The Good Wife Review: A Sympathetic Drug Dealer?

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Lemond Bishop's back!

Despite his drug dealing business, in "Waiting for the Knock," Bishop came across as a normal guy and loving father who makes sandwiches for his son's lunch. Regardless of how sympathetic he appeared, he was in deep trouble that only got worse.

Return of Lemond Bishop

When Bishop's accountant was arrested, his attorneys got involved to find out if he was a target. Diane and Alicia were there to represent his legitimate businesses, while Leslie from the firm that handled his illegal businesses was involved as well.

They started with the financials to see what the accountant could have found. The best part was when the Trustee got involved. He was a financial wizard and realized that the numbers didn't add up. I love this guy. With Cary's recommendation that he help out in Family Law, I could easily see the Trustee taking a job at Lockhart/Gardner when the bankruptcy is over. He can save the place and reap the benefits as well.

His findings helped the lawyers figure out the manager at one of the health clubs was doing a business on the side selling HGH. It looked like Bishop was going down for illegal sales that he didn't even know about. He let his business get too big and it was going to cost him.

The twist regarding the confidential informant was a good one. Bishop wasn't in trouble for the HGH, but because the inside source was missing and then found dead by Kalinda. Not a good day for Bishop. As sympathetic as Bishop was at the beginning, he only became more when he said to call in the anonymous tip about the dead girl. He could have waited it out, but he did the moral thing. 

In the end, he was still charged with the girl's murder. The goodbye between Bishop and his son was heartbreaking to watch. He loves his son so much, but it made me wonder why he deals drugs then. His legitimate businesses make enough money to support them. If he gets out of prison, will Bishop see the light? Will he go clean for his son? I'm sure we'll find out as I'd bet Lockhart/Gardner will be his counsel in the trial.

While the trouble with Bishop was going on, things weren't going well for Peter's campaign. The blog released the story about Peter's alleged affair even after Will threatened them with a cease and desist. This story has the feeling of a huge political scam. Could it have been orchestrated by Maddie Hayward? Her meeting with Indira Starr seemed too convenient. Maddie could easily move into a power position in the race saying she was a supporter of Peter's, but now she has reconsidered. A slick move.

Peter may have won 96% in the straw poll, but there is plenty of time before the election for his support to dissipate. Perhaps Alicia can come to his rescue. Though I still fear that something will come out about Alicia and Will. And Will's demand that the affair article be pulled will only add fuel to that story's fire. When is the election, anyway? Is this story going to be never-ending?

Things also hit a new low between Kalinda and Nick. She was forced to confront him twice. Once at work and also after finding out Lana's house had been ransacked. She played him well at work by not giving the answer he wanted, but the law firm approved one.  

Poor Cary was stuck in the middle with no clue what was going on. And then he saw Kalinda and Nick go after each other in the hall when they supposedly just met. I was surprised Cary didn't question her about it, though I'm sure it will come up at some point.

Nick's break in at Lana's achieved his goal. He was able to get information to push Kalinda away from Lana. Why is Lana photographing Kalinda? Is it because she is stalking her? That wouldn't be a shock. She clearly is attached to Kalinda and has done some stalker-like things before. Or, is there more to it?

Kalinda's cool behavior towards Lana was not unexpected, but it was pretty harsh. If she's upset with Lana, she should just come out and tell her what's going on. As it is now, Nick could try to prove a point to Kalinda and do real harm to her sometimes girlfriend. And, then she will feel really bad about it.

It was not a good day for any of the Lockhart/Gardner group or for Peter's campaign. Though, on the bright side, Bishop's trial will bring in some much needed income to the firm's coffers.


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Does anyone agree with me that Peter needs a break from all the turmoil resulting from his past mishap, No one on the show (other than Kalinda and Diane) has worked as hard as peter to make things right. Alicia/Will affair should come to light and delt with. How can alicia forgive kalinda for sleeping with peter and can't forgive peter? I love the show but something (like alicia/will affair) seems to be excepted as okay and peter's condemed. This is about two people married to each other going through a crasis. Let them bring the family back together and have successful careers.


Maddie is going to run against Peter. Thats the reason she befriended Alicia... to get the scoop on Peter. UGH


Lana and Nick stole...screentime writers could have devoted to someone else. Will didn't have pratically nothing to do. And it's going to happen again: obviously they'll have to cut off their main characters' screentime to focus on minor characters who are essentially just part of Kalinda's plot.


great the episode, we have talked about "the morally gray" of the show... this time in particular I liked (while watching) feeling sympathetic towards Bishop.
Then when it ended, thinking: "wait a second, isn't this the same one who killed his wife because she was cheating and divorcing him and threatening to take away his son?, wouldn't this child be better off without a father - no matter how kind now- that killed off his mother??"
I liked the trustee getting into action and have no words for Maddie or the photoshopped girl who supposedly slept with Peter.
If the whole point was politics and getting Maddie to enter the race... there was a bit to much of background story (IMO). Get on with it!
As for Nick vs Lana vs Kalinda... once again YawnNN.


Great episode. Mike Colter and Jill Flint stole the show. Hope we see more of this FBI vs BISHOP storyline.


I trusted maddie for a second but all that changed in this episode Alicia shouldn't be friends with her, I want Lana and kalinda to be together we don't know for sure that lana was the one that took the pictures so until kalinda ask Lana if she did and Lana confess to it I don't believe that she took them, I don't really care for cary but he was good in this episode I guess.


Yesterday's episode was very good and it is so good to see all the characters in play. I can't wait to see what plot is being cooked up by Maddie in the politics [Eli - come on, wisen up!!!] and Nick/Lana with Kalinda. So much was being made of the name 'Leela' when Blake was around. I was really looking forward to finding out the past of 'Leela' - was expecting something around that. So far they are making it out like this is a 'get away from Nick' is all. There is great opportunity to show us some great stuff from Leela's past. Hopefully they won't just concentrate on the sex stuff with nick - it is highly thinning the plot. Also, need to see more will and cary - come on you writers.

Beverly brooks

An another excellent episode.


After this episode i'm not sure Maddie is on the up and up, telling Eli she is pulling her money and still holding a secret from everyone. I am starting to think the whole Peter thing is not him but Mattie has some dirt on Alicia that can really hurt Peters campaign, would this be the $700 room coming out and would hurt not just Peter but to kids to.


I agree with most of the comments; I am getting a bit tired of passive/aggressive business between Nick and Kalinda- He will not go away and will use what ever means to manipulate Kalinda; I loved the scene where Kalinda tried to explain to Nick that she has changed- does she mean it? Not sure whats up with Lana- never trusted her and Maddie- don't trust her and neither should Alicia- who sometimes is a bit too trusting and needs to be wise up- she did some of that with Nathan, now she needs to do it with Maddie, who of course is just using her- but for what? I really hope that Peter didn't hook up with "that girl"- I think it is time she was history; interesting ethics having a "drug lord"as a client; yes Nathan Lane's character really developed and added value to the show.

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