Revenge Round Table: "Resurrection"

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Sunday's Revenge episode marked the return of Victoria Grayson from the dead, setting the stage for the next chapter of the guilty pleasure by answering some questions and posing many others.

TV Fanatic's Steve Marsi, Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles and Leigh Raines break down all facets of "Resurrection" and look ahead to next week in this week's Round Table.

Weigh in with your own responses to our Q&A session below!


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Christine: I loved the opening when Emily woke up from her nightmare strangling Nolan and then tossed him aside like a rag doll. The poor guy takes such abuse. Most days Emily is like his mean big sister and it's such fun to watch.

Matt: Because we didn't actually see Nolan naked in the jacuzzi for his Katie Couric interview, I'll go with his pants-less kitchen exchange.

Chandel: I have to say it was when Nolan was chastising his staff for being audited and he didn't even know who some of the people working for him were. They are right, we never really see him interact with his company, so it was a refreshing thing to see.

Leigh: Agreed with Christine on Emily choking out Nolan. Poor guy. Evil but hilarious. All the Emily/Charlotte scenes were great too. 

Steve: In the absence of one that truly jumps out, I'll go with the general bonding between Emily and Charlotte, and the ominous return to the Manor by Victoria to close out the episode. The b!tch is back, indeed.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

2. What were your favorite Nolan Ross quotes?

Christine: When Emily tells Nolan the WHM isn't going to come for her he quips, "Oh really. Did he pinky swear?" I love Nolan.

Matt: The "White-Haired Man-ibal Lecter" reference was amazing, but allow me to cheat and give Conrad points here for clearing up just which "Job" he feels like. Not the one from Arrested Development, folks. The one "from the Bible."

Chandel: Even at the risk of repeating previous sentiments, the line about needing to put some pants on when Padma appeared at Emily's place in the Hamptons was kind of priceless.

Leigh: Telling Padma he needed to put some pants on. Yes, lots of CEOs take video meetings dressed fancy only from the waist up!! I have seen this. 

Steve: His simple "what now, Revenger?" His plays on the show's name never get old.

3. Will Emily release the tape of Victoria's "kidnapping?"

Christine: I'm sure she'll hold onto it for a while and probably hold it over Victoria's head but wouldn't it be great if she released it?

Matt: No, that would be way too easy. And Emily Thorne never takes the easy way out, not when an elaborate plan can exact so much more damage.

Chandel: If she does, it will only be when it strategically benefits her.

Leigh: She really can't without implicating herself. However, I'm sure she could find a way to spin it so it was all the WHM's doing. Besides, Daniel does find out that Victoria faked her abduction. Will it be from Emily or Charlotte?

Steve: Emily still needs Victoria for something, so she can't ruin her just yet. There's also the matter of taking her down in spectacular fashion, rather than in haste, which probably means sitting tight with the Clam Cam footage for now. It would be wild for her to just leak it to the press anonymousy, though. Can you imagine?

4. Lying to Amanda about the paternity test: Right or wrong?

Christine: Wrong but necessary. Emily needs to keep her under her thumb. This is a brilliant way to do it.

Matt: Totally wrong. I don't care how often a woman has misled the public about her true identity and beaten private investigators to death, she deserves to know the truth about her baby daddy.

Chandel: While I never want to give Amanda credit for anything, I did cringe when Emily lied to Amanda. Definitely not a good move.

Leigh: Effed up, but I get why she did it. Besides Emily is messed up and we love her anyway.

Steve: Ems is pushing it with this one. However I get the feeling the producers may throw her a lifeline and Amanda may lose the baby for reasons outside her control. Just a hunch. Anyone agree?

5. Should Emily and Daniel get back together?

Christine: I'd like to see it happen if only because it will drive Victoria batty. Besides I always felt she had more chemistry with Daniel than with Jack.

Matt: Daniel… Grayson?!? Heck no. Daniel Larusso from Karate Kid? Eh, maybe. They could bond over the pros and cons of all-knowing Asian mentors.

Chandel: No, we've been there and done that. Let's do something new.

Leigh: Ehh, I want to see her explore stuff with Aiden. Ashley is dullsville, so I wouldn't mind a little Daniel/Emily reunion. However, this is always that minor problem that she is trying to take his parents down.

Steve: I believe her feelings for Daniel last season were real, and that there's still a spark between them. Would an ulterior motive help Emily recapture that spark more easily? Of course, but that's why we love Revenge. Always a very thin line between genuine emotion and duplicity. It looks like Aiden will occupy her in the shorter term, though.

