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I don't thin that Ashley is Aidens sister. Its a possibility but I doubt it.
This is an OMG ep all right.
But forget all of the stuff that happened. Most crucial thing was that Padma found the check. What she knows about David Clarke is the lie. And if the IRS finds out they will have Nolan's head. Nolan will have to clue her in and she will either become an asset or the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back and ends Nolcorp and probably could out Emily to the world! Hectic hectic hectic stuff!!


@Anne: OMG, i was thinking the same thing, after I saw an interview where someone said Ashley has her own agenda. There's also a picture of the two of them talking during Victoria's wedding.

it's right here:


Again, another terrific episode!!
I've started to like Aiden and Emily together
Amanda (FauxManda to you guys, I still prefer Amanda) was really good today. I like this character a lot. I feel so bad for her, because all she wants is love (and she's not getting any from the ones that are close to her). Emily pushed her too far this time. She didnt really seem to feel bad for her either.
It's the second season of the show and Victoria's expressions still amuse me. What a woman!


I'm going to call it now: Ashley is actually Aiden's mysterious sister.


haven't watched the episode yet but i already can't for the next episode,us usual Victoria's face to seeing Emily's mother is beyond priceless. She's one hell of an actress.


love Emily and Nolan and want them to reconnect soon but romantically i like Aiden way better than Daniel or jack.


That was almost too much crazy for one episode. Nolan falling was funny. I thought Aiden was smarter. Daniel being sneaky is fun and amusing. Poor, poor, maid. I loved the "Twins?" "No, just the one :D.


I loved the episode. When it started and you saw the blood being cleaned up I thought it was probably Amanda's but wasnt sure how it got there. I'm liking that were learning more about Nolan and his past. When Amanda fell off the balcony I was shocked and didn't see it coming. At the end when Emily saw her mom in with Amanda was great and I can't wait to see what happens next. I think aiden will start being there for Emily. Can't wait for the next episode the promo makes it seem like Kara knows Emily's her real daughter.


Great Ep. Emily pushed amanda too far this time, straight into the arms of vitoria.
Was shocked when i learned about her mother- that's sick and adds a whole new ballgame to the field.
That kiss between Nolan and Padma was cute( expecially when he fell).
Kinda miss Nolan and Emily together! But they will be back together soon.


I love this episode. I felt bad for Emily that her mother did try to drown her but why. I am glad fauxamanda and the baby came out fine. I am glad that Daniel is now learning not to trust anyone associate with the Graysons. I already knew about tthat man wanting the Stowaway so no surprise there. I don't want Emily/aiden and Nolan/new girl because I want my original team back because nothing can compare to their chemistry.

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