The Good Wife Episode Preview: An Affair Exposed?

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Will took a major risk on The Good Wife this week. Fortunately - SPOILER ALERT! - it turned out well for the firm.

But will the same hold true in a few days? When this CBS drama airs "The Two Girls, One Code" and revisits Alicia's affair with her boss?

What evidence might expose the dalliance to the public? How will Peter react? How will Alicia react? Watch the following teaser to get an idea and also look forward to Dominic Chianese and Rita Wilson both guest-starring on what appears to be a major installment...

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! whoa @Bill. I don't see myself as unforgiving! I simply, as one, subjective viewer, like Will and Alicia together. alot. I think their friendship goes back to college days.. before Peter ? Will's behavior towards Alicia has always seemed (to me) devoted, selfless, and rather touching. they make a lovely couple. but. come to think of it, I do differentiate between Peter and Alicia's behavior:
Peter had his affairs for ? power's sake.. (who knows)
whereas I interpret Alicia and Will's affair as an affair of the heart- it will be interesting to see down which path the characters are ultimately led- speaking of unforgiving, I haven't seen much of the ominous Mrs Jackie (Florrick)!


@guest,you sound like a very unforgiving person. No matter what Peter does, he will always be the scumbag that cheated on his wife. And Alicia will always be a saint for not leaving him. When she had that "moment" with Will in his office, you and a lot of other vieweres looked the other way. That wasn't cheating to you. It was just poor Alicia acting out her frustrations over what Peter had done to her. When Alicia started the affair with her boss after kicking Peter out when she found out he had slept with Kalinda once years earlier (when she didn't know her), that was okay, too. Hey, it was Will and Alicia having hot sex. How could that be wrong? Peter has learned from his mistakes and granted, they were huge. I think he really loves Alicia and wants them all together as a family again. You would rather see them break up and go their separate ways. I stopped watching TGW when Alicia walked through that hotel door with Will and have no regrets for doing so. Although, I would watch any episode that showed the two of them finally suffering the consequences of that dalliance. Sleeping with someone you work with, especially your boss, and while you are still married is normally something that has disastrous results. Peter knows full well that his infidelity was the worse mistake he ever made (I know you don't think Alicia was ever unfaithful, but she sure tried to make sure no one,including her kids, knew about it and lied to keep her affair a secret) So the Kings have finally chosen to inject some reality into that situation. Hopefully, St. Alicia's halo is about to get a little tarnished.


He makes me sick as a woman, you can tell he is a womanizer and Diane has told him that several times since season 1 about keeping his pants on. Down the road we will see the real Will and it won't be pretty.


I agree with the first 2 comments. I wait patiently for the day that Will finally confesses what he really said in that voicemail and they get back together. It's not like I hate Peter or anything, I just love Will and Alicia together. In every interaction with her, it is obvious how much he loves her and that makes me root for them.


It has been no secret from Peter that Will was screwing Alicia, this goes back a couple of seasons ago when Will told Peter he had no BALLS. The big part of all this is the kids they would not take this news lying down and Alicia knows it.
There won't be any noble and chivalrous actions from Will he will pull the usual hide and seek and try a lie around it as usual. I know the $700 room would come back to bite them in the ass. Lets see what she has to say to other people who will find out.
The firms partners should have her removed from the firm and vote Will out also.


.. I have a sinking feeling that Will will do something noble and chivalrous to 'save' Alicia- and, by indirection, Peter- embarassment-- and we will be further than ever from a reunion of Will and Alicia ! meanwhile, Alicia and Will's reunion (and divorce of Peter and Alicia) is the only thing I want from this show- anything else for any other plot line is fine, by me!


as long as we have some Willicia, I will be happy. If that could break any tie between Alicia and Peter, if only...