Revenge Sneak Peek: Hugging It Out

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Victoria Grayson! Kara Clarke! It will be totally on between these two women on Sunday's Revenge, when they reunite after many years apart and all the anger and tension and bitterness comes pouring out in various fits of rage...

... or not.

In clip from "Forgiveness," we're treated to the reunion between Emily's antagonist and her birth mother, only it doesn't exactly go as expected. Fireworks may be on the way between these two, but it looks for now like at least one of them has been taking lessons from Ari Gold:

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That was so tense and cool. I am very intrigued what sort of story Gordon there weaved for Kara.

Leon alexis

Why isn't it Sunday yet? Because you haven't slept enough. You have to sleep longer,till Sunday comes.


the murderous look on victoria's face
"so glad you're safe"??


Why isn't it Sunday yet? -____-


did it make her feel uncomfortable as much as it did me :) ? i thought Victoria's entire world was starting to collapse the minute she heard Kara's voice .... Madeleine Stowe I love you :)


when will revenge be back on in 2013 ???

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