The Good Wife Round Table: "Don't Haze Me, Bro"

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The Good Wife case-of-the-week in "Don't Haze Me, Bro" may not have provided much to talk about, but both the firm and the Peter's election provided plenty of fodder for our weekly Round Table debate.

Below, staff members Carla Day and Christine Orlando are joined by Tiffany Vogt (of TV Addict) to break down the Trustee's moves, Peter's supposed affair, Alicia's new friendship and of course, cockroaches. Jump right in and join us.


What was the Trustee's purpose in assigning Cary to work in Alicia's office?
Tiffany: It makes perfect business sense for the Trustee to pair up attorneys who like each other to work in the same offices, but it seems impractical given the confidential nature of some of the meetings and phone calls they need to conduct. It also made a funny situation for Alicia and Cary to deal with, but I'm not sure it is practical for even the show. It's not only going to drive Alicia and Cary a bit nuts, but viewers too.

Christine: I'm for anything that gives Cary more screen time.  I understand the goal of using all available office space now that they've lost the 27th floor but it seems like a huge liability having clients overhear one another's cases. That said, it is hilarious, so I'm all for it.

Carla: While putting lawyers into shared offices makes sense in a logistical way, it easily could bring down the morale of the office. As far as Alicia and Cary are concerned, I'm not sure what the Trustee is doing, but he's a smart guy and I wouldn't doubt that he has a plan in play.

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Do you think Peter cheated on Alicia with the campaign worker?
Tiffany: Given how long the storyline with the campaign worker is being strung out, I'm now starting to have doubts about Peter's innocence in the alleged affair. The girl is just so positive about various details, and the fact that Eli was so quick to assert that the adjoining room door was open makes me think that Eli knows something. Plus, Peter is notorious for his affairs with his underlings.  That added to the fact that he and Alicia were separated, it is more than likely the affair did happen.

Christine:  This girl comes off as air-headed opportunist. I'd like to think Peter's learned something along the way but he and Alicia have been separated for a long time... so would it technically be considered cheating?

Carla: Tiffany hit my thoughts right on the head. As the investigation went on the inconsistencies changed my mind from the no way camp to the maybe there is something there camp. Though, as Christine mentioned, I don't really think it was cheating because Alicia and Peter were separated. Regardless, it will play that way in the media. Besides, it would show Peter's icky side of sleeping with a young campaign worker.

Maddie and Alicia: Friends?
Tiffany: I do not believe for one second there is an actual budding friendship between Maddie and Alicia. Maddie clearly wants something and even Alicia seems to feel it. It is just too out-of-the-blue for Maddie to be seeking her out, especially since Maddie was quick to donate towards Peter's campaign and start asking questions about his personal life.

Christine: No and I hope Alicia isn't so desperate for friends that she truly lets her guard down. Maddie could very well be the person who leaked the cheating story to the blog.

Carla: That was as awkward as a blind date. Maddie must want something. What is it?

Are Diane and Will naive or rightfully ambitious regarding the firm's finances and their quest to bring down Canning and then expand?
Tiffany: I am all for Lockhart/Gardner expanding, but they are too naive about Louis Canning's ability to withstand and weather these tricky financial times. They need to make some hard business decisions and soon or they will continue to wither away financially. A buy-out of their firm feels more likely given their shaky finances.

Christine: If they're going to survive, they have to believe they can but they definitely need to pace themselves. They can't start taking over other law firms and expanding until they dig themselves out of this hole and that's going to take some time.

Carla: I hope that was just a moment of exuberance, rather than an actual plan they are going to put into motion soon. They need to focus on their recovery now, not getting revenge.

Why was Jackie seeing cockroaches?
Tiffany: It is nice to see that Jackie has not fully recovered from her stroke and that her sanity will become an issue further along the campaign trail.  It will make a hilarious side-story to see if it helps or hinders Peter who was too quick to bring his mother back into the campaign.

Christine: Wow! I didn't see that one coming. My favorite scene was Eli freaking out as he heard Jackie's remarks over the phone. Jackie's a loose cannon and that stroke has obviously affected her more than she'd like to let on. On the upside, at least they're small cockroaches.

Carla: I hope she doesn't become a detriment to Peter's campaign. She'd never forgive herself for it. Though, Jackie probably will hide her problem and limitations in an attempt to protect Peter. I expect this will end in a bad way either medically for ignoring the problem or politically. 

Carla Day is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.


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I love Jackie's storyline. I also loved when she told Eli to not freak out or something like that, and he said, that wasn't me freaking out, THIS IS ME FREAKING OUT! And he shouted. Hilarious. Yet she was calm as ever. She's one crazy b**ch but I like her. Sick, I know. I don't believe Peter cheated. Someone is trying to set him up. Did he and Alicia sleep together? At the end of the previous issue, she kissed him and we "faded to black". I wonder if they did. I loved the episode. Want more of Cary too and less of Kalinda's craziness. Glad there was less in this episode.


Its never been proven that Kalinda slept with Peter, all we know he helped her hide from her husband and name change. She always seems afraid when Peter comes around whys that.


Don't forget, we the audience knows Peter and Kalinda slept together. That would be a big reveal publicly.
When I first heard the blogger on the phone with Eli it seemed like the same M.O. as Nick's bloke Bill
calling Alicia at home. Nick had to have been making some kind of mischief last week in the wings.
Plus the Alicia/Will presidential rendez-vous is a PR disaster in the making. Whaaat, are we sluts???, posting on multiple boards :)


Hey @thatgirlp funny meeting you here -- we just need @intoit and we'll have the trifecta :) I'm gonna stay with the "Maddie is a Trojan Horse" theory you posted on NYMag. She's just trying to get in with the Florricks to ultimately expose what a sap Alicia is and what a pig Peter is. That's the one that makes the most sense of her awkward overtures to Alicia.


I really don't trust Peter, if he didn't screw this young silly girl it was somebody. I know he has not been a monk for over a year! Eli "LIES" but why lie about an adjourning room door being left open. The girl story has a thousand holes in it already, WHY lie bout an open door! This scandal is NOT the one they are going after, it really has been easy to disprove. IT WILL SHIFT TO WILL AND ALICIA AFFAIR, that is the loaded gun threat that Peter's opponent will have to use against him. Delusion Jackie I could care less about it, I'm already tired of this campagin too! The best part of the episode beside Diane kicking butt and really enjoying the was NICK FREE!!!


Something no one is talking about is how Eli is picking up on the uneasiness between Kalinda and Peter. And, when Kalinda's husband finds out about the past affair, he will surely use it against Kalinda and/or Peter. Somehow Peter helped Kalinda hide from her husband, and possibly something illegal or at least a conflict of interest with his office. This could come up in Peter's campaign.


Well, Cary got lines. Yeah, it was nice that he and Alicia now share an office. But we can't already say that he got or will get a storyline. Also, after 3 episodes of nothing, he got the usual 3 minutes screentime and his input to the case was solved in two lines and 30 seconds screentime. Awesome. If that's the best those writers can do with Cary and Matt Czuchry...boy, they really need to consider a career change.


I don't care what people think but Peter is not that stupid running for a high office to get mixed up with anybody at this stage of his life when he is staying to the truth he made to Alicia way back. Does anybody remember the comment made by the other person running for govenor to Peter in the elevator regarding Alicia, i'm smelling a snake in the wood pile about this was she being followed on the night in question regarding the $700 room.


I saw somewhere, but can not remember where, that Maddie would be the adversary of Peter, if I remember she would run, Maddie is feminist wonder supports a man! Alicia approached to know your weaknesses?. Sorry for my English.

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