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So much awesomeness! Loved this episode! Where to start is the thing. I'm not even going to talk about Milah much, because I don't like her. I get Rumple's pain, but did he have to kill her. I mean he can turn people into things or own someone's heart like Regina did with the Huntsman. I've got to say I didn't expect Belle's father to be such a douche. I knew that guy was Smee the moment I saw his hat. So, is the curse selective or something? Hook you are the jerk I thought you would be and a hot one too, but still a jerk. Rumple coming clean(ish) with Belle is great. I just loved everything related to Belle/Rumple. Their seperate scenes the scenes they had together just great. I still want Emma to be with Jefferson, because of their chemistry on sceen and they seem to have a lot in common in my opinion. Okay, my last thought. I like Hook, but if he touches Belle or Rumple I will cut off his other hand. Now I'm done.


I love this episode so much that I didn't even notice Emma and Snow did not appear till the end. Probably Rumple and Belle is my favorite couple.

Love lots of scenes in this episode: when there were Rumple and Belle, Rumple ask James for dating advice, how Belle discovering our world, standing on her feet ( Hope that she and Rumple can back together soon)... A small sign that Rumple is about to change...

And I also agree. No matters with what reason, Mila can just abandoned her son like that. What kind of mother is she and Rumple has every right to be mad.

God, Captain Hook is hot and why he even love a woman like Mila. I like to think he with Emma but I also love Emma with Jerfferson ( they are both parents and cool)

Still, looking forward to every next episode of OUAT


glad to see i am not the only one who was getting the Frankenstein vibe for next week. Does that mean the hot Huntsmen can come back??? lol
I liked this weeks episode. I also like this captain hook... he is easy on the eyes. however as i watch i keep trying to figure out the fairytale land timeline. it jumps around so much, not that i mind the none linear format, just it is a puzzle i am having trouble keeping in order.


May I ask what's the deal with characters not knowing each other? I find it strange that not all the royals (wasn't Belle a princess too?) know one another. It seems strange. I also wonder why Hook was not taken to Storybrooke and since he already knew of Neverland, did he already encountered Peter Pan.


Love this Captain Hook as he not really bad guy in this (he is though but he isn't, he just had bad taste in women as I think if Mila found another man who could offer her more, show would have ditched him too). Since love is more of his drive for revenge, I do think Hook could become hero. I'm really intrigue as to how he would interact with Emma because let's face it, he and Cora would come across Snow and Emma.
Next week episode, Frankenstein much. I am excited.


Great episode.

Eh Rumple, you are honest-er than before and at least you ARE showing some regret now, but its still because of consequences, not because of concept, like Regina. You still have a long way to go, but its nice to see you for the first time, actually willing to do that.

Hook is obviously a revenge-driven type of character. There's a certain sense of parallels with Rumple taking Hook's love and Regina taking Emma's and I would not be surprised on if Hook would become Emma's love interest, which would create lots of delicious conflict for both Emma and Hook in terms of their allegiances.

As of promo, could it be that Whale is Dr.Frankenstein? If so thats....VERY neat and in kind of a different flavor than previous backstories.


My favorite line was Hook's line about the sparkly dirt to Cora....Well last week I had an argument that Whale was Peter I am going to try and think about the original Alice in Wonderland because Jefferson seems important next week (though they are flexing enough that he isn't strictly stuck in his story but they actually haven't done actual Alice stories yet just pre Alice stories) so I am wondering if there is a Wonderland creature who other than the Queen deals in body parts that is in the books but not Disney related.


Love the episode I didn't even notice Snow and Emma were not in this episode I am so hook from day one I can actually I am a true fan of this show :) PS I never thought I will say this but Capt Hook its hot!!!!!


Loved me some captain hook. Can we please get a lot more of him. And I love belle and rumple. Here's to hoping she can save him from himself. I really wish they could find a way to balance fairy tale world and storybrooke in one episode though . Looks like the doctor is frankenstein. Kind of lame imho

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