TV Ratings Report: Nikita Premiere Plummets

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Despite strong reviews and a loyal fan base the Nikita Season 3 premiere plummeted in the ratings last night, falling to a series low .4 in the 18-49-year old demographic and failing to garner one million total viewers...

Nikita Photograph

8 p.m.
Shark Tank: 7 million viewers
Hawaii Five-0 rerun: 5.9 million
Grimm rerun: 2.6 million
America's Next Top Model: 1.5 million

9 p.m.
CSI: New York: 9.1 million
Primetime: What Would You Do?: 4.9 million
Grimm: 4.9 million
Nikita: 951,000

10 p.m.
Blue Bloods: 10 million
20/20: 5.4 million
Dateline: 5 million

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Arrow is good...too soon for me a call it excellent though.


@llk_vomit: That would have ruined their high hopes for Arrow, which is an excellent show. Not that I dislike Nikita, but Arrow needed a decent night for a shot at surviving. If Nikita remained at 8:00 and was promoted heavily as much as the other shows, then it probably would have been fine. Chances are the ratings will be up next week, seeing as all of The CW's promoting went into new shows rather than the old and that people will realize it's back on with the advertising.


Wow that sucks !! The best cw show gets a horrid start.It really is a shame,and i agree that Friday nights are a horrible night.It should of been paired with Supernatural on Wednesdays.


@Wateva: When GG goes, The Carrie Dairies will pair with 90210, while Cult will take over for ANTM. Hopefully Nikita will get ANTM's place and Cult will be on afterwards. Either way, The CW screwed up royally for Nikita's time slot.


I disagree with that time shift as imo Mondays and Tuesdays are harder nights, particularly Monday (which is worst place to be imo after a Friday as it that beginning and end week syndrome). I think they were have done well on Wednesday or still stayed strong on Thursday. I am still wondering why can't Fox or CW extend their schedules to 11.


I personally blame The CW. Relying on ANTM for a higher female audience was stupid and a risk that proved quite the opposite. With The CW organizing their schedules last of all networks, they had the upper hand of choosing what they put their shows up against. So I must say that setting their show up against a show like Grimm and CSI was a stupid move. Moving it to a night like Monday (or even Tuesday) would have been the smart move. With 21 episodes left to go, The CW better reorganize their schedules if they hope to gain their audience back. Not to mention, another season after this would secure syndication, but with ratings like this The CW is better off cutting their loses.