Private Practice Review: Hell of a Night

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Talk about intense!

Coming off news that Addison and company won’t be returning after this season, plenty went down on tonight’s riveting Private Practice.

First Checking In

"You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone" brought on a crazy storm, causing all of the doctors to rush to the emergency room where they were so desperately needed. Saving lives is what we’re always used to seeing at the office and at the hospital. However, this time, I was left sitting on the edge of my seat and still very much confused about what exactly happened in the final minutes. We’ll get to that soon enough, though.

First, let’s discuss what happened leading up to it...

Dr. James Peterson (Matt Long), joined as the new ER doctor and he seemed to step on more than a few toes. So far, I am totally digging his character and the way he just does what he believes is right. By the way, I was a bit let down when Amelia didn’t want to get drinks with the new doc. I was hoping she’d suggest coffee instead. Is it too early to root for them?

Meanwhile, Jake and Addison were fighting a bit when they both were in disagreement concerning Jake’s patient. It was honestly refreshing to see these two actually having some type of conflict. Now, I’m ready to see more of it and see how they overcome such challenges.

Elsewhere, I love continuity with storylines, but was slightly perplexed when seeing that Sheldon’s disturbing patient, who fantasized about young girls, was back again so soon. I felt so certain that the missing little girl would somehow be found with Sheldon’s patient. I was so glad that I was wrong.

I quickly then assumed that little Sarah was probably with Mason; however, that didn’t happen. What actually did? I can’t say I’m sure. How about you?

After a thorough search, the police found Sarah’s raincoat outside on a bench, but she was nowhere to be found. I was shocked that the missing child storyline wasn’t resolved and am wondering if it ever will be. Is it possible that Sheldon’s patient found Sarah after he was discharged? Is this the last we’ll hear from her like so many missing children stories? Maybe Sarah really did just run away.

This actually leads us up to the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). I am only assuming that Sarah’s story was left unfinished, as Violet told Sarah’s parents they should go home because “Sarah’s not walking through that door."

My VAS: 2. Maybe I’m itching to give some sort of VAS – after two consecutive episodes without one – but I thought what she said was rather harsh just to get the parents to go home. Other than that incident, though, I really think that Violet is an entirely different person now without Pete. 

Other Thoughts

  • My favorite moments were the ones between Cooper and Mason.
  • Stephanie and Sam are through already. I can’t say I’m surprised or sad.

Private Practice Season 6 has kicked off with a strong series of episodes. Now that we know this season really is it, how would you like to see the Seaside Wellness doctors bow out?

Well, TV Fanatics, there are only nine episodes left. Let’s meet back here next week at the same time, same place. Also, don’t forget to check out our Private Practice Round Table later this week.


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I enjoyed this episode, but the episode that followed it was such a HUGE letdown. I am very dissapointed and worried with the direction the show is going.


I'll leave my response for the roundtable.


Ps I hope the little girl is found.


The episode was ok;not great but ok. I like the new guy and understand where Amelia is coming from. Sometimes one needs a break from emotional entanglements and Amelia really needs a break. I really love Amelia & hope she gets a spot in Grey's :) On the other hand I'm relieved Sam is single & free from the 'Baileyesque' nurse even though that feeling of relief gave way to irritation over the stiff relationship between stepford Jake & Addy. With all being said & done,I'm glad this is the final season for PP!


First I was angry at the new guy, I found he was being a jerk. Then I saw that he was right with Amelia's patient and Charlotte explained to him that Pete also got everyone pissed so I changed my position a bit. But Amelia was right at the end to turn him down. She's been through so much, it really feels like she's a hundred years old. It's not like she absolutely have to go out with the first guy who's about her age.


It was an alright episode. Had moments, but I am bored. New Doc could add some excitement hopefully for Amelia. Yes, Addison and Jake officially suck in my book. I did not like the Sam/Nurse hookup so I am glad it's over! AddiSam Forever!!!! Love Cooper and Charlotte! Violet is good having just lost her spouse. Sheldon seems so random in scenes. I hope the Little Girl Lost' has a happy ending. Will tune in next week and see if I last through the episode. I have never 'channel flipped' when watching previous seasons of PP, but doing it a lot with S6!


I have to say how annoying Sam is now...I used to like this character but he really gets on my nerves now. Does anyone remember back in the early days when he was nervous about sleeping with other women and he has anxiety attacks etc. Now he is just a jerk lady's man. I hope they redeem this character.


@kelly, this isnt meant to be a recap just a review. there are no play by play here. Im glad to hear the search is gonna cocntinue cause honestly i went to bed very worried about sarah. i didnt know if vi was just tryying to get them to go home or if it was a forshadow on the outcome. i really hope sheldons patient doesnt have her. i was sad amelia didnt offer coffee as an alternitave. maybe shes not ready to move on yet.


@Kelly - I think you might be confused. This is a review, not a recap. It is not meant to cover every bit of the episode.


I'm sorry, but this is a horrible review. Starting off with "plenty went down", it really doesn't seem like it at the end of reading this review. The analysis is choppy at best and even for a play-by-play, this doesn't come near to capturing all that happened in this episode. If I hadn't watched the episode, I would not have at all based on this review. I came here wanting to talk about the episode, but I don't know how to respond to lazy writing. Sorry.

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Private Practice Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Charlotte: Damn, Sheldon. You look like James Bond.
Sheldon: Which one? I was always partial to Sean Connery.

We are badass. We are a badass family unit. You, me, the triplets and Charlotte. Nothing's going to change that.