Once Upon a Time Photo Preview: Who's That Mystery Man?

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Ready to Swan diving, Once Upon a Time fans? Or Swan delving, we should say?

On the November 4 episode of this ABC favorite, we jump back in time with Emma and watch her meet up with a fellow thief who - according to the official network synopsis - "wants to make an honest woman out of her."

And just who is that thief? A certain mystery man who kicked off Once Upon a Time Season 2 by receiving a message about the broken curse. Hmmmm... who is this guy? See him back in action now:

Emma and a Mystery Man
Swan Diving
Smiling Swan

Elsewhere on "Tallahassee," Emma will take a journey with Captain Hook and encounter a murderous giant played by Lost's Jorge Garcia.

Have any theories on the identity of the man above? Send them in now and also check out the official Once Upon a Time preview for this Sunday's "The Doctor," but be warned: it reveals the identity of Dr. Whale.

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@alex I agree!!


I believe he is Henry's dad and Rump's son Baelfire!!!


He is almost certainly Henry's dad. The fact that he clearly has connections to the fairy tale world suggests that he himself is a fairy tale character. The only known characters who have left the fairy tale not using the curse are Emma, Pinnochio and Baelfire. This suggests that the man is Baelfire. However, as mentioned before, Baelfire would be at least in his mid 40s and very possibly in his 50s. This leaves only one other character who hasn't yet been introduced but certainly exists. Peter Pan has the ability to travel between worlds and stay young when he is in Neverland. As Neverland and Hook and both been introduced, this theory is much more plausible. Another Theory is that Baelfire IS Peter Pan since that explains away any issues with age since he can put off aging for as long as he wants. So I can conclude that the mystery is almost definitely Peter Pan and perhaps also Baelfire as well.


well when we last saw Baelfire he had turned 14, and we don't know the amount of time between when he went through the portal and the curse started. Assuming the curse happened soon after, he is at least 14 years older than Emma. Henry's dad could still be Baelfire but that is a big age gap.


Jennifer Morrison said we would meet Henry's dad in episode 6. This is episode 6. He's also most likely Baelfire


Though i did and still kind of believe that Bael is Henry's dad, i can see that man being the latter. I don't think that is Bael though.


My bet is he's neither Baelfire nor Henry's dad.


My vote is for baelfire :) and I bet he's Emma's baby daddy lol ( Henry's dad) lol so excited to find out


Mel, I agree with you. But how coincidential would it be? That poor Henry, imagine your mother (and step grandmother) is Regina and your grandfather is Rumplestiltskin...


Well, I am just sure he is Henry's dad. I was so sure that August was Baelfire up until he had to deny it that I am not going to pin my hopes on that one (though seriously).

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