The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere: Teases & Tidbits

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With just over a week to go until The Vampire Diaries Season 4 kicks off, I was fortunate enough to view an advanced copy of the opening two episodes, "Growing Pains" and "Memorial."

What is Elena like as a member of the undead? Does Michael Trevino make a convincing Klaus? What steps does Bonnie take to save her friend? Consider yourself spoiler warned and read on for a mini rundown...

Bonnie and Bars
  • The Council will play a significant role. Look for power players to rise up and demotions to take place.
  • Bonnie pays a major price to try and save Elena from becoming a vampire. It involves both a special spell and an interaction with Klaus.
  • There is seriously hot Stelena action... but it concludes in a less-than-sexy way.
  • Elena drinks Damon's blood. But does she enjoy it?
  • Damon is still very much in mourning over Alaric. But aren't we all?!?
  • We learn something new about Jeremy.
  • A character makes a surprising return in one of the two installments.

Soak up all these spoilers, fire away with comments over what you are most excited about - and meet me back here the moment next Thursday's premiere ends for a much longer, more detailed recap and review!

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I love that people think only 13 year olds ship Delena, what the hell? I'm 26 and I love this show! I'm a massive multi-shipper, it's so hard not to ship everyone but I love Damon more than Stefan. Sorry but I do. I just love the DE chemistry. This does not mean I hate Stefan.. I love Staroline, Stebekah, Klefan and Defan. I'm just not overly obsessed with Stelena for obvious reasons but I do like each Stefan and Elena as characters. I also love Mabekah, Klaroline and Dalaric and Beremy..and Elejah, Kalijah and Bamon.. it just annoys me ppl are categorised into age groups for loving a particular ship.. that's just stupid. Bring on S4! Cannot wait!


I just Recently Started Watching VD on Netflix!! I got to the 17 Episode Season 1 and My Husband Started Watchin it!! We Both Love the Show...We Can Not Wait For Season 4!!! I Hope It Never Ends I could Watch it Over n Over!! Great and Awesome Show!!! Love Me Some Damon n Stefen :)

Fruit salad

I hope the "surprising return" is Elijah!!! I don't. Him returning would mean that he's left, and that would just suck. He's my reason for watching, damnit! He makes everything better(unless he's having scenes with Elena).

David and sabrina 2014

I can't wait to see what'll happen in season 4 but I think they should stop already with Delena scenes when there should be more of Stelena. :P =)


Killing Alaric was the worst thing they could have done. He was the best! I loved him and Damon teaming up and their bickering.
Elena needs to forget about the Salvatore brothers and get with Elijah. She should have some fun now that shes a vampire :) not the same boring girl!


I'm fan the Vampires Diares, I love you Ian Somehalder and Paul...s2s2s2s2


To all those saying DE is really young shippers or old shippers... I'm 32 and my fave pairing is DE. (I know younger and older who do too!) I don't hate SE just prefer Damon. I liked Matt better with Caroline than Elena. But personally I do believe that Damon is kind of a bad guy. I mean he gets pissed and usually kills someone... But this is fantasy and we can ship who we want purely because we like the interaction, real stuff doesn't have to come in to play! ;) So DE is for me and my bff agrees too. If this were real I might ship SE or ME just so I could have D all to Can't we all just relax and enjoy our adoration of TVD together???


Amie - so funny and original...:-)
in the word of a 13 yrs old girl that said on Parenthood last night: "epic." Excited for Jeremy...hopeful for Alaric, or anyone other than Anna coming back, bored as I have always been in regards to S/E, except for the vomit fitting...way to go TVD writing team...
and Damon - anything he does away from Elena, yes..yes...yes...


Just bring Elijah back and all will be right in the world. :) THIS so much! And his awesome beheading techniques!


And Amie, I'm pretty sure that the Stelena shippers are the youngest part of the fandom - the older ones ship DE or Elena/Elijah or Elena/Matt. Really? I thought that when you get older you get wiser...

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Vampire Diaries Quotes

You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


When 9 Russians tell you you're drunk, you lie down.

Enzo [to Bonnie]