Private Practice Review: Moving Forward

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"Good Grief" reminded us that to move forward, we must allow for our old wounds to heal. Our favorite doctors faced challenges head on and we were treated to storylines that showed progression and growth.

So far, Private Practice Season 6 has been so unbelievably heartfelt and amazing. I am loving every bit of the writing and seeing how everything and everyone is changing.

Violet and Sheldon

While I was glad to see Addison dealing with Mark Sloan’s death, I thought it was very much like her to struggle with having to talk to Jake about her past. Jake’s reaction was a bit predictable, though, as he has really shown no evidence of being anything but a saint.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always been a huge fan of our girl Addie and I’m more than thrilled that she’s now got everything she’s always wanted. In fact, I really do like Jake, but it's just that he consistently seems to be flawless. 

As always, perhaps the best scenes of the night were with Charlotte and Cooper. They’re rather incredible, aren’t they? Week in and week out, I fall more in love with their dynamic and I absolutely adore the way that Cooper loves Charlotte. It’s evident in both of their eyes and just the way they are there for one another.

How adorable was it when she had some set guidelines in regard to her baby bump?! From only being able to talk to her belly once a day to the no singing, massaging or kissing rules, I’m so curious to see how the Cooplettes will further define their soon-to-be huge family.

Meanwhile, it might or might not come as a shocker that this week’s review will not include a Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS) for the second consecutive week. Heck, we may have to forget about the VAS this season as Violet seems like a completely different person.

Aside from a few minor issues, I really enjoyed Violet’s character development throughout the episode. From the group grief counseling to helping Lucas understand his father’s death, I couldn’t help but feel so utterly bad for Violet. Somehow I knew that she would end up lashing out at her patient, but I was just glad that she ultimately was able to help her patient see that living amends can set you free.

By the way, how great was that scene with both Charlotte and Violet? It was touching, and I liked how Charlotte referred to Pete as her work-husband and even laughed a bit when Violet said answering to Lucas’ repetitive question about where Pete was almost like dealing with a patient with dementia. The very last scene with Lucas accepting his daddy’s death was heartbreaking, but ironically, the perfect way to end an overall strong installment.

Other Thoughts

  • Amelia organized a schedule with everyone checking in on Violet with a cup of tea. With everything from chai tea lattes, iced teas, and even hot teas, this made me terribly thirsty.
  • We found out that Sheldon might have prostate cancer. How do you see his storyline playing out?
  • Jake asked Sam to talk to Addie about Mark’s death. His response: it’s not his job anymore. Was what Sam said out of line?
  • Sam and Stephanie… are you buying it? How much longer can Sam withhold his story from her?
  • Check out the Private Practice quotes for Cooper's typical funny one-liners and other moving moments.

All in all, "Good Grief" was awesome. I’m excited for what’s in store for the rest of this shortened season.

I’ll see you all in two weeks as Private Practice won’t return again until October 23. Tune in because we’ve got to keep those ratings up! Also, don’t forget to return later this week for our Private Practice Round Table.


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Hey DeAnn - you've obviously never grieved anyone the way Violet is grieving. to call her annoying, whiny, and a LOSER when she is so very clearly struggling with her grief over Pete's death is YOU being totally clueless.


I thought the Addison and Jake scene was great. Really liked the way he just held her hand, instead of kissing her. It made the scene more touching and sincere, Imo. Also like that they allowed Addison to mourn Mark.


I love Addison and Jake!! I want to see more scenes of them!


My favorite parts of the episode were Charlotte and Cooper. They are the ones I look forward to the most every week. Violet annoyed me a little with her going against Sheldon's advice. He was right and I hated how she let her own issues blend with the patient's issue. The scenes with Lucas broke my heart. That poor child. Nice to see Amelia looking out for Violet though and I didn't catch onto the tea offerings until I watched the episode a second time. Jake does come off as somewhat perfect. I'd like to see a flaw or two. As for Sam and nurse Stephanie, I might be the only one who doesn't see the chemistry there.


Once again this episode was just ok. Being #TeamAddiSam I find her relationship with Jake very stiff, lacking in passion and real friendship while I find Sam's relationship with the Bailey like nurse very contrived and mildly annoying. I've gone back to liking Violet and feel her pain over loosing Pete + having to keep explaining it to Lucas. Thank goodness for CharCoop & Violet+Lucas who were the highlight of this average episode. #sigh


Im so glad there's no VAS this week!! Violet have always been my favorite and comming here and read constant bshing about her was very annoying. I even had my own Cristina annoyance scale last season LOL. JK.
Anyways, I loved everything about this was very touching and heartbreaking...specially when Violet told Lucas that daddy was in heaven with Mufasa!! it broke my heart in a million pieces!! I'm 22 I haven't got over Mufasa's death and now Pete is dead too and Im just rambling here...soo this comment is over!! Great review!


I am not buying PP Season 6! I was always so anxious and excited each week to see the next episode, not happening for me so far this season. Although I am and will always be an AddiSam fan, if she is going to be with fake Jake, then I want her to be the bad ass Addison that she is. She has everything she ever wanted supposedly but she is kind of pathetic! Cooper and Charlotte rock! Violet has stepped up her game and I see the awesome Amelia coming back! And what is this random relationship that Sam has with the nurse? Heck, he and Dr. Vanessa were hot together, bring her back she already knows his story. I guess we now have a storyline for Sheldon. I am a fan. I own the DVD collection for all 5 seasons! Not going to buy this one though!


Those episodes has been so good. I can't say one thing bad about it. Really it is so great to see Private Practice in all this glory!


I usually find scenes with Violet barely tolerable, but this week I just wanted her GONE for good..she can't even handle a toddler's questions about his dead father! What a loser! UGH! My VAS for this ep was a solid 10!
That said, Cooper and Charlotte saved the episode for me, as I love watching them interact. Charlotte is just the best, and she manages to keep Cooper from acting like too much of a happy puppy by being more mature than he is. I adore Jake, and I feel like Addy doesn't deserve him, he's just such a great guy. I am worried about Sheldon dying of prostate cancer, and I hope he deals with that soon.


Dear Reviewer ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No VAS when Violet was at her most ANNOYING these past two weeks? I am so disappointed! I felt that Violet was whiny,mean, annoying, immature and acted in a manner unworthy of a professional psychiatrist in this episode. She purposely went against what Sheldon told her to do by finding out if her patient really did kill someone, and then she did exactly what Sheldon said she'd do, she treated her patient horribly when she is hardly one to throw stones, as she is living in a glass house by being so unable to get past Pete's death. She is such a LOSER. I can't imagine why the other doctors care about her. She acts on her emotions, she doesn't behave like a mature professional and she seems to think that sleeping around somehow makes her sexy. It doesn't. She looks old, haggard and her hair is always a mess (why can't the makeup and hair people for the show do something with her unruly mop so it doesn't look like a crows nest?) Ugh. I usually find scenes with Violet hard to stomach, but in this episode I was ready to see her gone for good. She couldn't even deal with her sons questions about his dad...she has NO CLUE how to do anything right! My VAS for this ep was a 10

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