Scandal Receives Full Season Order

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Things will continue to be Scandalous on ABC well into 2013.

ABC announced today that Shonda Rhimes-produced drama, which averages just over 8 million viewers per week and a 2.5 in adults 18-49, will air nine additional Season 2 episodes, taking its total order to 22.

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The Neighbors has also been picked up for a full season, with the network expected to make decisions on other new shows - Nashville, 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort - in the next week.

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HOORAH! HOORAH! WHAT MORE CAN I SAY! TG and KW are such great actors that they sell this show with their on screen chemistry. This is the third time in my tv viewing history that I've felt this way about a couple. Sometimes I have to laugh at TG the way he sells Fitz and Olivia's relationship with his tweets but he knows how to keep fans interested :) I still say that I want to see at least a couple of interviews about the show (I even see that some celebrities are getting excited about this show as well bc of these two) Shonda keep those sls coming and don't forget about your main draw OLitz


Yayy! My Thursday nights just got so much better. I love Scandal.


I predict that Nashville and Last Resort will get full season pick ups but 666 Park Avenue won't. It will likely be replaced by Mistresses. Even GCB had better rating than this and there is now way with stars like Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams will keep the show running. I think the writers and producers decided to spend more time getting actors that will bring cache to their show than writing a better story.


Scandal is amazing. You gave up too soon. Maybe you're like Abby who can't remember that Olivia is the one who saved her from an abusive marriage which could have killed her. I'm glad that it was given a full season order but that just means that Shonda needs to up the ante. I predict Nashville and


I gave up on Scandal after the season 2 premiere. Was it a stupid choice? Probably. However, I hope ABC give Scandal the 'sink or swim' treatment like they have Private Practice, because I'd like to see how much the ratings and demo remain the same given that Grey's Anatomy airs right behind it and half the audience follows.

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