The Vampire Diaries Photo Preview: Going a Little Mad...

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The Vampire Diaries is set to go a little mad.

On November 18, The CW thriller will air "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes," an episode based around Elena and her terrifying hallucinations. Look for this visions to lead to a "dangerous mistakes," according to the official network synopsis.

Elsewhere, Professor Shane (guest star David Alpay) will tell Bonnie and Damon an enlightening story of ancient witchcraft, while Jeremy kicks off a new chapter in his life.

Browse through a handful of images now from the upcoming episode and prepare to go back in time this Thursday on "The Five."

Bridge Standoff
Jer and Bonnie
Damon and Bonnie Pic
Hallucinating Elena
Suspicious Bonnie
Questions for a Professor
Professor Shane Picture
With Her Professor
Damon in Class
Jer and Matt

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David and sabrina 2014

The cast will expect mystrious secrets as we continue watching season 4. =0


from now on, I'm treating spoilers like fan fiction..
After the big episode-4x04-delena-disappointment of 2012, the spoilers from Plec and everyone else clearly cannot be trusted.
This way, if things actually do happen like they were said, it will be a pleasant surprise.


Ashley Isn't that a fake gif, but I do hope Damon leaves town so Elena can see that she needs him in her life and that she loves him for who he is, and finally accepts she is like him more than Stefan.


I don't know why my last post ended short but it was suppose to say (like in 4x03)


There is just one thing I never want to happen on TVD and that is BAMON, and it is not because like DELENA or that I dislike Bonnie. It is because they would not go well as a couple. I say this because they have both tried to kill each other in the past and generally they hate each other. Bonnie hates Damon because he goes againest everything she believes as a witch. Damon hates Bonnie because..... really he just doesn't give a rat's ass about her. Another reason I don't like them as a couple is because they did BAMON in the books and I hated them in it. I hated them because it felt like the author was just trying to find a easy way out of the love triangle they had created, and because in the books Bonnie was really described has a child who was afraid of the dark.( -.-')Sorry about the rant I just needed to get that off my chest.(Sorry if your a BAMON fan)I do hope Elena ends up with Damon because I think they belong together. Oh, and I hope Elena has hallucinations about Damon (like in 4x03).


@V First of all about you "Name one bit of developement in Damon not related to Elena" argument is a little flawed when the love triangle is the central theme of the story. And on top of that the only characters on the show Damon has any real relationship with are/were Elena, Stefan, and Alaric. Your other point about Damon "Always going after his brothers girl" is a little suspect as well. When Damon set his sights on her the end of season 1, and begining a season 2 yeah he was a bit of an ass for doing so. Yet by the midway point in that season he had done the whole confess, and compell to forget, and was doing his best to stay away. Hence his Rose/Andie (distractions). Third Season Elena and Stefan are not together the whole season. He tries only to get her to admit her feelings, and feels guilty about wanting her. Until they get Stefan back to his old self and Damon starts competing again. I can't see how you can blame Damon for the stuff in season four. Mystic Falls time moves really slowly compared to real life time so even though its the fourth week the shows been on after the long break from the end of season 3, it hasn't even been a week since Elena made her decision. Kind of need more than a day to get over someone don't you think? 4x1 he only goes to save her. 4x2 Elena goes to Damon for help not the other way around. If you want to complain about the blood sharing he didn't do it to go after her for no reason. He though it might work and be an alternative to human blood. 4x3 She hallucinates about him, goes through his things in his room, Oh he did totally make a move on his brothers girl when he decided to step in and not let her kill Matt... 4x4 Nobody forces her to learn from him, she knows he is in love with her and still goes can't really blame him for dancing with her. He really hasn't pursued "His Brothers Girlfriend" In quite a while when you really think about it.


@Amie #sigh. I sure hope not @GG. Ps you're the second person referring me to Revenge. I will catch up on all I have missed from next week. If it's as great as you say it is I'll look for you all over tv fanatic and thank you :)


At the end of the day, I really enjoy TVD and I have my fingers crossed it won't end up like Gossip Girl. @V, unfortunately, I think it will, because the show has resorted to which couple is going get together soon kind of stories...we are already in our 4th episode and there is still no main sl for the entire season. Or at least I don't see one. P.S. I suggest you start watching Revenge - ever since it came into my life, I have not been happier!


@Amie LOL. I agree with you. I just wish the writers would create beautiful stories for all characters and ease up on the blatant favoritism toward Damon & Elena. Yeah, we get they are dating in real life thus would have amazing chemistry but the whole show should not be about pandering to ships ( Delena, Stelena, Klaroline, Bamon etc). Let Plec be bold enough to take the series closer to the books and write for the story and not ships. At the end of the day, I really enjoy TVD and I have my fingers crossed it won't end up like Gossip Girl.


@subhadeep You don't have to resort to cheap insults to get your point across, it simply exposes the fact that you have no valid argument. If you had calmly read my post and allowed it to pass through a filter in your brain before engaging your fingers to type then you would have realized that everything you characterized as development from Damon has been front and centre about Elena. Ques: Who is Elena? Ans: Among other things, Stefan's girlfriend. Ques: Is Damon chasing his brothers girlfriend without caring about anything or anyone else? Ans: Yes. Ques: Can anyone point to any alleged growth in Damon that is not in some way or even all about Elena? Ans: No. etc At the end of the day, every so called development between DE is linked to disgustingly chasing his brothers girlfriend. Hope that was simple enough for you to comprehend. Ps I have watched all seasons of TVD and I can assure you there is no scene you have watched that I haven't watched unless it happened in the writers room or the cutting floor.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Jeremy: What happened?
Damon: Long story. Buy the e-book.

Damon: You should have called Stefan.
Elena: I don't trust him right now.
Damon: P.S. I called Stefan.