Revenge Round Table: "Intuition"

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Sunday's Revenge episode featured several truly OMG-worthy moments, while setting the stage for the next chapters of the beloved ABC guilty pleasure with new twists and side plots galore.

TV Fanatic's Steve Marsi, Matt Richenthal Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles and Leigh Raines break down all facets of "Intuition" and look ahead in our weekly Round Table Q&A discussion.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "Intuition"?

Chandel: Probably Padma and Nolan in the storage unit. I loved that he tried to kiss her only to have the box collapse under them both - too cute!

Leigh: I loved the whole ending when Emily was sitting dumbfounded in her house with all the windows and doors open and the curtains blowing. Then Aiden walked in and they fought each other but she eventually gave into him. I love their chemistry and that whole scene was moving and sensual.

Christine: "It's too deep, Mommy." sent a chill right through me.

Matt: Victoria asking the ladies into the "conservatory for petit fours and refreshments?" I've only heard of one of those two things, but she's such a good host!

Steve: "Twins?" "Just the one." Also, the fact that Amanda's place of employment is called The Beaver Dam. That's just hilarious.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

2. What was the OMG moment of the night?

Chandel: Definitely the revelation that Kara Clarke tried to kill her own daughter. So much for reuniting with mom. This is going to be interesting to say the least!

Leigh: Well the fact that Kara Clarke tried to drown her daughter for sure. But OMG she and the WHM were married?? Like what???

Christine: That Emily's own mother may have indeed tried to kill her as a child. The need to protect your child is so primal that as a mother I can't possibly wrap my head around that one.

Matt: Emily bawling into Aiden's arms. It may not qualify as your typical kind of shocker, but name the last time we saw Emily this heartbroken and vulnerable. Exactly.

Steve: At the risk of making the easy pick - and even with the obvious foreshadowing - it had to be Amanda falling off the balcony (below). The tension level was insane even before that happened, and I was shocked.

3. Potentially significant afterthought of the week: Jack's son being born, Padma finding Nolan's investor check, or the dude scheming to buy the Stowaway?

Chandel: That dude scheming to buy the Stowaway. Definitely DID NOT see that happening and am curious to see where it fits in with the rest of the narrative.

Leigh: The dude scheming to buy the Stowaway. What is that all about?

Christine: Padma finding Nolan's investor check. I love Nolan. I like Padma, but I'm not entirely sure I trust her yet and I'm quite apprehensive to find out what the significance is of her finding that check and how it will affect Nolan and Emily.

Matt: Jack's son being born because he's already the second most interesting member of that family (sorry, Declan).

Steve: Nolan's check and Dec's robbery "victim" will undoubtedly play key roles in the coming weeks, but Jack is a FATHER now. Of a baby Kara Clarke will likely believe is her granddaughter. Crazy.

4. Hotter: Emily's dress at the shower, Nolan and Padma in the storage unit, Dashley at the end, or The Hamptons in August?

Chandel: I honestly thought Nolan and Padma in the storage unit was sweet, not necessarily hot. So I'm going to have to go with Emily's dress at the shower. Is there anything this girl doesn't look good in?

Leigh: Any sex scene with Daniel Grayson is hot, but Ashley bores the hell out of me so that automatically lost some points. Emily looked gorgeous and Nolan and Padma were adorable. The Hamps are hotter in July. Can I just say almost naked Daniel as the winner?

Christine: Nolan and Padma were sweet and funny but Emily's dress was definitely hot. That girl can wear anything.

Matt: According to, the average temperature in The Hamptons in August is actually just 80 degrees. Very warm, but not balmy. Especially when compared to Emily's shower dress. I need a cold shower after just looking at that thing!

Steve: While Matt's logic is inherently flawed in that it doesn't take into account the humidity or the fact that's historical averages date back to the pre-climate change 19th Century ... agreed on Emily's dress. Goodness.

5. How long until FauxManda wakes up, if at all?

Chandel: I'd give her at least a few episodes before she rises to join the living again. They needed to take at least one character out of play in order to continue developing the storyline involving Kara.

Leigh: Fauxmanda will wake up when she's needed for the plot. I give it a few episodes.

Christine: I think she'll wake up just before the holiday break and Jack will be so guilt ridden over how he treated the mother of his child that we'll see a Jack / Amanda wedding by January.

Matt: I give it three episodes. But the real question will be her state of mind whenever she does wake up. I smell an amnesia storyline!

Steve: Um ... spoiler alert?

6. Can Emily trust Aiden?

Chandel: I'm not sure. I'm thinking he probably does have Emily's best interests at heart, but you never really know who is friend or foe on this show!

Leigh: I think she can trust him almost as much as she trusts Nolan. But no matter what, Emily will never fully trust anyone, that's in her nature. Aiden has hurt her before but he also knows her past really well.

Christine: Heck no, but I believe he believes he's got her best interest at heart.  Whether that will run parallel with Emily's overall plan is an entirely different story.

