The Good Wife Episode Trailer: An Election Shocker

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On last night's episode of The Good Wife, viewers found themselves feeling unexpected sympathy for Lemond Bishop.

But, based on the following preview for next Sunday's "The Art of War," it's unlikely they will experience any such emotion when it comes to Maddie Heyward. Might this billionaire be behind Peter's political scandal? It sure appears that way...

Elsewhere, Brian Dennehy and Amanda Peet will each guest star on an installment that centers on a contractor accused of rape.

Seriously, does any show do guest stars like The Good Wife?!?

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Birth of Maddie Rose is by far, the most viewed birth exiecpenres that I've ever posted.a0 Last June it had been hit 7,700 times according to my stats.a0 I got word from quite a few people last fall


Fabulous show my favorite show since it debuted CBS however did you know favor putting it on Sunday night


I think Maddie Heyward created the scandal so she could run for the democratic seat. She probably was behind the whole thing so that she could show the DNC that peter is a cheater and will always remain a cheater and that is why she would be better suited to run for the Governors seat. She used Alicia to get close to Peter, to find out what about him and the marriage. She'll likely use that info in the race to secure the seat. Or it could be that she will use Wendy Scott Carr. That wyatch is making a comeback, She could be the candidate that Maddie is backing. This is gonna be on helluva interesting race! BEST SEASON EVER.

Drea xoxo

ooooo maddie maddie what have you done this episode

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