Revenge Promo: The Mighty Will Fall

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Next week on ABC's guiltiest pleasure, Victoria and Conrad tie the knot in glamorous fashion. Of course, it's all an "Illusion" and from the looks of promo below, there will be MAJOR drama at the Grayson wedding reception.

With the return of Kara Clarke, last night's Revenge set the stage for a potential game-changer. She may not know her daughter's true identity, but she's wise enough to know the Graysons have another thing coming.

Increasingly paranoid and unclear of Kara's intentions, Conrad popped the question to his ex-wife so they would be legally protected from testifying against one another. How romantic. But will vows actually be swapped?

From the looks of the wedding episode photo gallery, one of the two may go down.

Meanwhile, the all-too-knowing slime Mason Treadwell digs deeper as Emily and Amanda struggle to keep their pasts a secret. Will this be the breaking point for the masquerade she's carried out brilliantly for a year?

Also, Emily looks amazing once again in that red dress. Just pointing that out.

Check out next Sunday's episode trailer and share your comments now ...

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Yes,R,they expect us to settle for the obnoxious Aiden.


Daniel is just too needy with Emily. He clearly wants her back....and I just hope that she doesn't do it! I thought they were going to introduce another guy this season. Or was that Aiden (who I don't like)?


super excited and i cant wait to see what happens.


Emily VanCamp is one of the most elegant young women who have ever graced the screen. No matter what she wears, it's always a real pleasure looking at her.


Really? I feel like she's always wearing red.


....or all black, but that was for revengy stuff ;)


I'm glad to see her wearing more colors this season. (Last season--with the exception of a couple red dresses--it seemed like everything she wore was white.)


Ems looks good in everything she wears...

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