The Vampire Diaries Review: The Hunger Shames

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That marks two spectacular episodes of The Vampire Diaries in a row, as "The Rager" delivered an impressive mix of action, mystery and character development.

Oh, right, and Phoebe frickin Tonkin!

But while my heart may be aflutter over my favorite former witch, Hayley didn't play too significant of a role this week. Instead, we were treated to the next step in Elena's evolutionary process, while delving deeper (and darker) into the new hunter in town.

That guy is a real jerk.

Klaus and Damon

Let's start overall with the revealing character moments, because there were many.

Rebekah was at her bitchiest, lashing out after being disregarded by Klaus on the Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere. Call me a sucker for this gorgeous blonde and/or her accent, but something about Claire Holt's portrayal keeps Rebekah's vulnerability intact, even as she's temping Elena to commit murder right in the middle of her school day. (QUESTION: Is that why women always go to the bathroom together?)

She's just lonely and now perhaps she's found a similar soul. Can't say I saw an April/Rebekah alliance coming, but at least someone is looking into that sketchy fire.

Then there was Meredith, reading Damon like she were a psychologist as opposed to an ER doctor. He's proud, he's stubborn, he may let his pride ruin his closest relationships. That sounds about right, doesn't it? This also represented the most unrealistic moment of the hour, however. Because, come on, what woman would not want to be Damon Salvatore's partner in vampire crime?!?

While Damon was scheming to take down Connor, Stefan was bonding with Caroline. These two don't share nearly enough moments together. It was like Stefan was reading the mind of every viewer out there when he ran down the changes in Caroline since she transitioned.

Simply put, she's "good at being a vampire" and we all know how true that is. It's hard to think of a character on any show that has come as far as Caroline Forbes. She's funny, she's confident, she thinks Stefan should be a guest on The View.

In short, she's everything Stefan wants Elena to grow into - but he's afraid. He's ashamed of what that hunger did to him way back in the day and he doesn't want to go all Ripper on his loved ones again. It's an understandable concern, but this is the one place where the episode lost me.

Between Stefan asking Caroline to keep him in check... and Elena seeing Damon during her werewolf bite-based hallucinations... and then Elena turning to Damon for blood sucking lessons, it all came across like another forced way to prolong the love triangle. Why wouldn't Elena be asking Stefan to work with her? She must be aware of how he helped Caroline accept her new state. The man has experience as a teacher of new vampires and, oh, right: he's your boyfriend!

Communication, people. It's the key to any healthy relationship.

But "The Rager" was about far more than characters interacting with each other and spilling their guts (or, in Elena's case, trying NOT to spill the guts of others). There was serious action, from the opening WTF moment of Connor taking Tyler's venom to the hospital storage closet blast to Elena almost sucking the life out of Matt.

And there was a major mystery, one that not even Connor himself is familiar with. He's one of The Five?!? Do I smell a flashback episode next Thursday? (NOTE: even if this TVD promo doesn't depict it, SPOILER ALERT, the answer is yes.)

Correction, Rebekah, something wicked this way has already come. A greater evil, some pastors might say. But from where did he come? That's the question we're about to find out.

There were still some holes the show didn't bother filling in. When did Jeremy tell Damon that Connor talked to him at school? When did Damon give Elena the white oak, considering we last saw him deny the request? Why were two vampire wearing helmets while riding a motorcycle?

But those aren't huge complaints.

The installment made solid use of Jeremy for a change (told you I could be a bad ass!), while grounding the action and suspense in the emotions of the characters experiencing those events. Unlike Klaus' face upon witnessing those arrow markings, none of this should come as a surprise to Vampire Diaries fans. It's what the show has excelled in from the outset.

What did everyone else think?


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I likes this episode. I rather Damon teach Elena because with Stefan it seems he's trying to force he into drinking animal blood so she woulnt be like him but Damon he wants to teach her the right way to be a vampire I don't think he'll let her kill anyone but he'll teacher her how to feed on humans without killing them and teaching her how to control it which is what Stefan isn't doing because it seems If he gets a taste of human blood he turns into the ripper and the only way to make sure that doesn't happen to Elena is to help her control it and the only one that can do that is Damon. Can't wait till the next episode.


I like Damon and all but what he is doing to Elena because he wants her is pretty disgusting. She said she didn't want him so now he is taking advantage of her because she can't control her blood thirst. Kind of remids me of Season 1 Damon when he used Caroline for his human blood bag and someone to sleep with. Hope Elena doesn't allow him to do it to her.


Loved the show last night.. I am still hoping for a Damon and Elena get together...


