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Revenge Spoilers: What is Daniel and Ashley's Deal?

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Daniel and Ashley have been presented as a couple on ABC's Revenge, yet we've seen very little of them "together" so far. That's about to change, according to the party planner's portrayer, Ashley Madekwe.

The actress teases that viewers will see Ashley and Daniel settle into "more of a real relationship" by Episode 6 of Season 2, and that her character has another major development coming her way as well.

“We know where she says she’s from, but we don’t know if she’s lying,” she told TV Line earlier this week “We don’t know how she got to the Hamptons, what she’s doing there or who she’s really working for.”

She certainly has a few tricks up her sleeve, but so does Emily Thorne.

Daniel, Ashley and Emily

"You're going to find that Ashley is not a random friend for Emily," creator Mike Kelley tells TV Guide. "There's a reason that Emily chose her to be her entrée into the elite Hamptons world."

"She's got a few cards to play against Ashley should she choose to use them. I also think that there were true feelings involved between Emily and Daniel that she has to resolve in her head."

"She still has affection for him. Love on Daniel's side for Emily is going to cause a problem between Daniel and Ashley."

What do you think Ashley's hidden agenda might be? Would you like to see Daniel and Emily as a couple again when everything (inevitably, it seems) falls apart between he and Ashley?

Share your predictions and comments with us below ...

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I luv d couple emily and daniel..ashley and daniel make me sick..emily does bot fit adrien his ugs and jack his 2 much of a weekling so daniel and emily should rilly get back 2geda


Demily needs to be end game


Emily and Daniel are perfect together! They should definitely get back together and finally kick miss Davenport off the show after revealing her true agenda ad everything she did against the Grayson's during Daniel's trial!!!


SPOILER ALERT! Victoria and Conrad will team up again after having one angry, wild, hot romp in the hay. Bet on Victoria instigating the event after Conrad accidently puts his hands on her. And who really seeks revenge - Nolan! He's set up "Emily" for his own vengeful purpose.


I want Daniel and Emily together! Especially now he wants revenge against his mother Victoria. Both Emily and Daniel could do serious damage to Victoria. Think about it....
Daniel has his mother's heart and Emily is the master of revenge! I'm team Daniel all the way. Daniel and Ashley makes me sick to my stomach and Jack is too weak of a man for Emily.


I want Daniel and Emily together! Especially now he wants revenge agaist his mother Victoria. Both Emily and Daniel could so serious damage to Victoria. Think about it....
Daniel has his mother's heart and Emily is the master of revenge! I'm team Daniel all the way. Daniel and Ashley makes me sick to my stomach and Jack is too weak for of a man for Emily.


Emily and Daniel are great together! Jack can die for all I care!


Emily and Daniel back together would be awesome. I dunno, I guess it was a huge mistake casting Nick Wechsler as Jack. If he's suppose to be Emily's one true love, he's just not convincing (hot :p) enough. There's an obvious lack of chemistry between the two and really, no sparkling/magic-filled moments.


I really like (as Nolan calls him)Spaniel. I agree with a previous poster that Conrad is going to break Daniel and Ashley up by taking up with Ashley himself. I don't really like the idea that Jack is Emily/Amanda's true love, it's just too Storybrooke. But I like that Jack is on the side of the angels that Emily/Amanda will protect and not let her fall-out damage. It's going to be so hard when Emily/Amanada's mother comes back and thinks that her daughter is really Fauxmanda-- Oh, this show is so delicious!


I don't know if its just that the actor who plays Daniel is just that good or the fact that he is actually dating Van Camp, but you can still so see the love in his eyes for Emily (the character). Daniel is clearly still not over her and I really hope to see those two together back soon! They just worked. I know that there is supposed to be a triangle here but maybe its cos the show has put so much emphasis on Jack and Amanda as kids and their relationship as that or something else, but I don't see any real love between them. Yes, there is chemistry and they do care for each other, but its not love, and thats why I am Team Daniel! Oh and about Ashley is just so ugh, she and Daniel together are just such a mismatch and just dull....because really what is it that could be so attractive about her to Daniel? Doesn't he see how she kisses up to his father?