Revenge Spoilers: The Body in the Ocean is ...

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If you haven't seen the Revenge Season 2 premiere yet ... what's the matter with you? Just kidding. But seriously, you may want to X out of this post right now before we reveal scoop on a key plot detail.

Are we good? Nice. Onward ...

Amanda Shipwrecked

The opening scene, a flash forward three months from when the bulk of the action took place Sunday, sparked great speculation. Whose body will be found on the shipwrecked Amanda, off the coast of Block Island?

Creator Mike Kelley confirms that the arm we saw belongs to ... a guy!

"It's a man and it's someone you know," he told TV Guide, adding that we will learn his identity of in the 14th episode of Revenge Season 2. Let the speculation and intrigue begin!

As for the wedding Kelley previously teased would be central to the season-opening flash forward, but was conspicuously absent from the first scene of "Destiny"?

"No one's saying there's not a wedding that night. I just didn't show that part," Kelley said, further teasing, "There is at least one wedding and probably two by the time we get to the boat wreck."

Certainly plenty of possibilities for both mysteries. Double poll time!

Whose body will be discovered on the capsized Amanda?

Whose wedding will we see before/during Episode 14?

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Well I think I might be alone in saying this but I hope Daniel is dead and Jack and Emily get together. Jack is her childhood sweetheart and Daniel is a douche! I love Jack. I wish they would have killed Daniel off in the first season like they were originally suppose to. I'm actually mad that its a male who is dead because I really want faux-manda to be gone. I can't stand her!


I hope David Clarke comes back and is going to marry Victoria


Daniel and Emily get married
jack get dead!!! :)


I hope it's Jack! Team Daniel all the way!


I hope its Jack too!! Team Daniel!


HAHAHA I chose Jack because I HOPE it's him. Team Daniel, or maybe even Nolan.


God I hope it is Jack


I think it'll be WHM down in the ocean!! Em's totally gonna kick his ass down there!!

Revenge Quotes

[to Aiden] Hate is a lot like love. You can't force it. You can't fight it. You just have to embrace it when it comes along.



Victoria [to Amanda]
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