Switched at Birth Review: Coming Clean

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My apologies if my review title is reminding anyone else of the Laguna Beach theme song, but it seemed like the perfect theme for this week's Switched at Birth

"The Declaration of Independence" was all about revealing the truth.

Whether it was Bay deciding to stop lying to her parents or Daphne confessing her feelings to Chef, everyone had something to come clean about.

Zarra & Bay Search For a Vandal

I was wondering when Daphne was going to find out about Chef and Melody's hook up. Is it me or is Bay the worst secret keeper on this show? Maybe Emmett knew that when he decided to confide in her about his mom and Chef hooking up. It doesn't matter if it's "just a simple crush," you should always just tell the truth. You can never know how serious someone else's feelings are.

Daphne obviously liked Chef a lot more than she expressed. She was giving Melody that cold death stare. Let's be real, Chef isn't age appropriate for either of them, least of all Daphne! At least him hooking up with Melody is legal! It sucks to find out that somebody else got with your crush, but to find out it was your best friend's parent must be beyond weird. 

What would you have done in Emmett's situation? Or Daphne's? I must say that I'm pissed at Daphne for using Travis like that and leading him on. I feel really bad for Travis. it must be really hard to have nobody at home to talk to. Then the girl he likes just ditches him when they make plans. I'm glad John is taking him under his wing. Toby is totally adrift this season with his best friend gone and still hurt from his ex girlfriend. He needs to figure things out for himself and reboot.

I guess this Bay and street art story is here to stay. Is Bay being stupid or true to herself? Maybe a mix or somewhere in between? Fighting with that Swak kid was a bad and dangerous idea. Bay should also stop giving Emmett hope. She asks to borrow his super expensive camera and then is like "oh by the way, this means nothing, I'm still pissed as hell." I'm starting to feel bad for Emmett, even though what he did was really wrong. 

I also pity Regina feeling like she isn't communicating with Daphne the way she used to, and not just due to her wrist. She lashed out at Katherine but they ended up bonding and relating to each other.

What did you think about all the revelations this week? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out the Switched at Birth quotes section! 


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Chef Jeff (oh lord, that really is a horrible name) is old enough to know what he's doing is wrong and could cost him his job. Daphne is still technically a Kennish, which everyone knows about because of Kathryn's book, and we saw last episode that name carries some weight. It would be a scandal and he's lose his position. Not to mention he's messing around with a kid, age of consent or not, she's a kid. He can't possibly have a relationship with her, even through a cloud of lust he should know better. Blaming Daphne is ridiculous, she's a horny teenager with starry eyes for her hero. Teenagers never think they're too young, until its too late. Besides, Daphne isn't ready for sex, she made that clear with Wilkie, she's just trying to compete with Melody. This isn't going to end well.


Do you think Daphne's behavior will be thrown back in Regina's face and cause a second or third legal issue between the families because Regina vocalized that her best friend was just hooking up for fun and she also models this? The Kennish's probably have zero legal rights over Daphne presently.


Mission Hills, Kansas City is in Missouri where the age of consent is 17. I think the girls are still 16. If you live in a boarder town like this cross the river to do the deed or your willingly consent can be retracted by parents making the guy you convinced a registered criminal and sex offender for life. Then every job he applies for or place he moved he will have to register his photo with the police and check the criminal box - essentially his life and career are ruined. In this case I strongly recommend lying to parents until 18, if you have any morals or care for the other humans life because you willingly went with your hormones and used sex to obtain power - Juvenal, but we all have to learn this lesson sometime.


I do not agree with the legality aspect in your review of chef's and daphne's relationship. They are in kansas where the age of consent is 16, daphne has a driving license and likes the guy so I don't see the issue there.

Muhanguzi gilbert

wen season 2????


I found myself really rooting for Travis in this episode. I hope that John continues to interact with him; like in a Big Brother/Big Sisters sense. I think it would be good for the both of them.

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Wait, wait, your mom and the guy that Daphne has a crush on are hooking up?


Daphne: What a face, huh?
Emmett: Unforgettable.