South Park Review: Fatty Doo Doo vs. Honey Boo Boo

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It was bound to happen. On "Raising the Bar," South Park tackled the latest reality TV abomination thrust upon the nation: Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. And, lo, was it great.

Cartman Sees the Future

Starting with Cartman accepting that he is, indeed, fat was excellent. Maybe he’s going to change his ways? Nnnnnope. Instead, he became a Rascal-riding slob, thinking he had a right for the world to adapt to him because of his own personal bad choices. Or at least that certainly seemed like the message that came across.

And, of course, there was the Honey Boo Boo parody. Is it possibly in bad taste to mock a child? Sure. But at some point, there’s got to be someone who sits down and says that parading a little girl around on TV is just not something we as a society should be doing.

Her mom sure isn’t the one stopping this clown show, and she was raked over the coals by the writers too. Lest it come across that this was all dour social satire, there was great comedy in watching Cartman on a scooter fighting Honey Boo Boo, freshly transplanted with a pig heart thanks to too much Red Bull and Mountain Dew, in a giant pile of spaghetti.

And then Michelle Obama punched Cartman in the face in the name of fighting childhood obesity. That's one way to solve the problem.

The show had a mixed message on James Cameron of all people, seen here as the defender of all that is good, “raising the bar” on what people find acceptable in what winds up here to be a literal sense. He came across a pompous blowhard, sure, but he ultimately did “raise the bar.” Oh, and he has an awesome theme song. Plus, he did direct Terminator 2. I never saw Titanic or Avatar because I am massively un-hip.

Cartman-as-reality-TV-star served as a great representation of these buffoons that keep getting high ratings. Sure, we can pity them for being taken advantage of, that we’re laughing at them, not with them.

But at the end of the day there’s still something wrong with them, and they also were the ones who signed on the dotted lines to trump themselves up like this to the world. There’s a reason why I don’t watch this garbage: because I know I’m better than that, to not support that kind of filth. I don’t even want to mock it, to not even give it credence. There’s no good reason.

The episode also posits a fairly interesting hypothesis through some meta-commentary by Kyle, that maybe South Park is the reason why the bar for acceptable content has been lowered so much. I think it’s an interesting idea because the media landscape has changed so much because due to the series. It has definitely altered what is acceptable on basic cable, instead of being restricted to HBO and Showtime.

But what Matt Stone and Trey Parker have done is to use their platform to serve as a way to comment on modern issues and culture, to point out the ridiculousness of others while also taking things to a new level of absurdity themselves. They’ve been a significant part of the debate around Islam in the media. They actually have something to say besides profiting off of the follies of people just trying to get on television. This show is filthy, but its message is not. If anything, now we’re not kidding ourselves as much when it comes to profanity thanks to the show.

Besides, if anyone on Comedy Central needs to apologize for lowering the bar, it’s clearly Tosh.0. This show actually has something to say amongst its ridiculousness, and along the way, cartoon children can fight in spaghetti too. That’s the kind of world I want to live in, where I can have both.

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Are you serious ? This is a child you are talking about ! You hear all over how people bitch don't pick on my kid and Bulling is wrong . Then ADULTS say this crap about a little girl ! GROW UP if you don't like the show don't watch it !!! However food for thought .I give June credit she teaches her kids to help others . Her boyfriend dresses as Santa every night after work and they collect for the poor . Food and toys for Christmas. She does not take any money for the show confirmed by TLC all money is divided and deposited into trusts for her daughters and granddaughter . She lives in her means and does not apologize for who she is what you see is what you get . and she does not force her child to preform in pageants this is what the kid wants and she allows it , helps her supports her and does not stage mom her she loves her child for herself . HOW MANY OF YOU CAN SAY THAT




I have to say that South Park has never been the show to lower the bar but rather been the show to comment on how and when the bar is being lowered which is what makes South Park so brilliant, certainly in these later years. People claiming South Park has lost its edge and is no longer funny are not seeing what is actually happening, South Park is now becoming a social satire on the public and pop culture. Honey Boo Boo is one of those areas, I mean last week it was about the NFL and we've had episodes based on other "reality" shows such Jersey Shore, the human centapede/iphone culture to name a few. South Park is doing an outstanding job by taking late night talk shows/SNL jokes into a fully rounded half hour piece and this is why i will continue to watch the show. Keep it up Matt and Trey!


I thought the episode was funny. I watched the first episode of that Honey Boo Boo show, turned it off after 5 minutes and haven't watched it since. The fact that South Park poked fun at it is priceless.


I don't think Trey and Matt take themselves so seriously that last night's episode was a deep personal statement. The South Park characters themselves are lowering the bar because in the universe of South Park things just get continually more messed up and weird. But I think Trey and Matt are proud of the episodes they write (maybe not some of the earlier seasons which are still my favorite), even if they're getting a bit bored and running out of ideas.




I don't necessarily disagree with the creators that maybe,l they're kind of responsible. When I think of the, five, five fathers of shock Radio/TV in the nineties it's Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, Vince McMahon and Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They were the ones to PERFECT the artform of "anything goes" and I don't care what anyone says they're still the undisputed champions of it. NO ONE mouths off with South Park, because they will take you and grind you down to a little nub. Those two guys are just so good at putting people in their place. Stern's still doing his thing, Springer's like, mayor or something. Maybe prime minister of Kazakstan or something, I dunno...I forget. McMahon has completely neutered his product post Benoit's murder/suicide and the only one left standing was South Park. And you could just tell last season that they were getting tired of the same old stuff. They downed played it, but it's there.


I'm glad people agree that South Park didn't lower the bar. I can see why they'd think that of themselves, but there's no way it's possible when you look at their body of WORK (and I mean WORK) and not see 2 really GOOD people who are trying to make the world ask itself questions that we wouldn't normally ask.

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