The Vampire Diaries Clip: Before Damon Departs...

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What is Connor Jordan, aside from a dangerous new hunter in Mystic Falls? That much remains unclear, although there's apparently a map of some sort with clues on his arm.

What will happen to Connor Jordan once Damon gets a hold of him on The Vampire Diaries?

This Salvatore sibling makes it very clear in the following new sneak peek, which is courtesy of Thursday's "The Rager" and which revisits a deal Stefan and Damon made to conclude The Vampire Diaries Season 3.

Will Damon actually leave town? We somehow doubt it. But watch now to learn of his plans before he even considers doing so...

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Let me guess. Damon will once again get to be the hero. Damon will get to say the best lines. Stefan and the rest of the cast get whatever makes Damon look even better. Yes Kevin and Company. We get it this is the Damon Diaries. Not the Vampire Diaries. I'm out.


Oh stop already. It all makes for a great tv show. I love Damon and Elena scenes but I don't mind her with Stefan for now. No matter wht this show is awesome, entertaining, heightens my emotions and just makes me excited every week to watch it. Every character is awesome. Love this show so very much. Best show since Dawson's creek & the oc (seasons 1&2 that is).


Yes, I hope he does leave town or at least find someone else to blood share with instead of going after his brother's girl for the 100th time...


I want Elena to beg him to stY

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You used my body as an escape hatch and kissed my girlfriend. So we're even.


Good day for a mid-life crisis. 164 years, I'd say you're due.