The Office Review: Pie Math

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There may have been a couple of other funny moments, but without Kevin Malone's numerous gut busters, "Work Bus" might not have been worth watching.

Now in its ninth and final season, maybe The Office is just getting tired. It isn't doing nearly as many things poorly as it did last year, as there aren't all of the overtly awful Andy Bernard moments, but at the end of the half hour, it just doesn't seem like the sitcom accomplished what it wanted to with the episode.

Jim & Dwight On the Bus

Still, there are usually going to be those bits that keep you coming back, like the aforementioned Kevin gags. Whether it was the fact that he could do math for pies but not salads, his inability to rhyme on the roll call or how badly he wanted Oscar to throw a pie in his face, the big man was on fire this week.

Unfortunately, the rest of said "roll call" was embarrassing to watch. I just felt bad that they actually wrote that into the script. Good thing Kevin was there to save the awkwardness with his stupidity.

The whole reason the gang ended up on the bus was because Jim pranked Dwight into thinking a bag of popcorn had microwaved itself in the office. It wasn't one of Jim's more elaborate or funny tricks, but if he had done what Dwight thought he had (flooded the building with electromagnetism), it truly would have been genius. Evil...but genius.

Some other highlights from "Work Bus."

  • Meredith yells at Erin to lose weight and her reply is "I'm trying."
  • Creed skipping work in that awesome outfit.
  • Andy: Banana cream's the first to go. We'll be lucky to get pumpkin at this point.
  • Erin explaining to Nellie not to mention that adopted children are surrendered.
  • Andy: She'll make a wonderful mother to any child who can overlook weird accents.

What did you all think of the episode? What was the funniest moment from "Work Bus?" And is your hooky outfit as cool as Creed's? Check out our The Office quotes section, and then sound off in the comments.


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Ohhhh Anda. I feel like my heart is going to burst after looking at these. These are so wenfordul and, knowing Andy in that way that you know people after spending three days with them at Jesh's workshop, capture his devoted and caring spirit. After hearing him talk about his Jess, I love being able to see their love in action in these photos. So so beautiful.


To the episode... Ugh, I hate what they've done to Andy. It's a sad attempt to try and replace Carell, they're failing miserably at it. I still can't stomach Catherine Tate, and the work they're trying to do to change her, completely, are sad and STILL can't make her bearable. I'm glad the series is done. I used to love the show so very much, but it's fallen far, far down.


Max, seriously? You dish spam here? You have done no good for anyone, except making us realize just how desperate your company is. It's embarrassing. Truly, completely and entirely embarrassing. I don't care if Dish delivers me Kate Upton nude, their actions, especially with AMC, are crap. Go post elsewhere with your crap. And if you're just a happy worker at dish who loves his service, you sound like a fool.

Childish gambino

I dont get why you have such a man-crush on Kevin. I dont find him that funny and I never found the whole "i'm an idiot perona" that funny (in this or just in general either)
two of the most under-rated yet hilarious characters on the show are Stanley and Creed. Like seriously go youtube "Best of Stanley" and "Best of Creed" and tell me they dont deserve more screen time.


Kevin's moments are the most forced, unfunny parts of the show.


Great except for Andy.


Best episode of the episode since Season 7, Episode 22 (Michael says goodbye *tear*) - Andy had the line of the night: It's just a question, Toby. How are you not murdered every hour?" - which was reminiscent of Michael, but Andy is no Michael and I think the writers need to do something, the way he treats Nellie is getting annoying. Other than that, the episode was actually funny. I wasn't forcing myself to laugh, the jokes worked.


I actually really loved this episode. The jokes seemed like ones from the early seasons.

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No nobbies, no probbies. Nice try Jim.


It's a wire people. I'm not buying it a fur coat.