The Good Wife Episode Teaser: Is He Dangerous?

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In case Nathan Lane and Kristin Chenoweth, who both played roles on The Good Wife season premiere, did not satisfy your guest star craving, this CBS drama will have the answer:

Maura Tierney portrays a major role on next Sunday's "And The Law Won," coming on board as a wealthy donor who Peter desperately wants to contribute to his campaign.

Elsewhere, Kalinda will come clean with the identity of the firm's new client, resulting in just one question from Alicia: is Kalinda's husband dangerous? Watch this promo for the answer:

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he isnt creepy . it not been proven. she started it. he had to defend himself. i like them both . so far he is okay.


i think he is gorgeous. you have to prove that they are i also thought blake was gorgeous. so he is ok for now


to answer the teaser's title: Who cares?


*involving Will in recent memory been centered on him sitting in that silly leather armchair while he bided his time out of the game? I think the best scene of the premiere was Zach's apology phonecall. Let's see what happens next week!


I'd say "yikes" .... but already I feel as though the genuine dread and suspense that was garnered by the conclusion of last season's finale, leading into last night's premiere, has sort of faded regarding Kalinda's creepy husband. Why? Because if lethal danger was truly in order, it'd be over and done with. He already had an opportunity to kill her if he wanted to, not to be crude about it. So seeing a preview where he recreates her 'chair scene' from the finale and all the gunslinging seems a bit ridiculous. Their hand to hand combat scene was almost farcical last night, and out of tune and tempo with the series as a whole. It was preposterous that they would launch physical attacks on each other both in the elevator and the parking garage -- in a world of security cameras -- with no compunction or consequence. I truly adore the Good Wife as a series and have since the first episode, but I feel disappointed when it moves into these absurdities. Also -- is it me or has every scene involving WIll in recent memory been him sitting in/getting up from/sitting back down in that silly leather armchair? I think the best scene of the premiere episode was Zach's apology phonecall. Let's see what happens next week!


Kalinda is hot and she know how to fight she can take him.


And will Cary be given a plot line?