Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo: Returning to Gossip Girl!

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It looks like former cast member Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo will be returning to the Upper East Side for the Gossip Girl series finale December 10. Kelly Rutherford posted the evidence on Instagram today!

Connor Paolo and Taylor Momsen

It's unclear what exactly brings these two departed characters back from wherever they are (an extended stay in the Hamptons, perhaps, if you're a Revenge fan), but both will be on hand for Gossip Girl's swan song.

Actually, we do have a pretty good idea what may bring the whole gang back together. If you've missed the Gossip Girl finale set photos we posted yesterday - and just updated - consider this a major spoiler alert.

Then follow the link and let the speculation run rampant!

And welcome back, Lil J and Eric!

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Thank GOD!


A rumor says Bart is GG but that's insane, it doesn't explain anything about him or GG. They better clear Chuck's family history by the finale. I don't know if someone noticed but in last night's episode when Bart said that Chuck used his mother's birthday as code for the safe, it sounded like he was mocking Chuck, I mean WTH?


What I don't get about Bart is ever since he faked died... he seems to have so much secrets like, we get it his a Bass but like come on how many dark secrets does a man have to hide? before you know it it will come out. Like what in the word is his secret now? and I saw the 3 yr old SOOO CUTE>< and its wearing a purple bow tie, saw it on tumblr :3 I think it is a baby bass, its wearing purple :D So happy that she came back :D.. last week Juliet came back :3 now idk who else will come back :| kinda want Damien??? oh wait is that why Agnes because of Jenny?


Guys, Dan and Serena are getting married, the filming pics are leaking like crazy this afternoon. Just go to the CB or the DS treads in the TV Fanatic forum. Serena has a non traditional wedding dress (though the cut is beautiful) and she and Dan are standing in front of a priest, she's holding a bouquet and she looks really happy. It seems the set is a townhouse they are using as Chuck and Blair's house 5 years in the future and CB has a kid of between 3 and 5 years old (and Chuck is wearing his wedding ring). Per rumors, Jack and Georgina are an item or close and some say there is a hint of NJ. This adds to the Chuck and Blair pics yesterday of them getting married by Cyrus in a rush and later been taking away by the cops (I guess that was later resolved and it seems related to Bart's death), there is also a leaked page of the script on the web.


My dream came true! The only thing left is Nanny!


Jenny + Nate = me very happy!


I'm so glad to hear Jenny's coming back GG hasn't been the same without her! I think ether Jenny or Eric is GG! I can't wait!! I missed Eric too! Maybe Serena's Getting married ? To Dan?? That would be great! If Serena' & Dan got engaged or married and that's why Jenny n Eric come.
Maybe Jenny works with Blair !


OmG!!! I'm so happy !


YEAH!!!! I can't stand Taylor Momsen, (and frankly I'm suprised they convinced her to come back) but happy to see the character come back. I think the reason is that her and Eric are going to end up being Gossip Girl. Just a theory.


I don't get how fans are saying this season is Crap like come on two eps really? Like clearly the writers are trying their best to come out with a bang and now that Jenny is back with Eric that really means this season will be great. They wouldn't make Gossip girl an end without the original character Jenny so thank god she is back :D

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