Tom Arnold and Vanessa Marcil to Guest Star on Hawaii Five-0

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A couple of familiar faces will soon stop by Hawaii Five-0.

First, Vanessa Marcil will hit the beach on a November installment of the CBS hit, playing a therapist McGarrett believes is involved in a murder.

The actress Tweeted the news herself this week when she made a reference to being on set with Christine Lahti.

Vanessa Marcil Image
Arnold, Tom

Executive Producer Peter Lenkov, meanwhile, tells TV Guide Magazine that Tom Arnold will appear as a villain on the ninth episode of Hawaii Five-0 Season 3.

In what capacity?

"Danny and McGarrett go on a Girl Scout outing and come face to face with Tom," previews Lenkov mysteriously, adding that Danny's daughter is a member of the troupe.

Hawaii Five-0 runs it back with a new episode this Monday at 10/9c on CBS.

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Vanessa Marcil never donned a bikini in the Vegas TV show. Talked about doing so (as a round card girl) but never actually put one on for us. I hope they don't blow this opportunity on Hawaii five-o or I'll be very disappointed.


I too agree with Lena. The writers and director are sitting on a potential goldmine with the established cast that they have, but seem to completely ignore this fact. Its such a shame really, all the opportunities to explore the characters that they have missed in the previous seasons; Kono's arrest and expulsion, her undercover work, Danny's new relationship, etc. And sadder still, the teams interaction with each other is getting generic and predictable- for emotion insert Chin and Kono, for humour insert Danny and Steve's Bromance. So come on writers how about stopping a moment to deal with the fact that Steve wasn't there when his team needed him, or that Hello Kono actually died- no one but Chin even acknowledged this... or mix it up for an episode pair Chin and Danny and Kono and Steve on a case...


I love the show,but so tired of the constant and useless bickering between danny and steve. It needs to stop.


An assemblage of celebrity guests is usually the sign of desperation
for a show that's lost it's way. That's what H50 is starting to look like now. As long as we're going to start playing Celebrity Musical Chairs,here's who I'd like to see on the show: Charisma Carpenter
Kyle McClachlan
D.L. Hughley
Nicolette Sheridan
Chris Bridges
Jada Pinkett Smith
Monica Arnold
Vida Guerra


Seems like this show has turned into Fantasy Island for every out of work actor who can pander to Peter Lenkov. As they say....nice work if you can get it. A Kardashian, and now Tom? Doesn't Peter know anyone with solid acting cred?


i agree with Lena....they need to worried about the CAST they have NOW.....though i am sooooooo looking forward to steve and danny going on the "girl scout" outing....that should be fun. alisa


Same as last year and I know it will turn off some fans. Peter is bringing some big names to Hawaii. They need to stop for each episode to cast a big name it's okay so once in a while but Peter need to focus on the main cast and give them some character development in stead.

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