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The Vampire Diaries Photo Preview: Going a Little Mad...

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The Vampire Diaries is set to go a little mad.

On November 18, The CW thriller will air "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes," an episode based around Elena and her terrifying hallucinations. Look for this visions to lead to a "dangerous mistakes," according to the official network synopsis.

Elsewhere, Professor Shane (guest star David Alpay) will tell Bonnie and Damon an enlightening story of ancient witchcraft, while Jeremy kicks off a new chapter in his life.

Browse through a handful of images now from the upcoming episode and prepare to go back in time this Thursday on "The Five."

Bridge Standoff
  • Jer and Bonnie
  • Damon and Bonnie Pic
  • Hallucinating Elena
  • Suspicious Bonnie
  • Questions for a Professor
  • Professor Shane Picture
  • With Her Professor
  • Damon in Class
  • Jer and Matt

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I have been waiting for 3 fuckin seasons now, and i have this feeling, that season 4, will be a disappointment for all Delena fans, in the end again. Like every time.. I really hope, Damon will be happy.. just for once! Season 1, he kissed Kat, Season 2, he almost died, and season 3, elena choose stefan! JP please make Delena fans happy, too..


I am loving the idea of profs Shane!


I don't understand the animosity b/n the fandom.sure shipping wars is part of the show but who cares who Elena ends up with to be honest I want her to choose her self for once ...that would be a great ending:)


T o all the stelena fans who posted above let me clear one simple thing up : do not impose the principles of SE on DE. If any ship sounds like a broken record it is stelena (constantly going on and on about epic love without providing one single justification till date ) as compared to the huge development DE has been through. Not to mention the fact that we actually provide logical facts and reasons behind our ship. Is it finally getting too bitter now that the writers are seeing our( the only sensible) point. by all means stop watching, DE fans account for more than 90 % of the fan base and we can more than make up for a few SE fans


if they killed elena instead of alaric it would hve been million times better!!! all she does is freakin nothin! who wasnt in danger because of silly stupid elena?


Whatever the show is trying to sell me now is just dull and soap opera material.


@bored, LOL, I know right? Technically the show should have renamed itself 2 years ago into "The DE diaries: will they or won't they?". Its sad really, because for someone who actually loved how DE was done in the books, for me tv Delena is such a pain to watch because its such a broken annoying record. Ugh is the only thing I think of when watching them having any screen time. @Stelenafan, its sad how the writers are forcing the whole idea of now that Elena is a vampire, DE is something that can actually happen. Like human Elena is for Stefan and vampire Elena is for Damon. They are missing the whole point of the books's triangle because there Elena was perfect with both brothers when she was human and when she was a vampire, there was no specific distinction in that because as she felt all human emotions towards both brothers and when she became a vampire, the beauty of that was in the fact that she understood them better and that made her love them even more. Whatever the show is trying to sell me now is just dull and soap opera material.


OHH come on..i'm fed up of delena...stelena is the best...elena make your choice allready stefan or damon..she's becoming more like katherine... stefan is the best choice for her.....!!!!!!

Avatar of those scenarios a dream...and then we are disappointed :(


Another picture of Damon and Elena. Gosh haven't seen enough pictures of them. Why not just change the name of this show to the Delena Diaries that way fans like myself can just stop watching.