Revenge Round Table: "Forgiveness"

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What was the best moment from "Forgiveness?" What's the deal with Padma? Can we really trust Aiden?

In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Steve Marsi, Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles and Leigh Raines breakdown the latest installment of this ABC thrill ride...


Favorite moment from this week?
Steve: The initial Kara-Victoria reunion. I loved genuinely wondering if she would try to kill her right there (either "she" works in this answer)!

Christine: Oddly, I both loved and hated Treadwell's return. I loved it because I hope it means someone is going to crush him like the bug that he is and do it very, very soon.

Chandel: Nolan proposing that he and Padma have breakfast together, even though breakfast was 12 hours away. He's so cute when he's interested in a girl.

Leigh: I would say that whole scene when Amanda came home with baby Carl and Emily told her what she remembered. It felt like in that moment that Emily was fully honest with Amanda and I felt really bad for them both. Then that apology with Emily outside the door was just heartwrenching.

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Favorite Nolan Ross quote, moment or outfit?
Steve: The suits. This guy gives Barney Stinson a run for his money, with a medieval page boy/court jester twist.

Christine: "Good for revenge-y stuff, but sad for you." It was sweet in its own revenge-y way.

Chandel: All of his outfits are my favorites. He just really knows how to dress.

Leigh: My favorite was actually about Nolan. When Emily told Aiden she had to protect him. Finally, she shows it's a reciprocal relationship!

Padma: Just doing her job or intentionally trying to undermine Nolcorp?
Steve: Padma has no reason to undermine Nolan ... yet. Whether she can be trusted or avoid being manipulated as she gets closer to the truth is another story.

Christine: She's got her own plan and I'm not sure if it's to Nolan's good or detriment. He needs to keep a closer eye on her either way.

Chandel: I think she's just doing her job. I find it hard to believe at this junction that she's got an agenda. I just think everyone is so paranoid about everyone else's motives that it permeates every relationship even when it shouldn't necessarily be that way.

Leigh: Just doing her job and is concerned and suspicious about David Clarke.

Do you trust Aiden?
Steve: He seems like he's doing what he's doing for Emily, but one gets the feeling that the "mission" may diverge from her objectives and he and Takeda may have to be dealt with.

Christine: No. Not at all. I think he's got his own agenda and it might not help Emily.

Chandel: Clearly not, he just tried to out Nolcorp. Not cool.

Leigh: As much as we can, yes I do.

Were you surprised by what we saw from/learned about Kara Clarke?
Steve: Only that she didn't recognize Ems. The wild-eyed unpredictability is to be expected from someone far from stable.

Christine: I was surprised she agreed to tell her daughter she was dead. I'm thoroughly confused by Kara.

Chandel: No, I think she's psycho. Whatever she does should be assessed with that in mind.

Leigh: I'm surprised she admitted to trying to drown her daughter and that Amanda was basically dead. She and David worked it out for him to tell Amanda she was dead. That scene between Emily and Kara in the car had me so on edge. I'm sorry, but how do you not recognize your own daughter?

Should Emily reveal her true identity to Jack?
Steve: I'd love to see Jack open his eyes to some of the chaos going on around him. Maybe not that bombshell yet, just ... something.

Christine: No. I don't see how that helps anything. He has a son with Amanda. Let them try and be happy.

Chandel: No, it's clearly not a good time to do that. We're too far down the road for her to decide that now is the time to drop that bomb.

Leigh: I think she can trust him, but it will put him in danger. He also has enough on his plate.

Share your predictions for next week's Wedding of the Century.
Steve: Conrad's toast will leave nary a dry eye in the house. The man is a master wordsmith and channels such sincere emotion.

Christine: Treadwell's horrific death. Or at least that's what I hope.

Chandel: Anything but perfect. Lots of drama ahead.

Leigh: I see some hookups! Daniel misses Emily. The initiative is catching up with the Graysons. It's gonna be a blowout.


The only people Emily can trust is Nolan and Jack- there is no one else; Emily can be a hard ass,but I hope she steps up to the plate and protects Nolan; he has been so loyal to her- she needs to cut him some slack; Is Amanda's baby really Jacks or not- gets confusing with all the lies! But love Emily's ability to read people and protect her self and if need be protect Jack and his "family."Kara maybe smart, but I think she is definitely psychotic; Not clear on Aidan, but hope he isn't around in every show- obvious he has his own agenda.


I honestly believe that Kara knows Emily is Amanda.


excited to see Treadwell's eventual downfall
Kara is crazy and i feel really bad for emily because her own mother didnt recognize her real daughter.
I think, even though i don't like jack, he deserves happiness but maybe later on in the series he can know the truth.


Excuse error last post, should read Emily did not kill WHM


Note: Kara did not kill WHM. Emily was about to be dispatched when Aiden
arrived on the scene to put an end to him>


5. Kara situation: The moment Kara was apologizing to fauxmanda (with the REAL Amanda listening on other side of door) was moving. I still haven't figured her out yet though
6. Should Emily reveal her identity to Jack: YES!!! Although admittedly, now is not a good time. Indeed he has a lot in his plate. And she is still on her mission. But I'm counting down the days until he starts to get a taste of reality! :) :) :)
7. Next episode: Mason Treadwell officially figures out Emily and Amanda's secret. But before he has a chance to make millions off his newfound discovery, Aiden swoops in to kill him off.


1. Favorite scene: Emily and Amanda's heart-to-heart. It was nice to see them both own their mistakes and seem sincerely sorry.
2. Fav Nolan quote: that comment he made about having time to kill until breakfast the best morning... Is it just me or has his moves become smoother in a very short amount of time? Lol
3. The Padma situation: I think she's a smart girl who understands the implications of that check she found and is just doing her job by doing some investigation. However nobody can be trusted on this show! Will be interesting to see what happens...
4. Every character has dualities, including Aiden. Sure, I believe he cares for Emily. But he's already made moves that deem him not fully trustworthy. That's why I cheered when Emily said "I needed someone. You walked through the door. Don't let it go to your head." Favorite quote of the episode!!! ;)


One last thing: I do think Kara isn't as crazy as she looks. Remember what the WHM said to Emily when she kicked his ass? That woman is just as smart -- dare I say it -- if not smarter than Miss Emily Thorne. THAT will be the showdown of the century if these two face off!!


Anyway, as for Padma, this revenge; you can really trust anyone that's not Jack, Emily, or Nolan. The same goes for Aiden. I'm not really sure what his motive is but I don't think he has Emily's best interest at heart anymore -- especially since he went after NolCorp and she keeps pushing him away. I think we might see him turn very soon, although I hope not. (though it would make for a pretty hot battle between these two). Next week's wedding will be INTENSE to say the least! I predict that troll Treadwell's death or at least certain humiliation. P.S.: I just want to give Nolan a hug. Is that weird?


"I'm sorry but how do you not recognize your own daughter?" Leigh, you hit it right on the head for me!!! EXACTLY WHAT I'VE BEEN THINKING THIS ENTIRE TIME!!!! You're own daughter???! She must be on some extremely powerful anti-psychotics then.

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