6. Who will do something interesting first, Declan or Ashley?

Christine: Just when I think Declan might pull it together he proves what an idiot he is. His bail to get out of jail will cost more than that $500. At least he might end up being more interesting than Ashley. She's a boring waste of space in a tight skirt.

Matt: This is like asking whether Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes will kill a pedestrian first with their cars. Too close to call.

Chandel: If only I knew! Probably Declan.

Leigh: Declan for moronically stowing that bracelet. Of course he will be arrested! C'mon Dec, didn't you learn anything on the UES?

Steve: Ashley, if only because she's totally sleeping with Conrad, which will be a pretty big deal when it hits the fan (that's my prediction, anyway). Not sure if Dec's new storyline has the same potential.

7. What do you think the WHM did with Kara Clarke, and how will Emily find out about it now?

Christine: He probably has her locked away in some mental institution somewhere and Nolan will help find her.

Matt: I'd have to imagine he tortured her by playing scenes with Declan and Ashley on an endless loop until she agreed to whatever he asked. Emily will look her up on Facebook.

Chandel: I don't know. I think that will be a question for Victoria. The extraction will probably be the culmination of a series of moves Emily makes to make Victoria think Kara Clarke is about to come back for her, assuming Kara is still alive.

Leigh: Again, agree with Christine. Kara is alive somewhere, probably sedated in a hospital. Nolan will help because there is nobody better than Nolan and Emily as a team. Here's the problem though, Kara doesn't know Emily changed her identity, she could blow her cover.

Steve: Only Victoria knows, and watching Emily try to pry that info out of her could be epic.

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1. "Hit me" scene with Victoria and Conrad. Oh, how I love these two.
2. Nolan referring to watching Victoria as a horror movie.
3. Yes but in her usual elaborate revengey way during a most convenient time.
4. Totally evil. Never really liked Emily from the beginning. Really, what makes her different from the Graysons?
5. I'd love that cause I've always thought they had chemistry. But not if she's just going to use him again.
6. Ashley, I feel like she's being set up for something here. Declan's just dumb. I don't even care if he gets arrested.
7. Taken somewhere far away with a different name? :) I feel like WHM got killed off too fast! I like knowing he's still around to drop bombs and try to kill whoever.

Drea xoxo

1) the whole episode tbh but mainly with nolan and emily/amanda
2) victoria is a scary movie....classic line and in top 5 for all time one liners from tv
3) yes but not until she's secured information on her mum and when her identity is finally revealed or soon i say mid season
4) right, that way faux amanda wont feel so guilty when the sad situation happens (hopefully her n baby get cut from show. they serve no purpose and ruined last season for me)
5) yes, she needs to get closer to conrad to understand why he made the deal and who are they all really working for? my money's on takeda or her dad's long loss brother and he's secretly alive being held captive and why mum's come back to rescue him....
6) don't care for either characters just white noise atm in time
7) set her free and told her everything so that she too will inform emily/amanda. emily/amanda always has a way when nolan is around =]


1. I think the scene when Bitchtoria contacts Conrad. He showed pure shock. Amazing. Brilliant. 2. Nolan's comment about the promise WHM made to Ems about not killing her. "Really? Did he pinky swear?" He was spot on! 3. She won't use it directly, because if she does she will know Emily planted the camera and then Bitchtoria will suspect her even more. 4. I think she needed to do it. She didn't want Amanda there and she couldn't control her no matter what Amanda told her. So this was the best way to control her. 5.No. I think they should stay Friends. I'm curious to see what happens when Conrad's older son comes into the pic. 6. Don't care. 7. He was in love with her or something. She's probably in his actual home.


it was awesome...


I liked her with Daniel too actually, even if he IS a Grayson. And I think fauxManda will lose her baby also, maybe miscarriage or something.


i found it unnerving and disturbing when she lied to charlotte that shes going to be a aunty and taking her to see her sis the poor girl has been through enough let alone a big fib like that and even worse lieing about the baby daddy


1. "Finding" Victoria
2. "Turn around so I can put on pants"
3. She will eventually
4. Bad thing for good reason
5. I don't know
6. Ashley


Couldn't agree more w/ Christine on #5!
I think Jack's more likely Emily's endgame but I definitely feel she has way more chemistry with Daniel. Maybe it has something to do with them dating in real life?


1. I agree with Christine.
2. Nolan saying that Victoria is a scary movie you should not watch before you go to sleep.
3. Yes, because then she will have Charlotte and Daniel under her wings.
4. Don't care for Amanda or Jack so don't care about baby.
5. No, she is better off alone but if there was a choice then Daniel over Jack because she have chemistry with Daniel.
6. Neither
7. He was probably dating her and keeping tabs on the Graysons for her.

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