Revolution Review: The Adventures of Stu Redmond and Franny

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Revolution has now aired three episodes with the passing of tonight’s "No Quarter," and a general rule of thumb is if a show can’t hook a viewer within the first few weeks, it loses a great deal of momentum.

But Revolution might need a little longer to real find its stride.

Charlie with a Crossbow

“Quarter” offered up a mostly plot-less, albeit fun, adventure. And while I would hope for things to begin shaping up a little better by now, at least the show is giving information out in dribs and drabs rather than in an all or nothing format.

As Charlie, Miles and Nora begin to vaguely “go save Danny” in some general direction that we’re just supposed to go with, hijinks ensue. These pit stops work on a basic level because they accomplish two goals:

  1. Fleshing out the characters.
  2. Ensuring overall arcs aren’t exhausted too quickly.

But they come at a cost: the pace was often boring, as simple as that.

Mark Pellegrino’s officer offered up some humor and some information about Miles: that he was second in command, a founding father to the republic, the militia and the trainer for the men. The Officer did all of this without viewers getting to know his character. I didn't even catch his name. So it's actually a lot of fun when all of the plot points come together on characters for whom we know so little about, and it's something that went well tonight as we followed The Officer through the present and the aftermath of the event when Miles and Monroe stumbled across him.

It's an awesome reveal for The Officer, but without a little more information, it’s still mostly meaningless for now; however, at least the flashbacks did give some weight to why Miles would decided to form, train and build something like the Monroe Militia and the republic - but until Monroe is expanded upon and we learn his history, we’re just left with Miles as character that has straddled both sides of the fence, and no reasons why he did the things he did.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie were at Grace’s house and found she’s not there. Instead of doing what Ben asked of him Aaron, grew distracted by a computer that, for all intents and purpose, won’t turn back one. 

Aaron and Maggie are on the right path, and they have the key to turn things back on, but if my key turned things that I wanted back on, I wouldn’t worry about music. I’d run right back to my computer, but the power was fleeting and soon everything turned off again. I wonder if that's because the drive might only works computers, or there's just not enough power in that device.

Other Thoughts:

  • I’m not sure why I’m laughing at Stu Redmond and Franny.
  • Digging a hole? Really? Only the Adventures of Pete and Pete could pull off a hole-digging episode.
  • The priest needs a new job. He’s terrible at being a priest.
  • Slightly disappointed Charlie didn’t drop a Hello Kitty bag filled with explosives.
  • Explosions! So, just to get this straight, very little plot and plenty of action scenes. This sounds like a Michael Bay movie!
  • How long are Miles and Monroe going to walk this road during these flashbacks?
  • No Tribute Nate tonight! Automatic point increase!
  • No Rachel tonight and Tom was basically a background ornament.
  • The power is on and the first thing we do is listen to music? I can think of about a hundred more important things to do. Let’s get it together Aaron.

What do you think? Is Revolution is still worth tuning in for?


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@kingfan Stu Redman was the main character of The Stand, a story about a battle between good and evil, which fits the storyline of this series.


@ps in seattle - The soldier who beat up Danny starred in PAN AM last season as the co-pilot. I actually liked this episode because it showed Danny to be somewhat capable. So far, pretty good.


So, it's imperative that they move right away. But first, let's argue about it. Then let's decide to fix up the wounded and move. Good. But let's do it thoroughly and tenderly. Don't anybody look like they're in a hurry. Then let's have another argument. Time to sit down and have a little chat? Okay. Everybody ready? Uh oh. Too late. As someone on another post pointed out, there are three nuclear power plants in the vicinity of Chicago. Without electricity, they would melt down. Chicago and all of its environs would be a nuclear wasteland. As it is, I'm in it for the adventures of the thumb drives. They're the only interesting characters so far. Maybe because nobody gives them any stupid lines.


Charlie has ruined the show. It's an interesting premise but every time she opens her mouth I cringe. I won't be watching anymore.

Mrs cleaver

@Defender, your point about Washington/Jefferson is valid, but 15 years after the last razorblade has been made, they'd be pretty rusty & hard to shave with. Course as you point out, there are other ways to shave. But I think alot more men would just grow beards. Like I said, Ward would never shave w/o his electric ;o)
And clothes can be clean but the clothes the people on this show wear look like they are brand new (not a patch or rip on anyones coat?)right off the rack at Walmart - 15 years after the power died. Not likely.
The writers of this show don't seem to remember the power has been out for a decade and a half and I find that REALLY annoying. Guess I'm just disappointed, I LOVE "end of civilization" type shows and this one really let me down.


I liked Danny's parts this week because they showed how clever that boy is. And I LOVE Miles and Monroe :-) They're interesting characters. But Charlie really is annoying... what's wrong with some TV shows? Writers don't seem to be able to write likeable female lead characters.


It's Stu Redman, not Redmond!!! Also does anyone else realize The Shawshank Redemption was also written by Stephen King???


I think revolution is not that bad. Just.. please get rid of Charlie, that girl is a terrible actress.

Eludium q36

I am so tired of the gratuitous iPhone placements, it's just so juvenile and annoying. Besides, after 15-yrs of no charging the batteries would've corroded and everyone's displays would be totally scratched and/or cracked. Just one more of thousands of implausibilities with this optimistically saccharin attempt at a family-friendly dystopia.


I find the Katniss Everdeen wannabe so annoying, I don't think I'll be watching this show anymore. She is sooo sanctimonious and usually wrong.

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There's a lot of men out there, okay, and sooner or later they're coming in. So we are gonna Shaw shank our asses outta here.


Nora: Wow, can you boil everything down to getting laid?
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