Once Upon a Time Clips: The Enchanted Forest, Revisted

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"Have you ever seen an ogre?" - Mulan
"Pretty sure I've dated a few." - Emma

Once Upon a Time will take viewers back to the Enchanted Forest on "Lady of the Lake." What can we expect to go down there?

For starters, Snow, who is sneak-attacked by a princess in this first look at the episode:

Emma, meanwhile, will be a bit out of her element in a place where few are familiar with guns and ogres run amok. Yes, ogres...

Mulan will also be learning a lot. For instance: What the heck is this firearm contraption? Some kind of magic? Watch the final clip now and be sure to visit TV Fanatic Sunday night for a full review...

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@Great Show - I've discovered that a lot of "young" viewers (below age 25) haven't developed the patience required to stick with a weekly show like older people have. They are used to racing through an entire season, without commercials, in one weekend, having all their questions answered. It's like they lack the gene to appreciate the feeling of anticipation. Having grown up in the heydey of daytime soap operas and VCRs without multiple recording options (you can only tape one show at a time), I don't mind letting a series unfold its storylines one by one over the course of 9 months. I'm thoroughly enjoying this second season, too!


Hey B, you confuse easy. I'm sure the writers have a season story arc to follow, and why the need for everything to be answered today? Relax Francis, and enjoy.


with the curse broken I have no idea what the characters or the shows overall arc is it seems that the creators/writers are as lost as I am I still enjoy the show but other than getting snow and emma back who is dr whale who is father of emma's son where is mr. gold's son and what is his agenda i have no idea where the show is going it's getting confusing

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True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

Be careful. Love is a weapon, Deary. The most dangerous weapon of all which means the pain you should worry about isn't the kind inflicted by a broken sword but the kind that comes from a broken heart.