Matt: Yes. For starters, he trained with her under Takeda and I buy that he only left her behind back in the day because he was concerned for her safety. Also, he has a British accent.

Steve: He does seem like he's looking out for Emily, but it's hard to fully trust a guy who plays things close to the vest, and who sneaks around behind his ally's back. He's got to have plenty of secrets of his own, and with Barry Sloane's promotion to series regular, expect them to come out in due time.

7. Kara vs. Victoria: Preview the confrontation!

Chandel: It's going to get ugly ... quickly ...

Leigh: Two psychos meet again after almost 20 years? Yes please. Emily's sociopathic tendencies came from somewhere... and it certainly isn't David. Victoria really fears very few people and I think that Kara is one of them. It's going to be riveting.

Christine: Victoria's a devious sociopath but Kara is downright insane. I think the maid at Grayson manor needs to invest in more buckets and sponges. This is going to be bloody awesome.

Matt: Kara has been laying low for a long time, while Victoria has been at the top of her mischievous/confrontational game for years now. She has to be a 3-1 favorite. But don't count out any woman who can spawn someone as beautiful and deceptive as Emily Thorne.

Steve: Victoria thrives on intimidation and gaining her adversaries' trust, only to leverage it against them when she needs something. Kara trusts and fears no one (see above). Game on, ladies.

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Aiden and Takeda (both Takedas)need to die before all is over.They represent the dark side of revenge-ism,the notion that one should abandon the attributes that make one entitled to win,in order to win. Now that we know David Clarke was cheating on a living wife he's not a blameless hero.Nobody seems to have really commented on that.But what did Kara have against him that she would drown Amanda to hide her from him?...that was before the affair.


Just to throw a hunch out there....
I think the "Stowaway scheme" is NOT due to the dive bar being a hot commodity.
Rather, it's about the location, location, location.
Being next to the water is excellent real estate!
They probably just want to tear it down and build something swanky in its place.
Guess we'll just have to wait and see!!!
(What would Jack do with all his free time without being tied to the bar 24/7?
Maybe he'll figure out Emily's true identity and help her exact revenge! Mwahahaha! ;)


1. The ending scene with Emily and Aiden, her giving in for once
2. The flashback gave me chills too, Still cant believe Kara tried to kill her own daughter!
3. Decs friend trying to buy the bar, hes cute! Lol
4. Emily Duh! The Nolan Padma scene was cute!
5. Next episode
6. He probably has tons of secrets but yea seems like it!
7. Epic


1. The moment Emily said to save the baby, she might be on a path of revenge but I doubt she would want an innocent child to die. 2. Kara deciding to go to the hospital after hearing about Amanda. She has been missing out her daughter's life for so long. Making that decision was the OMG moment. 3. The scheming dude, I have clue what is that all about. 4. Emily's dress. I am girl, but even I would want her in that dress! 5. Remember Lydia? 6. Um, hello, the first thing the guy does after untieing his bleeding arms is call Emily and warn her - I think that speaks for itself. 7. This. Is. Going. To. Be. Awesome!


i love this show..
padma with the check from david clark.. what's her plans
i really do not like daniel and ashley.


1. Steve's answer
2. Fauxmanda pushed/fall
3. Stowaway. Who else would want it? LOL
4. hen the pot demands it
5. Emily's dress
6. No
7. Quiet at first but build to insane proportions


Is it just me, after last season I thought Nolan was gay. I don't get the Padma thing...


Following up with question #5--It IS "dashly!" Gross.... they are so wrong for each other! (Guess it was just wishful thinking that Charlotte and Declan had hooked up?) I know many people are not a fan of Declan but I actually think he and Charlotte make a cute couple :)


3. Potentially significant afterthoughts: #1 Jack becoming a father, #2 the Stowaway scheme, and #3 Padma's interest in that investment check. In that order!
4. Fauxmanda waking up: I've cheated on this one--I saw spoiler pics that suggests she'll wake up in the very next episode. This chick certainly seems to have 9 lives!
5. Hotter: Dashley??? I thought that was Charlotte and Declan making up!!! Were my eyes deceiving me? Guess this gives me an excuse to watch the episode a 4th time! ;)
6. Can Emily trust Aiden: No way! He's too mysterious, and is making moves behind her back. I do believe he cares for her, but I'm not sure where his ultimate loyalties lie...
7. Kara vs. Victoria: The makings of juicy tv! Can't wait to watch the craziness unfold!


1. Favorite scene: Emily's letting her guard down and weeping in Aiden's strong arms. He certainly makes for quite the dashing "hero!" And it's nice to see Emily's softer side. She IS human, after all! (Favorite quote was Nolan: "Can...we try that again?" Too cute!)
2. OMG moment: Fauxmanda falling off the balcony and being forced into a medical coma. Victoria may not have physically pushed her over, but it was certainly her fault! Besides, I wouldn't put anything past "Krazy Kara" --not even the attempted drowning. (Although I am curious to learn more details. Did she have any sort of rationale, warped as it may be? Has she always be insane or did she have post-partum depression? So many questions!)

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