The Voice Review: Always a Good Time

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The Voice gave us three worthy battles in one hour this week. We might not always agree with who the coaches choose as their winners, but isn't that part of the fun?

Let's take a look at who won the battle, who lost the battle and who was stolen by a new coach on Tuesday night's The Voice...

Liz Davis vs. Nicole Johnson

Team Blake - Liz Davis vs. Nicole Johnson - "Baggage Claim"

The Battle: Both of these girls are in Nashville trying to make it. I was in Nashville for the past two years. How did I not see them around? In all seriousness though, during the practices Blake basically said he was looking for someone to be the next "my wife." As for the actual performance, I was surprised at how much more I like Nicole Johnson (I thought they would have been pretty even). Maybe it was that earlier discussion about Liz's nasal sounding voice, but she just seemed off in comparison. It might be that her sound doesn't fit on a Miranda track, and therefore Nicole sounded that much better because of it.
My choice: Nicole
Blake's choice: Liz
Battle Grade: A-

Team Adam - Alessandra Guercio vs. Kayla Nevarez - "Wide Awake"

The Battle: Adam states that Alessandra is more studied, while Kayla is more natural. All else being equal, wouldn't you be more likely to keep the natural talent? That contestant is probably easier to help improve throughout the competition. The entire beginning of their performance sounded really off paced. I'm not sure if one was throwing it off for the other, or if it was both of their faults, but it didn't sound right. Once they got into the groove of the track, it sounded better. Alessandra, specifically, surprised me with how much better she was than in practice, but I still think I'd go with Kayla based on her great tone.
My choice: Kayla
Adam's choice: Kayla
Battle Grade: B-
Steal: Xtina has let so many singers slip by her steal because they weren't the right fit for her team, but she steals Alessandra because no girl should lack confidence? Strange.

Team Cee Lo - Emily Earle vs. Mackenzie Bourg - "Good Time"

The Battle: I am all for helping a performer get over a crutch like having to have an instrument on stage with them, but in this round? I feel like that is something you do down the road when the contestant has already made their mark on America. Fortunately, Mackenzie did fine out there on stage...well that is if you could get past that ridiculously awkward jumping up and down both he and Emily did. This was a difficult matchup, because I don't think the song was in either of their respective wheelhouses. Since I could get enough of that little crack in Emily's voice, I'd have to give it to her by a hair.
My choice: Emily
Cee Lo's choice: Mackenzie
Battle Grade: B

Other battles that went down, but we didn't get to see were:

Team Cee Lo - Mycle Wastman defeated Ben Taub

Team Adam - Michelle Brooks-Thompson defeated Adanna Duru

Team Xtina - Laura Vivas defeated Beat Frequency


Who impressed you most? Who impressed you least? And are you getting tired of the battles at this point?


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The judges are way too nice! These singers are not perfect all the time. Come on! At least on the X factor they are honest.


No doubt that Liz is the best ever! She has the stage presence,the sound, and she will will be a huge hit in my opinion because she is the all-around perfect next country singer. she is fresh and gorgeous and she can really sing. thx. J


They show them getting out of the cars because KIA pays them to show them getting out of the car, if you hadn't realized. I do wish they wouldn't skip battles, especially since the back-story on each person is the same back-story we saw in the opening rounds.


I wasn't a fan of Alessandra, and I don't always agree with Xtina's choices, but what she did for Alessandra was really sweet; I hope she can help her.
Nicole was awesome. I can't believe Blake picked Liz over her.
I'm also annoyed that they're skipping some of the battles. I really wanted to see Mycle's battle and they montaged it. I don't mind watching the training sessions, but they could definitely cut out some of the backstories. They also don't need to film the contestants getting out of the cars before each battle, and they don't need to waste time telling us what will happen after the commercials. Kate, I agree with some of your comments, but you could have made the same point without attacking the reviewer.


I just wish they would stop skipping battles. When it comes times to vote for these contestants, how are we supposed to know what they're entirely capable of if we've only seen one, or in some cases, no performances? Cut out a little of the mentoring sessions so we can see every battle!


Good grief take a chill pill Kate! .........geez......


wow Kate, you need to relax. it is a tv competition, not a charity case. christina should be trying to win and also helping out the better singers. it's not fair that the incredible Benji went home and she steals this girl who had mediocre talent at best because she overall just felt bad for her. and i am not sure where the "lacking confidence" thing comes from, because what i saw on tv with alessandra was an arrogant girl who thought she was better looking and a much better singer that what she actually was. it's just poor game play from christina. going for certain type of team? how about get the best singers you idiot.


I totally agree with you Kate... plus the editor's rating of the episodes are rlly unfair...this website gives xfactor 4 stars... and the voice mostly 3 and 3.5...(wich i dont think its accurate cuz the voice is by far a better show!)


I re-read the review, now I'm even more pissed off at the reviewer. "Xtina has let so many singers slip by her steal because they weren't the right fit for her team, but she steals Alessandra because no girl should lack confidence?"
Which singer did you think she should have stolen before Alessandra? Also your comment implies that you think Alessandra is not a good fit to Christina's team. Are you serious? Alessandra is such a good fit to her team, in fact one can even argue that she never belonged to Adam's team.
But what's pissing me off the most is your snarky comment about no girl should lack confidence. Seriously, what is your problem? Were you bothered to see women standing by other women?


I know that neither last season nor this one the reviewer(s) of The Voice in this website have never been a fan of Christina, but your comment about her stealing Alessandra is totally off base. I think you are missing what Christina is trying to do this season with her team. Her team mostly consists of teen girls with strong voices who need to learn some self-control. Who is better than Christina to teach them that? She is focusing on what she knows best. She focusing on pop, she is working with teen girls because she had similar experiences (granted there are some very talented male singers in her team as well). I think she is investing in her team for the long run and not just for the sake of the Voice. Christina's comments about Alessandra or Sylvia Yacoub yesterday night are reflection of that.
Anyways, these are my personal opinions, I might be so wrong. In either case, I think reviewer is a little harsh on Christina.

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