Person of Interest Review: The Bodyguard

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Who wouldn't want John Reese as his or her bodyguard?

For a guy who's not only a great pick pocket, a lethal fighter, a quiet charmer, snazzy dresser and loyal friend, it's hard to go wrong. He's pretty much the whole package.

And with Finch returned to his usual roost behind his computers, Reese was back to his quippy and cheery self, exuding that confident kick-ass swagger that illustrates what makes these two a fantastic pair of teammates and friends.

Essentially, "Masquerade" got Person of Interest right back into the swing of things with the standard number popping up and everyone doing what he does best.

Reese Poses As a Body Guard

The case itself was interesting by at first letting viewers believe that the Brazilian diplomat's daughter, Sophia, was the potential target of a assassination attempt. And with her bossy, bitchy attitude, it wasn't hard to see her having her fair share of enemies.

Except it all took a nice turn toward her potential danger being caused by merely being witness to a killer that happened to be at a party she was at. Talk about wrong place, wrong time. That's some John McClane problems.

But, really, these cases wouldn't be as exciting or the curve balls entertaining if it weren't for the chemistry and charisma of the cast. Not only did all of the characters contribute in their respective manners, but there was something more going on with each of them that extended beyond the episode itself. It's enjoyable to see these characters continue to grow.

Finch may have been doing his usual computer work, but it was obvious that the Root kidnapping had a huge effect on him. For a guy that can portray such a resolute confidence in certain circumstances and pretty much where it concerns the machine, it was a big change to see him have that panic attack.

But I love that his affections for the dog, Bear, progressed throughout and that Reese was able to help him eventually get out for that drink by episode's end. These two are pals and with their new furry companion, three is not a crowd.

As for Fusco, he was his bumbling, dopey self, but he's so endearing that you can't help but want him to succeed even when you know he's gonna screw up. It was great that he was able to save Sophia, even if he ended getting his gun taken a few moments later.

Yet, it really didn't matter because Carter plowed right into the bad guy with her SUV. Now that's teamwork.

Even the bar fight, for instance, Carter coming in to save the day showed how much more the team has evolved from just Reese doing the hands on work. And there was a great and funny rapport between the two about Reese taking longer than four minutes and Carter getting bored in the car.

Of course, Carter helping out was only part of it, as she continued to dig deeper into Alica Corwin.

And I know I've said it before, but it's a testament to the show in its ability to have that one-off feel for the casual viewer, while interjecting bits of the larger mythology at the same time

Bringing back the assassin from the Person of Interest Season 2 premiere to retrieve whatever was in Alicia Corwin? Well, that plot thickens.

Not to mention the return of Agent Snow and Cara, who we last saw showing up alive in "Matsya Nyaya." Where is that story headed?

There is a lot going on, but it never feels like too much or overly complex, and that level of excitement for what's to come just increases with each scene.

It's hard not to gush over the return of Person of Interest, especially after being bumped by the debates last week, but the fact that it's in full form is fantastic. This episode certainly made me all smiles and even getting Reese to smile made things that much more fun. If you aren't watching, you're missing out on a great show.

What did you think of the episode? What's up with Cara? What's the secret with Alicia? Why do people think they can beat Reese?


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One of my favorite shows and Jim Caveziel is a wonderful, underrated actor. That said, the plot is getting too complicated. I do not understand why networks tinker with programs that are already perfect. I hope this show does not devolve into the silly boring red john mess that ruined Mentalist. Too many new characters, returning bad guys/girls and convoluted plots like in last nights show and I turn off.


I LOVE this show. I put Reese up thereat the top of TV Heros. Every episode is fantastic. This one wan no exception. I LOVED the song at the end of the show. Does anyone know what it is and who does it?


Don't need to watch any other show on TV.
This is the best show I've seen since the Sopranos.


I heartily agree with the review and ALL the posts. Kudos to the POI actors writers and staff. Definitely one of my favorite shows.


Loved this episode, and I agree with the reviewer on all are right, who wouldn't want Reese as a bodyguard?! I would certainly be thrilled to have handsome Jim Caveziel (I didn't spell that right, I know) just walk beside me for an hour, let alone have someone that lethal protecting me. And I was so sad when Finch had his panic attack...poor guy! Root should be hung up by her evil thumbs for what she did to our gentle machine-maker. And I am so glad that Finch has bonded with Bear! I think that having a dog will help him feel safer, and I hope that Reese teaches Bear to chew Roots legs off if she gets anywhere near Finch again! I loved the closing scene there, with them going off for a beer or wine together. Great,great acting, wonderful show that just gets better with age.


Oh and just one more thing - when is Person of Interest going to appear on any of TV Fanatics most popular/viewed/trending lists shown throughout your site??? It's in the top 10 each week with over 15 million viewers! We think it could easily bump Suits or Rookie Blue on at least one of these lists...? Please?


Oh and one more thing - I LOVE the new opening for the show! It's super that they now have all 4 of the cast's faces and action shots at the very start of each episode. They sure earned it!


I have never seen another TV drama series that has hit homeruns on ALL of its episodes - since the pilot! POI writers just don't take a misstep, ever. In fact, they only get better! And it's production folks are brilliant - it's like watching a feature film every week - only better. And they have one of the most eclectic casts - and yet that works even more brilliantly! This episode spoiled us all rotten. It had Reese smiling almost all the time; it had Bear winning over Finch until he even moved Bear's bed right next to his desk; Carter actually got a kick out of turning Reese loose in that bar - like telling Bear to attack the bad guys; Fusco to the rescue then Reese and Carter to the rescue of Fusco; Stanton giving Snow a nitro necklace and, best of all, Reese telling Harold he's his friend then taking him out for a beer knowing he's safe with him and Bear. It doesn't get any better than this. I am high on POI! (Sean McKenna: great review and the 5 stars were well deserved)!


I'm really enjoying the addition of Bear the dog - he could've been there simply for comic relief ("Oh, look! The dog's chewed up Finch's first editions again!"), but the interaction between Finch and Bear was actually quite touching, especially when Finch actually bent down and pulled the dog bed close to his desk, which would not necessarily be an easy task for him with his physical disabilities.


By far one of the best shows i have ever seen. Unlike most episodic tv shows now a days each episode is great

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