wish it had more of Alex and Sean


Finally a Nikita round table :) ..... I hope it was me that helped encourage it lol.I know i've always been lobbying for one since the First season.


This was PERFECT engagement. really!
I also cant get enough from - Michael: Give me the damn Glock!
Nikita: You had me at "Give me the damn Glock."

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