The Good Wife Review: Cockroaches

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Quite a few TV Fanatic commenters must have been thrilled with tonight's The Good Wife, "Don't Haze Me, Bro."

Nick was nowhere to be seen and Cary was at least featured. It wasn't much, but there's bound to be more Cary in our future now that he is working in the same office as Alicia, right?

Alicia in Red

Despite those two positives, the episode was brought down by a lackluster case. The issue of the hazed college student didn't hold my attention. The opposing counsel's moving targets didn't really work for me, either. especially with the focus on the effeminate judge. I came away just hoping Alicia would win because I hated the university's counsel so much. The testimony of the students and coach wasn't putting me on the edge of my seat wondering what they would say, as often happens on this show.

If a case as good as last Sunday's search engine one had been paired with the supplemental stories, it would have worked much better. The Peter cheating story just won't go away, will it? I'm not surprised, it's politics. As much as Kalinda and Eli convinced the publication that the accusations were false and I believed them, I'm not convinced that Peter didn't cheat. The girl was not credible at all, but there's something about Eli and Peter's statements that just rub me the wrong way.

Perhaps, it really is a cover-up of a non-story. Though, that is making Peter look guilty ... of something.

The reporter may have lost her story, but she decided not to go down without a fight. In the day of the Internet, anything goes. The blog may not have the credibility of the reporter's publication, but it will open up a new line of questioning by the press and the public. Do you think Peter cheated? Or is it all a big lie to bring him down? The results of the straw poll will be telling about where Peter's campaign is going, though the controversy will certainly bring his numbers down. 

In addition to trouble with the campaign, Peter will have to deal with his mother's illness. What was wrong with her? Her cockroach hallucinations are not the sign of a healthy recovery. I hope that Peter, Eli or someone realizes that something is wrong before she commits a faux pas that will seriously hurt his campaign. Not only because it would hurt Peter, but that's something that Jackie would forever blame herself for if it happens.

The campaign situation may be worsening, but the firm is starting to recover. If it continues to win these large settlements, it will be out of bankruptcy in no time. It was refreshing to see Diane and Will hold their ground with the Trustee. Even more telling was their determination to not only recover but to take down Louis Canning and to expand into New York City and Washington, D.C. If anyone can do it, I believe Diane and Will can. They have the drive and determination to follow through, though it won't be an easy ride.

Do you think there is any truth to the reporter's story about Peter cheating with a campaign worker?


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@d, I think you hit the nail on the head about Peter. If he had just been a lawyer and private person behaving the way he had I could somewhat understand Alicia forgiving him if he mended his ways, but this guy having more skeletons than a Haunted House yet running for office both before and after they were revealed as though he was God's gift to democracy makes him irredeemable. I know I keep harping on this but he didn't 'just' sleep around. That diamond bracelet Alicia found was a bribe and it sure didn't seem like it was the first one.How did he pay for high-priced hookers? Alicia knows this means all the corruption accusations leveled against Peter are true. Even if his opponent was crooked too, it wouldn't make him worthy of seeking office the way he does.


I don't usually watch this show but I was waiting for the Mentalist which didn't come on until 10 p.m. last night. Hey CBS, please put Mentalist back on Tuesday at 9, wednesday at 7, Thursday anytime, Friday, 7 or 8 pm. Thanks. What I did see of the Good Wife was confussing because I haven't watched the other shows.

Drea xoxo

totally forget to comment on the non-story bore-me-the-heck-later-heres-some-bricks-and-foundations-now-move-on side plot of this dumb blonde broad (sorry been watching some de niro classics this weekend..) she's annoying me and thought we have already established that it didn't happen! what does this woman want from peter, was it she who he really slept with? is there a bigger picture we're missing here obv than the one being presented. Will he ever be able to shake this image of womanizer and cheater?
its annoying me and so season 1, lets see more of how their relationship has changed and where do they go from here and when will david lee re-appear with the offer of divorce....

Drea xoxo

1) friendship is uncomfortable, when are the writers going to reveal her real reasoning for this strange union.
2) at last we found out what happened to jackie!!! finally! i personally think she has a medical condition or is reacting to her medication....
3) case was pointless and boring but shows how hazing is still happening in america and is sublimely telling students that death can occur as a result....
4) the moving of carey into alicia office is just the foundation of the trustee's motive tbh. is this how carey's dad is introduced into the show via trustee? i'm happy that carey can now get more screen time because lets be honest he is very easy on the eye, since gilmore days.......back on track sorry.
5) love the mentioning of the lucrative 27th floor and how this is now their motivation in becoming better lawyers and for progressing the company. they were loosing sight and this has now made them regenerate into the characters we were first introduced too


Alicia's 'friendship' with Maddie Hayward was awkward here. Did Alicia truly say her life was boring? Anyone would grab at the chance to write an article on her. It's still odd how Alicia didn't stick to her word by not bringing up campaign talk. Hayward has this strange way about her. You can't tell what her intentions are with Alicia. People have become friends for less, but it just seems like they don't have much in common. Their conversations tend to be tense at best, that it just puts you in a statue. Not to mention how Alicia tried to manipulate the conversation by quashing concerns made my Eli. Pretty unnerving way to have a friendship, especially if it involves money. What would be interesting is if she knew Alicia in the past, but Alicia forgot somehow. What would happen if Alicia wants out of the friendship? Would she pull out as a sponsor?


I missed the Kalinda and her ex kinkiness- I think it powers up the hour in a really sexy way- this episode needed it with the so-so courtcase.
Love Nathan Lane- he is always so watchable, just like Alan Cummings as Eli.
Just a minor point-does anyone else miss Alicia's cute flip hairstyle from last season?


Missed seeing Will and his court actions. He is very convincing as a lawyer.


I agree that Alicia is not standing by Peter in the traditional sense. And I think it will be the nail in the coffin if it is revealed that Peter once again cheated. I also agree that the case this week was weak. Eli had a divine week. I like how the intern was discredited, however, it seems not all is well on that front. I've never liked Jackie from the beginning. She's a busy body. Seems she could be suffering from dementia. Loved how Diane stood up to the trustee. I have to say I also liked having the break from Kalinda/Nick. NOW if CBS would get their head out of their ass and quit preempting this show for stupid football.................


P.S I've loved Alan Cumming for years and I was completely captivated by Eli since his first appearance with the dish washer. The scenes between Eli and Alicia are hilarious and beautifully executed by Alan and Julianna every time.I'm glad those two still get screen time. Also, the 27th floor stole the show tonight. It really drove it home that this firm is in fact struggling, some say that the "economy" storyline is getting old, I disagree. It's a current world problem that's not going away in three episodes, I'm glad the writer's aren't dropping it. Diane was on fire tonight!


Alicia didn't break up with Will to stand by Peter, she broke up with Will because they were both in danger of losing their jobs. T.V land makes us think that fraternization between management and employees is accepted when actually in most firms, it's grounds for termination. Alicia cherishes her job, it goes her kids and then her work. She loved Will but her place at the firm meant too much to her. Even if she didn't get fired, she would still lose the respect of her peers. Alicia and Peter went through a lot of years together. Alicia has respect for Peter as a State's Attorney and he's the father of her children. But clearly, the hurt is still there and she's taking her time to heal. If that's even her intention. Yes, they're friendly but no, I wouldn't say that Alicia is "standing" by Peter in a traditional sense. She doesn't even live with him! She's making a tough situation work in amicable way, she's taking the high road but by no means is she allowing anyone to speak for her anymore. I respect her for that. (even though she's fictional)

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