Switched at Birth Review: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Like typical teenagers, Bay and Daphne keep finding themselves in sticky situations. However, in "We Are the Kraken of Our Own Sinking Ships," it was evident that the adults were put in some weird spots too. 

This week, I really felt bad for Regina.

Alex Comes To Dinner

It's totally understandable that Patrick is gonna be weirded out that his girlfriend just married her ex in order for him to stay in the country. Let's just get that out of the way. But Regina didn't bring up Angelo when they were salsa dancing. All she said was that she took lessons. He insinuated that it was with Angelo and then deduced that "great dancers = great sex." Oh puh-lease! Regina is really trying. Unfortunately there are just some things that people can't get over.

Speaking of salsa, what was with that couple the Kennishes had over? They are totally the people with the brag book at holiday parties. That dancing and those high kicks? Damn I hope she was wearing some real underwear and not flashing everyone! 

I think the Kennishes are great parents. They try really hard to bond with their kids and give them the best of everything. They even try to help other kids such as Travis, but we'll get to him in a minute. There's so much pressure nowadays with extracurricular activities and colleges. I could relate to that pain in the ass, even if it was a decade ago. I can't imagine John and Kathryn are going to be happy next week when the situation with the money comes out.

What was Bay thinking!! Guys I'm so sick of this Zarra storyline. Can we have Emmett back? Friends and money DON'T mix. Neither do friends and illegal activities, but hey it happens. Obviously Bay is never getting her moola back and it's gonna put Travis in a bad place for letting her into the safe. Travis is obviously already having a lot of problems if he's sleeping at the car wash. I really have a soft spot for him and don't want to see him take the rap for this.

Daphne and Chef Jeff totally got outed tonight by Scuba. Jealousy does not bode well. They kissed twice, though, I don't know that we can get into titles. Either way, the cat is out of the bag. 

I have to say that my favorite part of this episode was the lesson Toby learned from Nikki about letting anger go. When he showed up to Emmett's, I thought that was really big of him. Truthfully, I can't say I'd do the same. Maybe in Toby's case, but not in Nikki's. I was surprised the show went there with that murder story. I feel like it came out of left field.

What did you all think of this week's episode? How are Daphne and Bay going to get out of their dramas?


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Lucy--For the record, John doesn't mean 'gangbangers' in the sense of group sex, but as People Who Are In Gangs. It might be an older term--it was pretty common in the city where I grew up in the late 80s, early 90s--but that just makes it more likely it's a term John would know and use. Really stressed out by the Zarra storyline (and I used to live in Berlin where street art is a whole way of life); I just don't want to see Bay making such stupid decisions. Also I'd like her back with Emmett, though I get that will take some time because he did cheat on her after all.


The Zara story was okay, until she asked Bay for money. It was fun having Bay have a friend that she connected with. It did move fast, but sometimes friendships can be like that. What was naive; Bay expecting Zara to pay her back so soon or right then. How would Zara have made it out without Bay? That tainted the friendship. I was also hoping since Bay had more rest time without Emmet, that she and her ex would reconnect, but she flat out used him. Like Zara used her. It seemed more like Daphne and Scuba had more of a connection in the beginning. After hearing that chef slept with your best friend's mother, that should turn off anybody.


@Lucy Thank you!! Sometimes I feel like the only one who loathes John and Katherine. I actually don't feel they are great parents, they only seem involved when one of their kids is doing something they don't like or they suspect it. I never felt they were very aware or even knew their kids. Also they are supremely judgmental and classist. They can be very insensitive from a cultural standpoint and they have an air of entitlement that is deplorable. I'm over the Zarra storyline as well. The Daphne and Chef relationship is inappropriate. I felt bad for Regina and Travis. I would love to see him explored more. Toby and Emmett was great.


i have a feeling that the murder storyline of her dad is going to connect back to something, or one of the beloved characters on the show.


I agree with fran said Daphne is very mature for her age. But shes still young and nieve and her and Jeff dont make a good couple. He's so freakin Tall its looks like she needs a stool just to kiss him.


I love Daphne and Jeff together. How old can he be? 26? 28? Come on and she is 17 nearly 18 which in most countries in Europe where you attain full age. My better half is 9 years older, I met him when I was 21, he was 30 but my first boyfriend, I was 18 and he was 30 and that worked as well. I think Daphne for her age is very mature, she went through a lot, why should she start dating a guy that immature and just wants to hook up? Doesnt make any sense to me, I think Daphne and Jeff could be for real and in for the long run. I hope they dont get caught.


Bay does act fairly selfishly, and I don't really care about this friendship with Zara, but can John and Katherine are ridiculous! Every single reason Katherine gave for not liking Zara was based solely on her appearance (and the fact that she wasn't uncomfortable around them? I really didn't get that). What happened to not judging people by their appearances? Also, in a previous episode John called street artists "gangbangers." How was that not even addressed? Putting graffiti on a wall is NOT the same as group rape, and it's insulting to say that it is. He's also made comments that are very culturally insensitive and classist. Maybe Katherine and John should make an effort to understand why Bay is doing this. It may seem like straightforward vandalism to John, but as a rich, white man who has never had to deal with oppression, he obviously has no understanding of why someone might feel compelled to make themselves heard in that way. I'm not saying all street art is good (but maybe they could look up artists such as Banksy), or that Bay is in the right, but I'm really getting annoyed with the way Katherine and John act regarding class and race.


I have to say, I'm totally sick of the Zarra storyline too! Can't Bay grow up and think for a sec! She's so selfish and it's sucks. She totally got played by Zarra and she had it coming. I knew there was something fishy about the situation. Now she stole money from her dad and dragged Travis into it (I too think that he's gonna get fired :/) I mean come on!.... I want the old SAB back, where I was excited about every individual and about learning ASL (lol xp).. No but I'm serious... And this Daphne and Jeff situation is going too far from me. I think it's gross and not cute at all... other love interest for Daphne please!... *deep sigh*


Jen I agree there are a lot of bad decisions being made all around. I think Bay is being really dumb all in the name of friendship. She is sacrificing the relationship she has with her parents, she is lying and stealing all for some girl because she "gets" you. I want the Zarra storyline to end soon. I also like Travis he is super cute I mean he is no Emmett but he's cute. I hope that with Toby and Emmett starting this band, emmett will be spending more time at Toby's house and open the door for him and Bay to get back together. I cant stand them being apart.


This show often drives me nuts... I have to keep reminding myself they're teenagers and often teenagers don't think things through before they do it. I'm not happy with either Bay or Daphne at this point as right now they're not just messing up their own lives but potentially taking others down with them. Okay fair enough Jeff should be mature enough to say no and stop things from going any further with Daphne before he get's into legal trouble, but still... On the other hand Travis is more than likely going to get fired if John finds out - he opened the safe for Bay so at this point he's just as guilty. In other news I'm liking the Toby and Emmett friendship.

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