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Able will probably be badly injured, i know Sutter wants to build up Jax's character to go off with a bang but i'm not sure he would kill off Able (i hope not). Able does blink at the end but he is only a small child acting... that said CPC makes a good point with what Jax and Gemma just spoke about.


Trouble is you know that whatever happens, Gemma is going to be right there, at the heart of things. She's the writer's WIFE for goodness sake. So broken Gemma is going to trundle on and on, irrespective. You know what doesn't actually make any sense? The 'respect' for Clay. Clay is old and broken; he would simply not be able to command anyone from his position of both physical and club weakness anymore. The nomads allowing him some authority over them is ridiculous. They'd override him and work with the boss, not the has-been.


Why did I Gemma crash? She was only high (smoking at the crime scene with cops). Her swerving and crashing was unrealistic in every way. At the least she would have let someone drive her since Gemma knows she does have any more stikes left. Stupid ending. Disappointed.



No real surprise's, Clay setting up the Nomads was very predictable. This episode was saved by the last scenes. No way Able dies but Gemma just signed her fate over to Tara.

Niners, I think the same thing is going on there; someone undermining the new command. The new leader would never ever go against Pope.



Okay so Jax told Gemma that they will get pass all that has happened and that he loved her. He also said the stuff with Tara will work out too. But lets face it if Able is DEAD or even just HURT the fact that Gemma put them in danger at all pretty much says that both Jax and Tara are done with her. Does anyone think that Jax or Tara would let her hurt their children and get away with it? Jax might not kill her but Tara might, I mean come on Gemma near or did kill one of if not both kids. I think Gemma has offically lost her family now. When before she was just kind of in a time out while she healed up and processed what happen.


I get that you dont want to admit it but Able is either goin to be really hurt or dead. There was blood drippin down from him it started trickling on his shoe. It makes sense after the conversation between Jax and Gemma about Thomas that Jax now will feel the pain of lossing a child.

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