Once Upon a Time Review: Magic Is My Crutch

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Happy day. Belle is back and oh, how I've missed her.

"The Crocodile" answered many questions I've had about some of my favorite Storybrooke characters and had me so enthralled that I didn't even realize I hadn't seen hide nor hair of Emma, Snow or Regina until the very end.

Captain Hook Debut

My practical side knows that the odds of Belle and Rumple lasting as a couple are slim at best, but the romantic in me never stops rooting for them. This episode gave me more hope than I've had in a long time.

But let's jump back to the fairy tale past. Rumplestiltskin may have been a coward but his wife was certainly no prize. She'd rather have a dead hero than a live husband and father for their son. 

Mila was a party girl looking for adventure and a quiet life with her husband and son wasn't enough. Rumple had every right to be angry. Not only did she leave but she made him go back to Bael and tell him his mother was dead. That had to be one of the worst moments of his life. So I understood wanting to rip her heart out... but actually doing it was taking it to the extreme.

No doubt that moment of rage will now send Hook on a vendetta to kill Belle and remove one of Rumple's more important body parts. As a fan of Rumple and Belle I dread the coming confrontation. As a fan of the show, I'm eager to see the showdown.

Back in present day Storybrooke, it was wonderful to see Belle stand up for herself. She's been held prisoner for decades. She's finally free and it's about time she found out who she is in this new world. I'm thrilled that she's found a new friend to help her find her way and introduce her to pancakes and the awesomeness of syrup.

Ruby's becoming a powerhouse character that I want to see more of. It's about time we found out how the "wolf thing" translates over to the new Storybrooke. I'm wondering if there's more to it than that killer sense of smell. I'm hoping we get an episode that delves deeper into that soon.

I was proud that Belle refused to go to either her father or Rumple, even when Rumple rescued her. She needs to stand on her own two feet and what other job could be more perfect for Belle than running the library?

There were several other scenes that made me smile. Rumple asking Charming for dating advice was wonderfully sweet and just a tad funny. Charming's answer was perfect, as he said in this Once Upon a Time quote

 There's a difference between literal truth and honesty of the heart. Nothing taught me that more than this curse. | permalink

And finally, Rumple took the lesson to heart when he came clean with Belle, telling her the abridged version of the truth, which I understood. Too many gory detail would definitely scare her off, but this was certainly a step in the right direction when he admitted…

 Magic has become a crutch that I can't walk without. | permalink

Can hope and love overcome evil and power? Again, the romantic in me hopes, while the skeptic in me braces for the worst. 

But with Cora showing off her sparkly dirt, it's only a matter of time before she and Hook land in Storybrooke. Will they bring Emma and Snow with them?

Hope, love, revenge, power. Once Upon a Time wraps it all up in a sparkly, magical bow and it's a package I simply can't wait to open every Sunday.


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@kansasGuest. I agree that Mila was also a coward. But if Rumple did not die for his cowardice, why would he kill her for hers. I guess we hate the most in others what we despise in ourselves. She was desperately unhappy and wanted to escape the judgement of the villagers, but Rumple refused to leave and start over. She did wrong, they both did. At the end of the day, however despicable it is, people have the right to leave. I did think it unfair that Hook asked a cripple to fight him. Like I said, I was on Rumple's side until he killed Bae's mother. She did not get a chance to redeem herself like Rumple is now getting after all the horrible things he did.

Allison berry barbieri

Also curious as to have the wolf thing translates to Storybrooke...


Thank you @Jlo. You just saved me a lengthy post as I agree with everything you said about Mila. As to why Rumple destroyed the world? For the same reason he killed his wife... Me, Me, Me! I was on the Dark One's side up until he killed Mila, now I'm rooting for Hook. Lol. I just hope Belle doesn't get caught in the crossfire. She's like a mob wife.


@jlo - Rumple's backstory during the Ogre Wars was already told. After his marriage to Mila but before Bae was born, the men were expected to serve and help defend the area. He didn't and was branded a coward. It isn't like he was a secret agent. His pre-magic self was a disabled spinner who became even more poor when people turned their backs on him. I *don't* think it was cowardly of Rumple to refuse to fight Hook because he had a little boy to care for. It would have been foolish for him to risk death at that point. Have I made it clear how much I hate Mila for putting her husband & son in that position? She didn't even say goodbye! When it comes to cowardly acts, Mila shouldn't be pointing fingers at Rumple, that's for sure.


Excellent episode! Rumple stories are always interesting to me. It's sad that he never had the chance for a happy family because he clearly hooked up with the wrong woman from the start. I liked and appreciated the background on Mila; especially the way she entered and exited the canvas in the same episode. What a selfish piece of work. Great pirate clothes though. Hanging Hook's vengeance on her love seems quite weak because no one cares about Mila. Even pirates shouldn't trust someone who leaves their child. I think I'd buy it more if Hook hated Rumple just for cutting off his hand. Lastly, way to bring back Maurice and introduce Smee! Minor characters, true. But, they make the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke canvas much richer with their presence.


@xmeg816X - That's DR. Fronkensteen to you! ;-) I'm actually looking forward to the horror-themed episode next week. If Red can still be a fan favorite after devouring her boyfriend last season, then making Dr. Whale a mad scientist wouldn't be out of the ordinary IMO. Clever last name reference to movie director James Whale, BTW, if he does indeed play the part of the doctor. Whale directed the original Universal horror film and its sequel, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Holy smokes! Regina as the Bride?!?! That would never do. The Bride's wardrobe would require a drastic overhaul.


@kay I actually have an inkling Hook is Peter Pan.

Drea xoxo

i agree fully with kay. we don't need hook. we have enough characters that need to be tied up before we can be introduced to mediocre ones. i thought hook was just passing and used to explain the breakdown of rumple's marriage and where bae's mother went.
i feel the show is going to become cheesy now with this twist to the storyline....? please prove me wrong....


@jlo I think there's a possibility that Rumple didn't know about Jefferson, especially because Jefferson was under Regina's control. Regina managed to hide Belle away for a very long time, so she could have simply shielded Jefferson's existence from other people who would abuse his powers like she would. Also, Jefferson did not want to be found. Regina could find him because he had worked for her before.

Drea xoxo

1) hook i felt was weak, the introduction to his character was a bit blah and goo don rumple for humbling him and avenging for his wife's betrayal to their child and his love.
2) hook has no right to avenge, mila only went with him because he was first guy she met who promised adventure, had he come in the pub 15 minutes later, another tom/dick or harry would have been her new love.
3) belle is bland but she's meant to be, she's still innocent and still rooting for her and rumple here as well, they have to make it.
4) what does this now mean for storybrooke? will everyone come together and defeat cora once and for all. will it have to be regina? snow or even lil old henry......

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