TV Ratings Report: Checking Out of 666 Park Avenue

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Once Upon a Time, people sought Revenge on the final Sunday night on September. But they picked another place to live than 666 Park Avenue, making for an evening of mixed ABC emotion.

In other words, as outlined below, the network enjoyed healthy premieres for its two returning programs, but Terry O'Quinn as some form of the Devil actually debuted to lower numbers than Pan Am in 2012. Ouch...

Terry O'Quinn on 666 Park Avenue

8 p.m.
NFL Football: 20.5 million viewers
Once Upon a Time: 11 million
The Simpsons: 7.9 million/Bob's Burgers: 5.4 million
The Amazing Race: 9.7 million

9 p.m.
Family Guy: 6.5 million/American Dad: 5.2 million
Revenge: 9.5 million
The Good Wife: 9.8 million

10 p.m.
666 Park Avenue: 6.9 million
The Mentalist: 10.8 million

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They should have kept GCB.. canceling that show for controversial reasons and then puttingon 666 park ave in its place.. explain that. GCB had high ratings.


I enjoyed 666, it just was a very slow episode for me.


i loved the Revenge premiere!


people are morons 666 was amazing. it kept me on toes the entire episode.