Between Stefan asking Caroline to keep him in check... and Elena seeing Damon during her werewolf bite-based hallucinations... and then Elena turning to Damon for blood sucking lessons, it all came across like another forced way to prolong the love triangle. Why wouldn't Elena be asking Stefan to work with her? She must be aware of how he helped Caroline accept her new state. The man has experience as a teacher of new vampires and, oh, right: he's your boyfriend! Really disappointed with you as a reviewer right about now because with these statements, it's like you overlooked some really glaring points- first off, what's with the Caroline-like heaping praise on Stefan, the 'bestest' vampire teacher ever? What the hell? He tried imposing his animal blood diet on Caroline, but...oh, yeah, that FAILED. It was her decision to move onto human blood/bloodbags. Stefan can't teach anyone jack about being a "moderate" vampire because he.isn' He lives in this alternate reality where he never has to learn the fact that he can't keep moving between extremes, either the Ripper or the bunny-eater, without going off the wagon. Again. He's delusional, manipulative, disgustingly self-centred AND useless. Who the hell would want a vamp!teacher like that?! Anyone with a brain -and I'm glad to see Elena's finally being allowed to show that she has one- would ask for Damon's help since he sees things for what they are and tries to find realistic solutions to them, when it actually matters. *sigh* Think I'll just stick with Price Peterson and Thomas Galvin's TVD reviews from now on...


Elena said: "I'm going to find that stake!" when she walked out of Damon's room. I guess she found it without Damon knowing.


Cool episode, no, I really mean it - Damon was less annoying than usual, Klaus was there and he was awesome, Caroline and Stefan's scenes were great - I miss relationships on this show that does not involve the bed; the vampire hunter thing looks interesting. However, 16 No's to that whole "Tyler cheated on Caroline with Faye Chamberlain and Klaus knows about it" sl....Like many people before me said, bad fanfiction - LOL, miss Plec, please, respect those people who believe in Forwood and are interested in Klaroline - that is just tooo soap operish, like bad Brazilian soap opera, I mean, come om what is next - Caroline leaves Tyler and finds out she is pregnant? LOL, no. Just no.


The possibility of tyler cheating on caroline is not bad fanfiction its actually one of the most realistic things on the show i have seen happen in a minute. he spent all that time away from her around a hot girl who was helping him get better and break his bond from klaus..duh something was going to happen. and i dont think the writers did that to help klaus. i think they did it to make the whole storyline more realistic. because cheating isnt necessarily outside of tylers vocabulary. hello? did everybody just forget how much of a jerk he was in the beginning of the series? vicki donanvan?...he was a douche. so no im not even mad they did that. its totally realistic and it actually aides in developing tyler and carolines character and storyline. it would get extremely boring if everything was peachy keen all the damn time with them.


damon has been hurt times over, betrayed, and people always leave (OTH reference) him. Not saying it makes it ok, but I get why he behaves so carelessly when it comes to other peoples lives. he's just very selective of whom he chooses to care about and when he finally does, he gets screwed over in someway. people die, hoes choose his brother instead of him. but stefan became ripper mode for absolutely no reason other thanbeing controlled by blood lust. nobody hurt him. he wasnt even look for katherine after all that time. he only thought about her when he saw elena. it was damon who truly loved katherine and wanted to find her.


What people seem to not realize is that Damon truly does love and care about elena. and Stefan is really the evil brother trying to be good. hello "the ripper"? sure he's the safer choice for elena. but damon cares about her too. and he wouldnt let her die to save someelse she cares about because to him her life is more important. he's not just selfish but elena deserves to live just like anyone else. stefan on the other hand loves elena by letting her make her own decisions even if they are stupid ones. and in my opinion, i think someone tell me when im wrong or about to make a huge mistake is a better way to show me love than to let me kill myself. but now that elena is a vampire, stefan has become just as selfish as his brother when it comes to her. only thing is, it comes from a place of jealousy and insecurity. Damon has a better plan to help elena transition and even if it really isnt, obviously stefan's way isnt working but stefan insists on doing things his way just because he doesnt want damon getting closer to elena. that's b.s.


And, I have always said it and I will say it again, Stefan and Caroline is such a good match (friend zone). Love them, and yes Caroline is good at being a vampire, but I don't understand why Elena can't spit it out and just say: "Hey Stefan, my gorgeous boyfriend, I need some help to deal with this vampire thingy, I don't think whatever we're doing know is working.. Would you help me love?" Instead of going all crazy on Matt so Damon had to come and tell her this. ONE LAST THING. Julie Plec, when will Elena and Stefan have vampire sex? I mean, you can't just stop it in the middle of it, WE WANT SOME ACTION.

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