The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Growing Pains"

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Elena is a vampire. Bonnie has lost her Grams again. Matt is feeling rather guilty and a major explosion has rocked Mystic Falls.

Did The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere live up to your expectations? Did Elena make the right choice? And what the heck is the deal with the now-dead Pastor?

Join staff writers Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Eric Hochberger and Dan Forcella and sound off on these topics and more in this edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table...


What was your favorite scene of the premiere?
Matt: Rebekah coming around and helping Stefan save Elena's life. She just couldn't resist the love story playing out before her eyes. It was like her personal, real-life version of The Notebook.

Steve: The scene where they explained how the heck Elena, Stefan and Rebecca got out of their cells. At least this was the one I was most looking forward to seeing before one of Ian Somerhalder's rescue dogs ate that page of the script.

Eric: Kyler drawing out his nails and threatening to rip out his own heart. Now that was bad ass. Less bad ass? Witchy Bonnie bringing back Klaus. Poor grandma. Where does a dead ghost go?

Dan: I have to go with Kyler going all Temple of Doom on himself to force Bonnie's hand. When those claws came out and he started going at his own chest, I had no idea how to react. That was some seriously gripping stuff.

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Who makes a better Klaus: Joseph Morgan or Michael Trevino?
Matt: Don't get me wrong, I loved Trevino's work - You incessant woman! Hey Mom! What's up? | permalink - but Joseph Morgan simply is Klaus. You can't replace an original Original, although I wouldn't have minded if this storyline took longer to play out. The supposed killing of Klaus and the body switch was a MAJOR deal on the Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale, and it was all tied up quickly here.

Steve: My colleague Dan Forcella, and his egregious displays of Joseph Morgan man-love, may be able to speak in more eloquent detail on this, but let's just say I missed the Rippah-smirking blood sucker.

Eric: You mean Michael Trevino saying love without an accent? I almost forgot he was supposed to be Klaus when he first showed up. Maybe he was just that good as Klaus playing Tyler.

Dan: Why, thank you for giving me the floor on this one Steve. Is this even a serious question? Joseph Morgan IS Klaus. Klaus IS Joseph Morgan. When he came back at the very end it was like I had died with ghost Grams and went straight to heaven. It was so nice to have him and his smirk back in our lives.

Scarier moment: Bonnie's nose bleeding; Rebekah getting staked; or Elena laugh-crying?
Matt: I had nightmares over Elena's mixture of emotions last night. That cackle. Those tears. Those cackle-based tears! It was absurd and creepy and sort of ridiculous, which is very likely what it must feel like to actually transform into a vampire.

Steve: Going with Bon-Bon on this one. The overuse of Ms. Bennett as a supernatural plot device has been well-documented, but she cast a spell in which she KILLED HERSELF on the spot. That's badass. Similarly, Grams' death was hauntingly messed up too. As Matt said in his review ... where does a dead dead witch go?!

Eric: Pretty sure Nina Dobrev has quite the career in horror ahead of her. Or the complete opposite of one in comedy. Because, damn, that laugh can be scary.

Dan: Yeah, I have to go with the laugh-cry if only because I had no idea what was going on.

Why did the Pastor blow himself and the Council up?
Matt: It had to be a signal of some sort. Pastors are all about higher callings and serving causes beyond themselves, right? I say Young was somehow taking one for the team of humanity and sacrificing himself to alert the world to the presence of vampires in town.

Steve: Was he somehow compelled to do that? Or was it a sacrificial plea for reinforcements from vampire hunters nationwide? Either way, I'm intrigued by this new twist in the show's overall narrative.

Eric: Duh! Because Jim Jones over there clearly gave them all a cup of vampire kool-aid before. Why else was he raiding the hospital's vampire blood bank?

Dan: He probably thought that if his plan didn't work on the first try, not only did he not deserve to live, but the rest of the innocents around him should cease to exist as well.  It's really good logic if you think about it.

Will Elena really stick with Stefan?
Matt: Will Lindsay Lohan ever get her life together? Sorry, Stelena lovers, the odds are about the same for each.

Steve: For the foreseeable future? Yes. Forever? That's an awfully long time, especially for a vampire. Damon's clearly not over her choice and sometime within the next century (or 2-3 seasons), you can bank on the love triangle's full-on resurgence.

Eric: Doubtful. You combine Elena's restored memories, Damon's hotness and the show's love of love triangles and I'm pretty sure we're seeing some more Delena this season. 

Dan: I see her staying with Stefan both in the short term and also by the time it is all said and done. Should she be with Stefan? No, didn't you hear that speech from Damon? Man, that was awesome. Quit fooling around and ship these two for us!

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Favourite moment - Delena confrontation after she turned, when Damon told her that he would save her first and let Matt die. Come on, isn't it obvious to her by now? He said it many times before - he will always put her first. I also absoulutely loved the scene when Caroline and Klaus/Tyler were about to get some action and he went: "Easy love. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong equipment" :D Also @Steve - LOL :D Better Klaus - Michael Trevino was pretty good as Klaus, but only Joseph Morgan can really BE Klaus. Scarier moment - Elena all the way. That was just creepy... Why did the Pastor blow himself and the Council up? Because the writers thought that was the quickest way to get the Council problem out of the way and move on to the hunter. Will Elena really stick with Stefan? No way in hell.


I still think that the burning in the house was a reference to the burning church in season 1 and it will have some kind of this mystical energy effect


Hell I watch this show for Damon. So, she better get back to him or they should just kill him coz I will finally get rid of TVD. For one Damon, I have to watch entire drama and honestly, with very very very brutal and cruel honestly, I hate Stefan. And its consistent, from the "Pilot" episode. He is so boring that I can't even watch his scenes. Just one boring expression. GOD! Thank god, Damon is way more better than him. Or else, what would I do? lol.


Damon scenes and damon and elena scenes are the beat allways. Joseph makes a better Klaus.


Klaus came back to damm soon in this viewers eyes


First, i think the Pastor blowing up the council was a signal for vampire hunters...either that or he made a deal with those those pissed of witch spirits and the plan will come out soon. Second, sorry Eric but no way are the council members coming back. 1. they clearly didn't know the Pastor's plan so they obviously didn't have any vampire kool-aid. 2. even if they did have vamp blood the explosion destroyed their bodies so no resurrection there.


1. The quasi Notebook scene between Stefan and Elena.
2. Definitely Joseph Moran but Michael Trevino also knocked it out of the park.
3. Bonnie' nose bleeding.
4. Maybe they need to die to enable the pastor transform into the deadly hunter we've been told to expect.
5. I really really really hope so and I think she may but only for a bit. At the end of the day I hope they are endgame.


How did they get away?
2 ways:
1. The guy/police was bringing a new vervaine branch, maybe they didnt have vervaine for a couple of minutes, enough to gain they strenght back
2. The dead guy had the keys on him. Stefen took them. Got out.


my favorite..stephan and elena scene at the barn and roof..if they will force again for Delena, i think elena will just like katherine 2.0...

Miranda wicker

@Sam, I'll have to watch again, but I thought it was a door off the kitchen, like a closet or something.

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