Once Upon a Time Round Table: "We Are Both"

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Regina was willing to fight dirty. Snow and Emma were banished to a very different fairy tale world. And Rumple might wanna erase it all.

Oh, yes, "We Are Both" gave our Once Upon a Time Round Table team a lot to talk discuss.

Join in below as TV Fanatic's Nick McHatton, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando choose their favorite post-curse character and whether or not they'd stay or bail on Storybrooke all together.


What was your favorite scene?
Nick: David/Charming's speech as the town headed out of Storybrooke. I loved that he acknowledged his faults as David, and the regrets of them, but he wouldn't change them.

Jim: Watching Regina tell Henry she wants to redeem herself and be a good person again. It showed layers to the character.

Christine: Seeing Charming finally take charge. I'd had about all of wishy washy David that I could take. I loved it when he burst into Regina's to get Henry back. The man looks good with a sword in his hands.

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Which character are you enjoying the most in the post-curse Storybrooke?
Nick: Ruby and Charming. They've really embraced their new roles.

Jim: The Dwarfs. Watching them walk out with the pick-axes and "off to work they go" was great. The reference Grumpy made to Sneezy about having lost something and needing fairy dust to help him find it was also terrific.

Christine: Since I've already mentioned Charming, I'm going to go with Red/Ruby. She was so unsure of herself throughout most of season one. It's wonderful to see her stand up and take charge. I hope we see a lot more of her this season.

Can Regina redeem herself?
Nick: That's one of the dichotomy's of Regina's character. She came from a background of good, but her power corrupted her absolutely. In many ways Storybrooke was the chance for her to get a do over, and she failed. Regina is constantly looking for fixes to her self-made problems, but she has a thirst for power. Regina can only find redemption by letting go of power and righting wrongs. She did that with Henry, but is she willing to do that for everyone?

Jim: Guess that depends on who they want to be the bad guy. We are pretty off the map with the characters at this point, so having Cora come back as the "big bad" could leave room for Regina to redeem herself and forgive Snow.

Christine: People can changeā€¦but it's damn rare. I think magic and power are like drugs that Regina can't turn down. I think she'll try to change for Henry's sake but I don't think it will take much for it to all go wrong.

Will Cora help or hurt Emma and Snow's chances of escape?
Nick: Cora is always looking to help herself, and I doubt spending time in lockup has changed her views on the matter. She'll only help Snow and Emma just as long as she's out too and can complete, or put in motion, whatever plan she's come up with.

Jim: I'm betting Cora passed directly from being pushed into the mirror to "now" so she may still be in "make Regina Queen" mode. If she is, once she finds out who Snow is, how long it's been and what Regina has done, she may help them more to get back at Regina than anything else.

Christine: I'm most interested in seeing if Snow remembers who Cora is. That could make things really interesting. As for Cora, she's self serving. She'll be as likely to help them as step over them if it will aid in her own goals.

If you were a resident of Storybrooke, would you leave and start a new life or stay and fight for your old one?
Nick: That depends on the person I was in fairytale land and whether I wanted to remove or forget the sins of my past.

Jim: As Nick said, a lot depends on what storybook character I am. What do I have to fight for if I'm "hunter number-five killed by wolf" or "sailor number-four fed to crock." That said, David/Charming and Ruby/Red and the others that we know certainly have something worth fighting for. I know Granny tried to shoot Regina with a bow. Why doesn't someone try a gun?

Christine: You boys are right. It depends which character you are. If I'm Archie, I'm out of there. Who wants to go back to being a cricket?

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Love charming, enough said........


1. Every scene Charming's in. Dude rocks the episode. Also, the part Whale asked whether the nuns are available to date.
2. Charming and Red obviously. But I'm interested in Granny as well. She's kinda badass.
3. Regina may be able to redeem herself but right after we find out Cora is still alive, I'm afraid Regina will never be 'not' evil.
4. Not really sure, is she plotting a revenge at her own daughter or helping her daughter with her enemies?
5. Stay. Fairytales rock!


1. When Regina let go of Henry. It really showed that she's so much more than just an evil queen who's longing for power. 2. Ruby. I think she will be great help for Charming trying to get Emma & Snow back. 3. I think she can. But it'll take a lot of work. 4. I'm with Christine here. My second reaction after seeing Cora (my first being completely shocked) was whether Snow is going to recognize her when she wakes up. 5. I'd stay.


1. Fav scene was David/Charming's speech. Finally the Prince has come back... Also the scene with David and Henry at the diner. Very good scene. 2. Ruby. She's really coming into her own and will be a good 2nd in command for Charming while Snow and Emma are in the Haven area. 3. I think so. Regina became who she was partly because of Cora. But there is also a thirst for power in her. So we'll see if she can overcome that. There are many other evils so it could be that Regina becomes good. Its been seen with Spike in Buffy. 4. Cora is looking out for herself. But she could be Emma and Snow's chance of getting out of the pit. Snow will def know who cora is. If u see the promo 4 ep 3 she shields Emma from Cora. She knows what Cora is capable of. It could be that Cora is d queen of hearts. We'll have to see. 5. I would stay. My life would be with my family.


I too thought that Cora was going to end up being the Queen of Hearts, but with that last scene I don't know now. I know there was a heart on the book of magic, maybe the Queen of Hearts is CORA's mother/Regina's grandmother? That could really affect Regina's possible redemption.


Am I the only one that is confused about Cora and why she is there? I was under the impression that she was the queen of hearts. When the Hatter and Regina went to wonderland, they spoke of how much they hated the place and Regina made a quip about just how much bad history she and the queen had ("You have no idea how much she has taken from me"). Before she shipped Cora through the mirror, Rumpelstiltskin told her that her mother would be going to a "very annoying place".


I might point out that it was Jiminy himself who *asked* to become a cricket. That being said, it's been a very long time, and maybe he likes being a human again!

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