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The last scene between Alaric and Damon was so beautifully done. I love how they talk to each other but not talk to each other, that Ric wasn't a "real" ghost, that he was only there for us, watching and missing him.


People are saying what about Elena's birth father (John). Of course everyone seems to have forgotten about Isobel. When lighting his lantern Jeremy said, "For OUR parents" and looked at Elena. When Elena lit her lantern she said, "For MY mom and dad" while this could mean Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, it could also mean John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming. Elena remembers the sacrifices made for her and she honored them that night.


Anyone else notice that dear uncle John was not mentioned. He sacrificed himself for his daughter/neice.


1. The Dalaric scene was perfect,so moving!As Matt said grab a Kleenex!

2.He's interesting.I would like to see more about his story!Nice choice the Todd Williams!

3.Hell yes, especially when i saw the face of Damon, he was really enjoying it!(sexual vibes)

4.Tyler, in the church,he saved them all!To be a hybrid has and good parts. So he has to thank Klaus for that...

5.Alaric and Lexie. Some notes:a)Damon has killed the half of them,or he was the reason to be harmed,b)Jeremy lost the most people in TVD,poor guy, Julie Plec must hate him,c)@kate was right, why Elena didn't mention John

Btw, Where was Klaus and Rebecca in this episode? I really miss them!
Also,Stefan is such a nice guy, he helped Elena,Bonnie and Tyler, in one episode, without listen a thank you!


i know it probably wont be any time soon but i cant wait til katherine comes back to town and se her reaction to elena being a vampire she as already showed her disgust if it were to happen in S2 E21

CANT wait for next weeks episode


i don't think its that conner needs new weapons is that i dont think he really knows what to think like when jer mentioned his tattoo he looked puzzled and everything he has witnessed i dont think he knows what tyler is which means when rebecca get bak to town he really wont know what is going on like when he looked at matt about his bite YOU CAN TELL HE IS PUZZLED AT WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON IN MYSTIC FALLS

and they made it clear that its the sharing of blood between vampires that is personal which you can see by the look in damons face when elena was drinking so thats why im sure stefan didnt mind elena drinking from matt

the whole chuch scene was great just the right amount of intense i am really hoping that they will need alarics help to figure out the whole thing about the tattoo since only jer can see it any reason to have MATT DAVIS back on the show i think they will need his help just like when they used anna or rose

i know it probably wont be any time soon but i cant wait til katherine comes back to town and se her reaction to elena



I was really surprised too. I kept expecting her to say something about John, but she never did.


1. Best scene was when Matt gave his blood to Elena. He redeemed himself. Also the wood sex was a good scene cuz I haven't seen Elena laugh and smile with stefan in a LONG time. It was nice. With Delena its all passion and hotness. But with Stelena is all of that plus smile and laughter. I'm still a Delena shipper- just my observation.

2. He's creepy and needs to die asap.

3. Yeah I would be pissed but Damon had to do it to prove to Stefan he can't assume that he'll be able to stave off the rage in Elena. She has to go through it.

4. Tyler and Matt. They really stepped up. Matt redeemed himself and Tyler has shown maturity. He's not the first class a-hole douche he was in season 1.

5. Lexie and Ric. It would've been nice for Lexie to help stefan with elena. Could have some classic scenes. She's like the queen of snark. Also SO glad Matt hates 90210 like I do! Great Taste!


I was mildly surprised that Elena didn't mention her actual birth father just because he actually gave his life for her.

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