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Poor Matt Donovan. As practically the only human remaining among Vampire Diaries regulars, he's often on guard against such possibilities as, you know, being eaten by his friends.

Such is the winning theme of this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest entry, submitted by a reader named "Fran." Check out her submission below.

As always, thanks so very much to all who participated and we hope you aren't discouraged if you did not win. There's always next week... and the week after... and the week after that! We publish a new photo every Friday.

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Matt: Don't look at me like that. I didn't come here to be used as food.

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all of them have a look of oh shit eleana:oh crap damon is here and we only have half a bottle left hurry drink up you know when he starts he donesn't stop


elena waking up from her transistioning:
elena: damon whats going on and why do you look so different.
damom: i don't look different. you drowned with vamp blood in your system.
elena: vamp blood what? how?
damon: when you fainted jeremy took you to hospital and mereidith gave vampire blood to save you she kept it a secert until 2 hours ago.
elena:im dead.
damon: yes and now you can be my queen of darkness.
elena: your what? im dead damon do you not realise what is happening.
damon: yes i do and now your mine.
elena tries to slap damon but he grabs her hand and yanks her to him and kisses her hard she tries to push him of but as he continues to assualt her mouth her attemps to through him off turn feemble till she kisses him back.
bonnie walks in :what the hell!!!
elena and damon jump apart ans have the decensy to look embarressed.
bonnie: both of you out NOW!!
damon picks elena up bridal style and runs vampire speed out into the night


elena dead still in trasnitioning damon and stefan chatting:
damon:when matts car crashed off the bridge you didn't think to save her.
stefan: i did but she choose matt.
damon: after everything you two have been through she choose a quater back. wrong choice when she could of had this-( kisses muscles.)
elena wakes up: why the hell are you both half naked kissing muslces i knew you guys were gay.


Caroline: Don't look at me like that Matt, I'm spoken for.
Elena: Sheesh, I hate being the 3rd wheel, what excuse can I use to leave.
Matt: I get it Care, I'm just worried about you. Making out with half werewolf and half vamp and you got that Original sweet on you. Just, I'm here if need me ok, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARE!!


Matt (thinking):
Wait. I don't get it. How can she be dead and still talk so damn much? I mean, how can she be dead and talk at all?"


Elena thinking:
If I stare out the door hard enough hopefully Stefan will appear with no clothes on
Stefan: hey I'm not Edward but I no that look*winks*
Caroline: what just happened??
Matt: wish Elena would look at me like that


Matt-Care oh my god did you fart??
Caroline- Dont look at me .. We are in toom you know tends to smell after 100 years ..,
Elena- Damond I can hear you laughing I know it was you!!!!'

Tvd fan rheanne

Matt; why is elena watching the door? caroline; Shes waiting for damon Matt; but i thought she chose stefan Elena; Shhhh.... i remember, everything...


caroline: Hey matt,when do you think elena will stop looking at Damon drinking blood?
matt: maybe when we get her drunk and then i can get in her pants.
elena: damon's just so mean but sexy at the same time! wish he could drink my blood.
caroline i have an idea!!!
matt: you always have an idea care
caroline: lets get damon in here so we can have a foursome?


matt: this is so awks cause i just had sex with elena.
caroline: wish you could do me again but but klaus is on my mind!!!
elena: yes at least im not having sex cravings anymore.

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