The Vampire Diaries Episode Description: Flashing WAY Back...

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With fans counting down to tomorrow night's Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere, The CW has released the official episode description for the fourth episode of the fall, "The Five."

And it's a doozy.

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The installment will introduce a new mentor for Bonnie, while also taking viewers back in time. Way back in time…

Damon goes with Elena and Bonnie to visit Whitmore College, where Professor Shane is taking over the Occult Studies classes formerly taught by Bonnie’s grandmother. At a fraternity costume party, Damon takes advantage of the wild scene to give Elena a lesson in choosing a victim. Rebekah’s attempt to buy Matt’s forgiveness falls flat, but she is intrigued by unexpected news from Klaus.

When Stefan questions Klaus about Connor’s motives, Klaus reveals a long-ago encounter with a powerful group of vampire hunters, but it’s Rebekah who delivers the information that stuns Stefan.

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Everyone should relax. Can't you see what is happening? The producers will give Stefan and Elena their time, after all she chose Stefan... but this is not all bad for Delena fans, you see, now Damon is all pissed. He tried being the nice guy and now his best friend and his love are both dead. He will go back to being a smart ass and possibly start sleeping around and THAT is going to drive Elena insane!!!! Now is her turn to show him her true feelings... No easy love is epic, and the Delena love is one for the books! Oh, I do like Stefan, a lot, but not with Elena... it's kind of a boring relationship. They both need people around them that make them feel ALIVE!


I 'm also a Delena fan but now,after seeing the 1st ep. of season 4 I totally convinced that this relationship will never go the distance,+I 'm starting to be disapointed by the ideas of the writer cause I have a hunch that in this season she'll hook up with Matt(which I believe will be a TOTAL TURN-OFF , I dont even get the reason why is he STILL alive,WHY haven't they let Damon KILL HIM YET?) She 'll start feeding on him and they'll recandle,I guess, their long lost,boring,love. I also afraid that the Upcoming Sex scene(they say will happen in the next episodes,around ep. #7 I think)Will be between these two,Elena and Matt and not with EITHER of the Salvatore Brothers...which will TOTALLY RUIN IT FOR ME..!Hope I couldn't be MORE wrong with my predictions, cause I'm really starting to feel like I'm watching a re-run of "True blood" and Sookie's ever-changing love affairs with each new season..If so the whole thing surrounding Lena's love life will start to get really tiring for the fans,she actually needs to show some stability at some point(according to the character they've created for her so far)she isn't Cathrine afterall!Now what then?she'll go for the 'easy,foolishly-in-love'with her, human blood bag that can't even try to tell her what to do?whom she can ,now,so easily have him under her thumb???That Case Scenario,would be Quite Boring for me,to say the least!!!


I'm happy that the love triangle is taking a break. It was interesting in the beginning of season 3 to see how Elena's and Damon's relationship grew, but it became tiring when she kind of had to sneak around and being conflicted all the time and all of that. So, happy with the choice she made and where Stefan and Elena is in the relationship, just like before and no doubts. But yes, I know feelings for Damon is there, but I'm glad that it won't all be happening in the same time. Taking it day by day.


Lets see, DE road trip - check, costume party - check, something what is supposed to be OMG turns out to be WTF - check....yep, the writers have no new ideas.


Most of you are getting worked over nothing. It's not just Damon and Elena on the road trip, Bonnie will accompany them as well. I am a Delena fan, but I'm realistic to the fact that there will be some scenes where Elena will be with Stefen more and others where she will be with Damon more. The love triangle is a big part of the show.


I can't wait to see this episode, and I will see it for sure even though I work at Dish. Fortunately I've got my 2000 hours of recording!


Elena and Damon and yet another road trip. Let me guess, Damon will be saying his one liners and doing the eyebrow thing. Elena will act all pi-ssed off yet like it. Haven't we seen the road trip like 3 times already. Might skip this episode.

David and sabrina 2014

These spoilers are getting bigger and bigger and I can't wait for season 4 to air tonight. XD =D


I'm a Delena shipper, always was, but I don't like where this is going.. I think that after a fantastic built up that was season 3, going back to season 1-2 smoke and mirrors about them is stupid. She chose Stefan, and as much as I don't like it, she should stick to that, at least for now.


another delena road trip...booring..I want stelena moments..i miss the stelena scenes...always stelena 4 ever....!!

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